Scam letter(s) from Mira Gromova to Alfredo (Italy)

Letter 1
My dear Alfredo!!!!!!!
Hello my best friend Alfredo!!!!
I think that you not against if I shall name you the best friend?
It is very pleasant to me to see your new message and our correspondence this huge pleasure should admit that!
my Darling Alfredo, I very much waited your photo, I knew that you necessarily will send me your photos! You have sent their many thanks for it! You know as I love your photos, I very much like to look at them much. I very much would want that you sent me your photos as it is possible is more often as they really do my mood on much better!!
How there is your day?
I'm fine and to become even it is better when I read your new message :)
Today I had difficult day on work because there were many calls and we went in different parts Omsk to assist children.
Almost all children suffer now cold and because weather often varies and it is very easy to be ill. After work I at once have come into the Internet cafe to write to you new message.
In sunday we went with girlfriends on an ice skating rink!
This huge pleasure when you slide on skates on an ice and you carry out different figures and rotations. Certainly not always it turns out to make all that you want and sometimes there are falling but I train.
During this moment I feel freedom of movement and I feel as a fresh wind fills my hair! You skate on an ice? Probably you like skis? Unfortunately I seldom ski because it is necessary to leave from Omsk on special lines.
I very much would like that you have more told about a life in your country?
I heard that an economic situation in your country very well.
During a life Kazan is difficult enough if you were not born in rich family.
There is a huge offer of work but basically it is low paid work. The payment for work decreases because many people come on earnings from burning parts Russia and neighbouring countries.
I have not the best work on a payment but I love children and like my work. I studied in institute seven years to become the children's doctor and have reached the purpose.
My friend on correspondence Stefany told about your country and already much then I have wanted to leave Russia.
Now in me there is a big desire to create family and I plan move to live to your country.
Certainly while early to plan concerning us because to us it is necessary to pass the big way.
I shall probably plan to visit your country when I will have a month of rest from work. I think that it will be improbable travel.
I with impatience shall wait your new message!!!!!!!!
I wish successful day!!!!!!
Yours russian friend Tatyana!!!
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