Scam letter(s) from Olga Buga to Richard (USA)

Letter 1
Hi there,i am glad to see your response.
How are you ? Any special plans for this evening ?
Normally i get tired after work and prefer to stay at home,cook something and watch TV,but three times per week i go fitness and work out hard because i do belive that if you want to stay young longer and to stay in a good shape you should work out.
Do you have any trouble to date the lady of my age ?
As you know i will be 30 soon and i want you to know that my ex boyfriend is 11 years older than me and i have no problem to date the man of your age.I belive lady should be younger than man at any ways,do you think so ?
I think that man should have more experience than lady and should be like a "teacher" :)
This is how do i see the right relations,when man is stronger than lady and when he is a teacher and have a lot of experience.
When the lady can feel her self as lady and give respect to each other.
I think that younger man do not have enough experience in common.
If man and woman are friends and ****** partners the same time, it is the right relations.When they have different things to do together life time,have to share hobbies,some activities,and i think this is the base and certainly ****** relations are important and should be on the first plan also, what do you think about it ? So may be when people start communicate throw Internet and have no opportunity to get in personal contact it may help to know each other more.
I have not been married before,but we stayed with my ex together for 6 years and we were like any other family,but after he cheated and find an other lady and left me alone,it was hard time for me, but make me stronger,so what is about you ?
I have been traveling abroad before and i will check for pics from my last vacations and send to you there.I have been to Europe, Asia,but never U.S,also i traveled inside my home country and i like it a lot.
Well,i have some pictures to send to you today,you can see my dog that has passed away,i have find it 9 years ago on the road when it was puppy,and doctor said her life was long and dogs normally do not live longer, now i feel better and i belive my dogs soul went to paradise.
An other picture is my granny,she is 85, i wish every one has same health as her because she is very active.
And the last picture you can see my cousin also.
Do you drive car ? can you drive motorcycle ? i do not drive now but before i did drove the car.What is your favorite music and what kind of movies do you like to watch ? What do you like to eat ?
Do you belive in fate ?
Well,i need to go now,
come here very soon have a good time Olga
Letter 2
Hi there,this is Olga,
how are you doing ?
I am pretty good,it is the middle of working week and i am not so tired yet :)
Yesterday i go fitness after work and today i have some spare time and i come here and i am glad to see your letter.Our conversation get me interested with every day more and more and i like it :) Do you feel the same ?
I have not told to my friends and family about you yet, but i think will do it soon :) Have you ever though about visiting Ukraine ? I would be good tour guide for you if you do :) What does the weather look like now and we have Spring time here ? As you know i work here in clinic and i want to describe you the way i feel about money and i would like to know your opinion about it also.I just get normal salary and it is the same of average income here about 600 dollars and this is enough to pay for apartment, food and make some shopping.I want you to know that i am not after money and it is not i am looking for.I belive that if someone looking for happiness and it is connected with money,the happiness can never be reached because money is never enough for such kind of people.
I want my family has enough money for living,buy food and pay taxes and this is really enough for me.I am not sure how much do they pay to doctor in your area (gynecologist),i want you to know that i am ready to work and to support my family and i can do it, i love my job and i like to work.I am not looking for someone just take care of me and this is true.I do belive every one should work and do something.I am not lazy and i want my man to be the same.
So let me know what is your position about money ?
What i think is the right relations between man and woman,certainly it is to build and to share something,not just every one make something different,but when people do work on something as the whole one.
When they take care and help each other,sometimes good advice can help a lot,but it is important to be able not only to give advices,but also to listen the partner and to understand each other completely.
****** relations are important for me also but i prefer to discuss it in person,i am able to study and can work on my self to make my man feel the right way.So what is about you ?
I have checked for pics and today i send you the one made in Europe,Rome, i go there last Summer and also some family pictures, do you like to swim ? Well,i think i come here on very soon hope to her from you soon Take care Olga
Letter 3
My dear friend,
this is your Olga here.
