Scam letter(s) from Aylin to Ronny (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello my new boyfriend !!!
I am very pleased that I found you.
It would be very good if we know each other better.
I want to tell you a lot about myself. But now I will speak only a little about me!
My name is Aylin I live in the country of Azerbaijan. My town is called Askeran. It is not great, there near 2,000 residents.
But in this city of almost everyone knows each other and are friends.
In our town people do not close the door, because we trust each other.
In Azerbaijan, if a person speaks deceit, or attempts to steal something that it can be very severely punished severely, or even expelled from the city. Here we have a Askeran all very strict and we can not tell lies to each other or anyone else. So we have a lot of different traditions, I will write you about them in the following the mails.
I wrote you and try to find in you my second half.
I'll be very happy if you write and tell me more about you.
So I urge you not try to respond obscene words.
I'm just not going to write you bad words and will not try to insult you in messages.
If you do not want to answer me this letter, please do not contact me nastiness better to simply not respond to this message.
My e-mail is
I'm also very please do not ask me for insulting me photos
I will not give you such photo. Because I'm honest women.
I am responding you this message because I am very serious about starting with your relationship.
I hope that this mail will be a wonderful begin to our correspondence.
I will eagerly await your response.
Best regards, your dear girlfriend Aylin
Letter 2
Hi again! How you feel yourself today and what you did all the day long?
Just has come again to our Internet cafe to check any answer from you. Also it is very glad, that you have shown to me your interest. It is glad, that you gave me yours e-mail.
Forgive what not to write to you earlier. At me to be problems with mine e-mail. I could not send mail. I to ask the manager of cafe in what to be a problem. And he to advise to me to create new mail. And as soon as I to do it, I to write at once to you. NOW I to ask you to write to me on this e-mail And we with you can learn more each other.
I think, that we will receive great pleasure from our acquaintance as for me it is first time. I will try to send to you of a photo which I have. And also I will try to create the new.
I will be glad to learn about you and your life a lot of new, and to tell also about myself. I would like to know more about your city, what traditions are available for you?? What the most important thing in your customs? Also I think, that once my life will change. And I will know is better you and about your life, about your country.
I wish to get acquainted with you better, that our contact would be interesting and you were not disappointed.
I would like to get acquainted better with you, I asked the manager of Internet cafe about it. He has told to me, that the most safe way to get acquainted is with the help e-mail. And now I write to you from here just, and it will be my constant e-mail.
I still badly understand the computer and consequently slowly I print. But I know English language also well and I can speak. But I will sometimes use the translator. It is all that I can now. But I think, that you will understand correctly my letters. But with each your letter it will be good practice in knowledge of English language.
It would be desirable to know, What your hobbies? I love the work as I work as the hairdresser. And I like to dream over hairdresses of my clients. It so is various also I can show the creativity - so, that I am ready to spend there all free time.
It would be desirable to tell about my personal more:
My growth is 169 centimetres, and weight of 54 kgs. To me 31 year already, and I live till now one.
As in our country all girls marry the man, and often it happens not on love. As religion Islam here prevails. Fathers of daughters for them who will be her husband Here can even solve. It at all is not pleasant to me. And I another... I wish to have the man to love it. And consequently I would not like to be in Azerbaijan more. As my parents to me search for the man. I do not want it!!!
I have left the parents in other city, 55 kilometres keep away. I left from them as there was a bad story. If you want, I will tell about it more.
I do not wish to live with them as at my age it is already necessary to think of the future life. And I wish to find the present love. And consequently I have found you. Also I wish to know each time more and more.
For me it is very important, and we should not hurry up in our relations. I promise, that I will be fair with you.
And if you understand me and wish to change also your life then I will wait from you the following letter, and your photo. I want, that you wrote me the big letters. Because so to me it will be more pleasant and more interesting. I will answer you as soon as I can. The Internet cafe works since Monday till Saturday.
With hope, now I say goodbye. Here, Aylin
Letter 3
Hi!!! Again I am glad to run in Internet cafe and to wish you good day. How is the weather?
And how your mood today? I want, that you have told to me more about it. I so am glad to come now here and to look your answer. Only I ask you, please to write me big letters and more often to send your photos. As I also try to write to you in more details about all. Also I wish to learn you better. And me not important such factors, as age, colour of a skin, religion, political views...... You understand me???
Nevertheless If I had phone then I would call to you at once. But I have no phone at my place and consequently to me so it is insulting for it. I cannot hear your voice still. But I think, that I can soon call to you. I at parents of the house have phone. But I do not wish to go now to them. You understand me??????????
So, it is important now: I will soon ask from you a phone number to call. But till this time I cannot. It is very a pity to me. I just am able to use mine e-mail. To receive from you the letter and to send back.
So, I wish to ask at once you that we did not hurry up with what. I wish to have pleasure with letters.
At us in the country speak: Being in a hurry one can make people laugh. I very much adhere to these words. As our acquaintance at an initial stage now. And I would not wish to hurry event. I wish to learn you from different directions more each time. That is I wish to set any questions to you, and also to receive fair answers. And also you can say everything, that you want. Thus at us delightful dialogue will turn out.
I wish to tell, that I search for serious relations. As here, in Azerbaijan I cannot receive it.
My father already 2 times tried to search to me for the husband. But I spoke to my father always - that I do not want, that you searched to me for the husband. I do not wish to live without love as it is wrong.
And consequently I have about the conflict to my parents. I live from them separately and I do not wish to come back to them in the house.
I respect my parents, but I will suffer that climb during my life. You also understand? At you sometime was so???
It would be desirable to change my life and to live in that country where there are no trite laws. Where a life, and marriage - it is free. That nobody forced the woman to marry force. I cannot now, and even already think of it.
