Letter(s) from Tatyana Korotkova to Kris (Ireland)

Letter 1

Hello my dear! I congratulate you on the holiday of St. Patrick )))))). Have a good time my dear! I wish you and all your friends and family all the very best))) By the way green is my favorite color ... And as you celebrate this holiday?? Dear, I just want to write to you about what I really want to meet you my dear! Dear, I just want to tell you that except for you I do not who do not write! I trust you and want to be honest with you ... My dear, I can not come to you without a visa, I will not be allowed without a visa in your country ... I talked to Julia from the agency, she told me that I will make a tourist visa to Score will operate for 90 days. My vacation begins April 12 and will last a month. What do you think I can come to you? will you help me? Remaining 3.5 weeks. Documents made within 10 days! I looked on the internet prices to Dublin, tickets are not less than 700 euros. For me it's just a lot of money, so I I rely on your help my love! I do not want to lose your holiday it happens only once a year, and I want to meet you .... . We made for each other and nothing should interfere with us to meet in this life. I told him about you and me to their girlfriends, they are very happy that I found my happiness, and that I'll leave to you. Of course, they will miss me, like my parents. I think that we have so close to each other, as if we were husband and wife, but, unfortunately, separated by vast distances. But, despite this, we must continue to love each other and trust each other, you with me agree? I dream about our meeting and how we'll walk with you, holding hands, as we take care of each other and how we make love. I have a dream like you'll be on my hands, hug me, kiss and caress my gentle body. It is a pity that it is only dreams and whether they are destined to come true, God only knows. I hope soon to see your letter. Your forever Tanya!

Letter 2

Hello my dear! Sorry so late writing to you! I came back around 18:00 from the airport, very tired and went to bed. We woke up to write to you. Darling, I have not yet opened an account, but today at the airport I was told that the flights may resume by Thursday. Chris mom to send me as I write you 170 euros, 250 Julia me 420 euros! And yet the same number of tickets that I passed. When I have a certificate from the bank, only then I'll buy a ticket n the next flight. Chris favorite, I hope you do not spend their health because of me. you should still leave the strength and good mood to you on our walks together. you understand? I still need about 500 euros! I tried to book the cheapest tickets tomorrow in Dublin to have a great opportunity to do this help. I already forces at the end dear! I can not wait so long for our meeting. Chris, I talk with my boss from work and he let me leave more dolgty term. For the time being until the end of May. So I can be seen with you all through May. you glad that? What if I just happened to come! I'm so sorry Chris that all so hard! I've heard that many people are out of luck because of the volcano, because it does not give them the opportunity to return home. Most are stuck in other countries, it is bad ...... Chris, I really really love you! I am now directly in Moscow. Near Subway Tsaritsino. It is not far from the subway Domodedovskaya. So I ride to the airport where you take about an hour! Chris, I very strongly love you! Again, I ask you to look after themselves and their health! I am a woman and I worry about myself. I would be healthy. Eat more, and above all do not smoke .... I love you, everything will be fine! if all goes well, I'll have you at the end of the week! I love you! Your forever Tanya!

Letter 3

Hello beloved! I so missed you dear! Do not think badly of me please. I could not send you e-mail yesterday and today, until then, until said bug server administration mail. Then I uzanala that the error was in many visitors and users of mail. Chris how are you? Mom is going to come to me! Chris what do you think my love? you come to Moscow or maybe you will send me 400 euros for reference. Esoi you send it already on the week I come to you. And if you yourself will come to me, when are you coming? My vacation as I'll repeat to the end of May. We will have time to be together. You know, with Irina I felt better. She psychologist showed me a couple of exercises as to reduce stress, and I felt better. Until then, I was incredibly bad, I could not think normally, I could not eat normally, I was bad! Chris I love you very much, write me what you gonna do? Tomorrow I'll write! I think that this letter should reach you before, I think that you will read it! I miss you my dear! Do not think badly of me. I even started to think that you believe me peresanesh ..... I love you and always will be with you, I took this decision once and for all! Your love Tanya!

Letter 4

Hello my beloved! Thank you for your words and your wonderful letter! I love you too terribly much, I believe. that we finally meet again soon. I love you so much that it gives me strength to live here in Mlskve. Sometimes I'm feeling here is so bad, and it seems that the whole world is against me, but when you write me such words, I immediately get better. I understand that this is true love, she measured the distance. Our love will not change the distance. you are my man and I'm your woman. Chris Loved You know, here in Moscow, I had a lot of time to think about what we do in the future. I realized that I will be with you always. When I come to you, together we will solve this issue. When will I have you I want you with me I went to my mom and together we can ask her blessing. I decorated the bride's visa and then I can live with you for as long as you allow me to )))))).... I want to give us all was well loved. I want you to have always been mine. Chris darling thanks for all the same you are ready to help me. Right now I have about 900-1000 euros. I'm not sure, because there is an amount of rubles. I learned the same flight tickets Moscow-London-Dublin 590 Euro. Write me when you're going to send money so I can book tickets. Then I can then tell you the day you should meet me. thus I must have 500-600 euros. I can not say for sure. I can write you a favorite later. do not worry dear, you can then return your car. I'll give you the money when I come to you. Just wanted to get to it all end soon. I do not like in Moscow, there are too noisy and a lot of people. I want a more peaceful place. I want to be with you, Chris. I understood that better than you, I have no where and no one will be. I love you, Chris. And my dream is to be with you. I pray to God that we all did it! I love you my Chris! Your Tanya!
Your future wife))))