How are you doing ?
I hope you do not mind that i call you friend, this mean a lot for me,i do belive that friendship can grow into something more private,do you agree with me ? :)
I have told to my co-workers in clinic about you and they were very surprised,they asked me if i take vacation and fly to you there and i said it is too early make plans like this and we need to know more about each other first ! My co-workers like jokes like this and i am sure this is the subject to discuss for every day now :) They just see i smile more often than before and i feel more positive and they were curious who make me feel like this ? And now they do know that one man far away did :)
So did you tell any one about me already ? :)
I see that we have many things in common and this make me feel that we can be couple able in person.I think that sometimes people do not have enough time to know each other when they are getting in person first,but when we do write it is the chance for you and me to share something that is really important and if we get for a meeting we will know a lot about each other,this make me feel comfortable.
I want to be honest to you and the same from you,i do not use any more profile in Internet and i do communicate with you only.
I think it can be the chance and if it wont work out i may be never try Internet again,but something tells me everything goes fine and we could be the couple.
My birthday is on Monday,19 of April.
I have no plans for my it yet, because there are two days for making preparations and i think it will be just home party with friends and i may be go to see my family the next day because my relatives do live in the countryside and it is just few hours by bus from here.So what is your home address ?
I want to have yours and will send my in the next letter, just need to check my postal code.
I like to swim very much and i have one picture for you, it was made in Turkey and i will look for more picture, today have only one,send more soon.
Do you like any kind of water sports ?
I would study diving very much ! Come here soon Yours Olga
Letter 4

My dear,it is Olga,
so how are you doing ?
I am fine,today on Monday is my birthday and i take the day off and we go to the restaurant with my friends,it will be only ladies company :)
If i will get an other few day off, i will go to see my mom and return here the day after tomorrow in the morning on the first bus and go to work.
So i will see how it goes.I will ask my friend to take photo camera and we will make birthday pictures so i can send something to you also.So it will be just ladies party at the restaurant, i think that few of my patients will come also,sometimes i keep contact with my patients and we become friends,first they ask me for help as the doctor and after i can ask them for advice as friend :) You know that i work as gynecologist so all my patients are ladies only.I am doctor for female.My co-workers sends you big hello and they were joking and asked me if you come for my birthday party and i told them- no,it will be only ladies party,but the next time you will come for sure :)) I am 30 today,are you sure i am not too old for you ? :) Oh my good i feel i become older so fast, today i have find University picture and i am 22 there and i do really feel that i am still the same age ! :) I checked with my zip and this is my address : Full name : Olga Buga
Street address : Uregoya,11.appt 72
Province : Kiev
City : Kiev
Country : Ukraine
Postal code : 08201 If you would like to send something you can do it in the mail and i can send something back for you also,but i am not sure how long does it take.
Last time when my friend send me the post card it took nearly 2 month, she has send it from Europe,Rome.
By the way you can order flowers for my birthday throw this site : and i like red roses the most of all.It is checked service and work good,our patients use it few times before and they had no chance to come in person.
I want you to know that i do wish to see you here for my birthday, and i am little bit sad that it is not impossible, but the same time i feel positive that we have find each other and i see that we are interested in each other.
Well,i need to go to make preparations now, a lot of preparations :) I send you big kiss, did you catch it ? I know you did :) P.S the beach pics are from last Summer Yours Olga
Letter 5
Dear,this is Olga,
how are you doing ?
I am fine,sorry for not writting to you sooner, i just had no opportunity to do it before, i want you to know that i leave for meeting and will be back by the end of this week.
I did not know about it before but the director she has told to me that i will need to go there.
It will be short trip and i will go buy bus,only about 3 hour.
Sometime i need to go to such as meetings from our clinic because it is important to study there also,and i am youngest doctor and i do like to study,so it will be good for me.
There will be many doctors and the aim of this meeting is to exchange of experience and practice in medicine.
