Scam letter(s) from Julia to Nuvit (Turkey)

Letter 1
Hello! :)
This is me, Yulia. I am very interesting in you! I hope that we can continue our communication. I live in Ukraine and i want find my soul mate! I want be happy. I hope that you want the same. Please tell me more about you and write me back if you interesting in me! :)
Yulia for YOU!
Letter 2
Dear Nuvit!!!
Thank you for your reply with your photos!! i like you so much!!!
Honey if true i am sad.... I have a problem... I do not know what to do... I need pay for my flat, remember i told you that i live alone, i rent flat and today at the morning owner came to me and she say that i need pay for my rent! I have not money because at my work i get very small salary in this month... I need pay about 120$.... I am so sad, honey i am really sorry that i told you this, but you the only man which i can tell all my problems and my happiness, i know that i can share with you not only good things in my life, but and bad, right?? Or maybe i am not right... Well, dear i really sad and i miss you...
I will be wait your reply with great impatience,your sad Yulia.
Letter 3
Thank you for your reply! Honey this is price for one month!
Yes in my country prices on flat very hight! My salary is 150-180$ per month!Honey in my previous letter i told you about my family ! What you want know more?? Just ask me and i am with love answer to you, ok??
Honey thank you for your support! Thankful to you i have a little hope that maybe everything will be ok???
What abotu you???? How are you??? What about your work??
Everything ok???
I sent to you my photo with my sister, i hope that you like it!!
Kisses, Yulia.
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