I will tell to you, that I have sister. Which lives in Armenia now. There also there are some unpleasant traditions - and she has married the man not on love. And now she difficultly lives, but it should. It there as the ***** with it, and constantly houses, also does all difficult work. And at all it has no free time is awful!!! It is terrible to me even to think of it. She is my unique sister and I would wish it the best life. But she wished to remain with her parents and consequently so it has turned out!!!
And I here, live one and would like to change all. I work almost every day, except Sunday - and I come then home. At leisure (my hobby) - I like to prepare to eat and do cleaning. In it also there are my various imaginations. Also I like to imagine and compose itself. In general, I like all to try in this life. Also has already got used to do all!!! I like to talk to people on various themes and I can not is simple so to sit at home. For example, it is pleasant to me, when at home my bed is filled ideally, floors always pure and always air pure. At my place there are flowers, and I very much love it. Just they give pure air!!
Tell to me please, you love cleanliness? I - very much.
And now I get acquainted with you better, and I want, that it also proceeded. That you tried to write to me every day and never to forget about me.
I think, what then we can speak about more important things?? How you think?
Also at leisure I listen pop and dance to music. But also, there is also an Azerbaijan music, and they have a quiet melody. Under which it is possible to dance is dashing. You are able to dance? At us in the country the national exists national dance. Which is called "LEZGINKA". You sometime heard about it?
Nevertheless, it was pleasant to me to write you this letter, and it would be still more pleasant - to receive from you tomorrow the good and interesting answer.
I would like to know, what you particularly search also for what girl? I will try to describe myself also.
I will miss under your letter...
Letter 4

Hi again, my dear Ronny!
I see now again your letter and my eyes sparkle for pleasure and surprise. As was assured, that to a smog to see from you something. It is very pleasant to me to read your letter. And at first I wish to ask, how are you doing at you? How mood?
I am glad, that you continue to write, and I promise - that I will not stop. As this such pleasant feeling... To learn it is more about you, your work and the general internal qualities.
I in general very much like to communicate, and even on different themes, it is cheerful for me. I cheerful and cheerful always. To tell more precisely - I try to be such.
So, I see some cars behind a window, and it is a lot of lanterns now. As the Internet cafe is on 2 floor of shop.
That is here on the ground floor shop, and on the second floor this new Internet cafe. It seems to me, that also the owner of shop has opened it. And I grateful to it that it has made the Internet cafe only thing in our city of Askeran. Now and I can use all here.
I will tell to you, that at me now good mood as we with my girlfriend Afira went to the cinema now. I also went in the morning for work, and had a break approximately at 13 o'clock in the afternoon to have a dinner. Then again I to go for work and till the evening. And then went to a cinema. At a cinema there was a film "Sherlok Holms". Also the Azerbaijan language has successfully been translated into. Thus it was with humour, and I liked a plot. We laughed with my girlfriend much.
It is pleasant to me, when in films all is confused also events are connected with each other. Now I wish to ask you how you are frequent to go to the cinema?? And what films like you? You prefer to go to the cinema with the friend or with the favourite person?
I now again to use the translator, and I write to you in your language. As I wish to learn it more.
And at me it turns out. I try to remember these words and to use then in my letter.
Thus I can simply start to learn, that to me it was then easier.
At us in the country speak: "" the Century live, and a century study "Correctly?
To me now in a head the thought has come, and I would like to ask you. You write to other girls of the letter?? As I, speak to you fairly. That just now I write you letters. You are a unique person to whom I write letters and I send my photos. It is important for me, I do not want that my photos were somewhere on the Internet. But I see, that you the kind person. And never you will make badly with it. Simply I think, what they like you????
I would like, that you to anybody, and never showed it. It is very important. You can promise?
In Azerbaijan it is impossible never for another's men to show the body. Never feet, and completely the person. As all girls try to be closed by a yashmak. You know that such a yashmak??
But I thought, how we will get acquainted with you if I do not show my photos. I wish to show you myself, and I would like that we got acquainted is better. Thus all those photos which I send - never should leave your hands. You understand me?
And until I in Azerbaijan - I am afraid of it. And if once, I leave from here - Then only I will feel easy.
I think, that you the real man, and never will make anything bad with it.
I search to myself just for such man to whom I could trust. And which never will tell to me bad words.
I search for such man who will be tender with me to which I could leave!
At heart I feel, that once could arrive to you. But I do not wish to hurry up. I simply do not wish to lose at once all hopes and these fine minutes of dialogue. As still badly I know you, and I simply like your words to me. If I feel it each time more and more. That you just that man whom I want - we will meet and will divide a life. But it will be later. Over it also it is necessary to think much! How you think of it?
Also there is one more reason is again religion. IT is important!!!!!!!!!
Until I in Azerbaijan - I cannot come into contact to the man, and have communication. Therefore at me never was men. I wish to marry only once.
And ON LOVE!!! But I do not want to myself the man here. As then I can leave never, and all life I will be here, with these laws and traditions which at all do not like me!!! I do not want it. And consequently searched for the man on the Internet!!!
Though, still early to speak about it with you. Probably I will tell to you later about it, in more details!!
That I became another. I should learn you better, from different directions! Should understand all your gravity in acquaintance!!!!!!! Should understand, what you the person?
Therefore I wish to learn your character more??
I think, that I will not lose contact to you. I am afraid of it!!!
I very much would want every day to speak on the phone with you, to hear your voice. I think, what your voice sweet? But so it is a pity to me, that I have no phone. And consequently at night I can think only of that is see your following ienuiiy precisely ei your schedule of day? It is very interesting to me...
Well, I will say goodbye and wish you all the best.
Here Aylin!!!
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