I am not sure about Internet there but i will look around, so do not loose me any way-i will be back by the end of week, I asked my boss about vacation and she said it is possible and may be she will give me 26 days and it will be long Holiday.
So i will try to do all my best during the meeting and she will have to give me 26 days :) Normally i can get 26 days vacation every year and it will be the long one for this year.
I have picture for you and now you can see my mom :) There is an aunt also and they did send you all their best regards :) My mom is very romantic person and she was surprised that Internet has connected me and you.
She think it is so romantic and seems to be the big adventure for both of us :)
If you want to come for a visit here the name of airport here is (KBP)
it is International airport and i fly out from it all the time i go abroad.
I want you to know that i am Christian religion but i am not too religious, i go to church on special holidays only,but i do strongly belive in God and i think if you do belive inside of your heart this is the main.
If you come here for a visit i will try to do my best being your guide and show you around and you will like the kind of nature and the weather here, so the best time for a visit is the end of spring and the beginning of Summer, this is if you like warm weather.The autumn is very beautiful here also and it is really impressive.So you are always welcome and my door is opened for you and when it is closed-i will give you the key so you can open it :)
There is a big space in my heart and it is for love,it was very empty but now i can say that i feel something new and it make me feel special.
I mean this space for my other half :)
Certainly my heart has a lot of love for people and for the World around me in whole.
I like the way when we do communicate like this before meeting because many people just meet each other and start from *** and the other day they have nothing to talk about and *** become boring for them also.Certainly i strongly belive that *** is 100 percent important in relations,but the trust and ability to understand each other 100 and 100 percent also,so if we can share our private world like this, *** will bring a lot more than just to make it on the first date, do you agree with me ? I belive that people do need to trust each other making love and they must be completely happy to make love with each other, in my opinion *** means to give a lot,not only take and when partners give a lot to each other,it has very positive effect.
Well,you know i am the kind of person that do not like to talk too much about *** and i do prefer to make it than to talk :)
Certainly make in person and i do not like all kinds of virtual ***.
So what is your opinion about it ?
I need to go and i will miss you during the meeting.
Do not ask how to miss someone you never see - yes,i never see, but i do feel you as person and this is nearly the same. P.S I will talk to director about the dates for my vacation and it will be the next month,i hope so :) I feel i need vacation and i want to travel very much P.S my mom is the right on the picture and my aunt is on the left,she is very angry when i put the color for my hair and those black for birthday was just for one day and i did not show her the pictures :))))
you will not tell her also ? :))) With kisses
Letter 6
My dearest,this is Olga
i just return from the meeting today, so how are you doing ?
Did you think about me ? i know you did :)
You were in my thoughts all the time, and i was looking for the moment to come here and write for you.
The meeting was fine,there were many doctors and we discuss about the medicine a lot.It has been finished yesterday evening and we had nice dinner at the restaurant and early in the morning i took the bus home.
I think that tomorrow i talk to my boss about vacation, so i will have news for you the next week.
I checked with tickets to fly out from here,but have not find any thing for good price yet,also i need the dates what i can fly out exactly because the price depends on this in whole.
Are you excited that i am going to visit you ? :)
I feel happy first of all because we can meet each other in person and you can be my guide and show me around.I belive if people good in writings they should be completely good in person also,so if we fall in love and decide to stay me with you there we can look for job and as you know i can work as gynecologist and i am ready to work.If it is possible to travel for you,i would be happy if you visit me here and i will do all my best to show you around.So let me know the possible time you can come here.I would like you to meet my family and friends and you will be happy to know they are so positive :)
So who know,may be we come here for holiday later.
This time i had a lot of work and i am really need to have rest, i am sure that vacation will give me a lot of new emotions.
Sometimes i get so tired that when i go to work after weekend it does not help me..and this mean i should have vacation.
My boss is a good lady and she want me to be happy and if she has an opportunity to help me with any thing,she will.
