Scam letter(s) from Elena Mardanova to Ryan (USA)

Letter 1
Its Olesya (this is my name) writing to you!
Have good day! I am happy to write you one more letter
I want, that you knew, that I have only good intentions, and I do not have any secrets.
You should know that I am going to arrive, and I will work in your country within approximately three months.
I would like to meet the good person to fall in love or be the close friends.
I do not wish to live in Russia because I do not have any possibilities here, because of crisis, I have lost and now I can not find good work,
It hardly probably to explain from the first, but I want, that you knew my plans.
I can work in any shop, a bar or restaurant, it will depend on that what vacancies of works will be at my agency when my documents will be ready.
The agency should offer some vacancies of works on my choice
Thus I will have a simple work while I will not improve the English language. In agency to me have told that I can choose any
The city of your area, agency only will help me to receive the visa and all travel papers + any a place for residing, near to mine future work.
It is the special international program for young men who wishes to work abroad, and I think, that it - is unique a correct way for me,
I am unfortunate here in Russia, and I think, that I look enough nice to find the best place for me.
It seems to me that it is my chance to meet the good person. I wish to work in America or in Europe or any another good to the country.
I am full of various plans and dreams, and I wish to divide my life with the good person because I also am full of love and tenderness, I know it.
I understand that I am not so beautiful as the Hollywood Princess, but I really hope to meet my prince and
I hope, that it will not be against to meet me actually! It - why I am going to arrive to you.
Well, I will close this letter, and I really hope to receive your answer.
I will leave Russia approximately in two weeks (I cannot tell to you all precisely right now), and I would like to be convinced that I have the person who waits for me there.
I will work much, and I wish to be assured, that I have a person with which I can to spend all free time together that we could
To learn each other it is better. If you have any interest to meet me, I will be more than is happy to meet you also.
I will tell to you all details about me and my life if you like my photos and you wish to meet me! Please send a photo you also!!!
Now I write to you from my personal mail box, please write to me to the answer only here. I will check it often.
Kiss you!
Letter 2
I have decided to tell to you greetings again!
I has solved to send to you it is more than photos, I hope, that you will like it. I think, what you are interested who I and where took the address of your e-mail?
I the simple Russian girl, am going to visit your country, I will be the visitor in your country three months!
Your e-mails I have found the address in the Internet. When I dreamt to go to this travel,
On any site I have found the answer with interesting thoughts...
I have thought that to me will be interesting to get acquainted with this person, and has written down the address...
This address has appeared yours...
I hope that I will be forgiven for that that have sent these photos!!!
I am valid I bring the apologies if you think now, that I not the good girl...
I will write to you more if I is forgiven that I have sent this film!!!
I so am ashamed to send these films!
I hope we will try to learn each other better!
I want, that you knew, that I have only good intentions... Kiss you! Olesya
Letter 3
Hello Otah, thanks that you have decided to answer me!
I should repeat to you that I have only kind intentions.
You should know that I the beginner on the Internet, and I not so good author in English, therefore,
If you see many errors, please, be patient) I know you wish to know more about me.
I am a usual girl! My full name is Olesya Tutar. To me of 25 years, my birthday on 12 July, 1984. I do all that I can to keep my youth,
Therefore I am the body in the sports form, I do many exercises to be in a good condition!
I approximately 175 sm (5.6), and my weight make approximately 56 kg. To me often speak that I look well, But I think that all women have own taste. I never was married, and I do not have children. - Hide quoted text -
I have sister Olga, it is more senior me for three years, she married, lives with the husband in Omsk, it the good photographer (in Omsk - a celebrity).
As I have brother Maxim, to it of 19 years, he studies in college, in Vhodnoy.
We with mum, her name Natasha, in March to it was 50 years, and the brother we live in small apartment, we have only two rooms, and it is the big problem for us ((
Our daddy has died three years ago, it worked as the miner and was lost at gas explosion in mine.
You cannot imagine that means to be born in a small city in Russia, here there are no possibilities to live well and to have good work ((
All young men leave small cities to search for the big good luck in the big cities, but nobody waits for them there.
I wish to leave Russia, I know, that it seems ****, but I am afraid to be lost here, as well as many young girls before me.
It not a place to grow up children and to have the steady future.
My mum - my big problem also, at it is the big dream to see me married, and she wants that I was happy.
She speaks to me every day that I should marry very soon, but I think that it only my business, I not the small child.
Gathering in this travel I should sell all valuable things, but I will get it again as soon as I will earn money. I want that you knew that I am not afraid to work.
I am going to spend 3 months abroad, therefore agency a unique way which I can leave Russia.
The agency collects all necessary documents and soon I will go to Moscow to pass interview and embassy.
From Moscow I will go to you and agency asks me about the city name where I am going to work.
If you do not object, please tell to me the name of your city and the closest international airport!
I will order the flight from Moscow to you!
I think that it will be the big happiness to meet my love, and to remain to live there for ever.
I know that it not so easily, but I think that it probably! I wish to love and be favourite, I wish to construct our own
Happiness, only me and my person.
I do not smoke, I have tried to smoke, when I was younger. I can have a glass of a red dry grapevine, sometimes it helps to relax.
I try cares of the person and a body, I know, that it is all that I have. I not the little girl, and I know, that at first almost all
Men look at a body, feet and the person. The god has created men such people!) it is good, I think, that I am lost in my letter,
I am not assured that you understand my purposes, please do not hesitate to ask.
I live to Russia, city Vhodnoy, Lenin's street 15, apartment 19, the closest big city of Omsk.
My city is far enough from Moscow. Moscow - capital of my country.
I want that you have answered, whether you understand my mind, my intentions, my soul.
If I do not like you, I ask answer also, I will continue the search. Well, I will close this letter, I think that you have got tired to read such big letter. If you think that I should write shorter letters,
Please tell to me. I write from Internet cafe in Omsk because there is no possibility to use the Internet
In my small city. We on all city have 4 digital numbers, and we cannot call abroad, it is very expensive now
In the conditions of crisis. Please do not worry, if you do not find from me the letter, I do not have time to travel,
It approximately 25 minutes by the bus from my city to Omsk.
Please tell to me more about you, your tastes, that you love and do not love. Still I at me have some questions:
You can drink a hard liquor too much? You can be very *****? You can be rough with women?
Send to me more than the photos. To me will be it is pleasant to look at your photos. Well, I should stop, or I will write without the termination)) I Kiss you!!! Good-bye!
In my following e-mail I will write to you more about me directly, and it is more than details about my trip and work.
I will miss on you, yours Olesya
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