I think about our first meeting and how can it will be at the airport any way,so do you have any idea about first evening together and what can we do ? Or we can make plans on the way,not before :)
Who know what will we do after look in your eyes and understand that this is what i was looking all my life, and may be we decided just to stay at home ? :)
and it may be insomnia night :) ?
I brought pictures were made last summer in Turkey, it was female company :)
so will we have our own photo album with you soon ? :) The next time i will have good news and possible dates :) Looking forward to hearing from you soon Kisses
Yours Olga
Letter 7
My dearest,this is Olga.
How are you doing ?
I am fine and i have some news for you.
I talked to the boss in the morning and told her that i want to take vacation and fly to you there, she said that i can get it but there is one more meeting and it is near Ukraine in the country named Moldova, the meeting starts the day after tomorrow and will be finished by the end of next week and my boss said i can go there and when it finished i can have 26 days for vacation and i can go visit you there.
So it is possible that i will fly to you around 14 of May on Friday.
Let me know if it is ok with you ? I need to check the train tickets to Moldova today and to be on the closest train so i arrive there tomorrow.
When i get there i will find an Internet cafe and i think we will not have any problem to communicate with each other.
I have an uncle that live in Moldova,Chisinau,so i will visit him.
The meeting will be in Chisinau also and it is the capital of Moldova.
There will be many doctors from Russia,Moldova,Ukraine and Belarus, i checked with airport in Chisinau and it is (KIV) and there is no problem to get an international flight from it,so when i come there tomorrow i will go to the travel agency and we will check for flights.
Today i will have to pack baggage and put everything can be necessary for my vacation also because i wont be back here after meeting.
My mom will come to say good buy today and she will stay my apartment for a few days because she need to make some papers for her pension here.
My boss will book hotel in Chisinau but may be i will stay at my uncle's apartment,he is very good man and has nice family and will be happy to see me.I am little bit nervous because all of this but i do belive that everything will be fine any way.I have never fly so far away but i am sure this will be special time for both of us Write to me soon I need you Yours Olga
Letter 8
My dearest,this is Olga
how are you doing ?
I am well,in the morning i went to the tourist agency and i have travel news for you already.
The name of International airport here is (KIV).
There are many available flights and the prices are various,
it depends on airline and if the flight has connecting flights also, i think that i will be getting the tickets with opened return date.
This means i will have return ticket and i can fly at any date we decide i should.
If we decide it after one,two or four weeks,it will be easy just to call airline and book return ticket,so it is really good idea.
Now about the prices,my trip to you is from 1390 dollars, this price include round tickets by plane with opened return date.
About papers necessary for travel to you there :
i have everything ready in order also i took my drive licence and international diploma.If we fall in love we can look for new job for me there,so i take all necessary papers for long stay.
I have about 600 dollars saved and 800 is what keep us a part.
When the meeting will be finished i will probably get some more money also.
Now i need about 800 dollars your support and you should get it here asap, we need to pay for tickets right now, the price can grow later but now we can get it for this good price.
I talked to the tourist agent and she said the fastest and safe way you can get it here by "Western Union" you can check their site and find the agent near your home,then you can go there for funds transfer.
Also you can check this service : and it may be cheaper to use.
This is the necessary information for funds transfer when you go to the agent :
Country : Moldova,City : Chisinau,my full name : Olga Buga.
They will give you with 10 digit reference # and you should send it here by email.
I will send you my flight information as soon as i pay for it and have by myself.
I will be flying out on Friday,22nd of May.
The meeting will be finished by the end of this week but i will stay one week here with my relatives because we not seen each other for long time and this is good opportunity for us to stay together,yesterday we make BBQ and i have pictures for you,will we have something like that when i arrive to you there ?
Let me know what is the best time for pick me up at the airport because they can have something for choose.
I will come here again soon Looking forward to hearing from you P.S Do you like my uncles dogs ? :) With kisses
Yours Olga
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