Scam Letter(s) from Daria to Gerrit (Netherlands)

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Letter 1

Good morning my dear!
How is your day today? What's your mood?
All is well there, you without me?
Now I'm sitting in my hotel room and I have very bad mood.
The whole night crying today and now I even do not want to talk to anyone.
I locked myself in my room and I sit now, alone.
It is very difficult now for the soul and so I decided to write you this letter and share their misery.
Please, my sweet, I'm sorry for what I decided to write you about her unhappiness.
Perhaps you have very many problems in life, but I need to speak about his misfortune to someone other than you and me here is not one to talk openly.
That's why I decided to write you a letter and maybe after writing this letter to you I will be a little better.
My eyes are still red from tears.
The whole night crying because of what happened to me yesterday.
Sweet Lord, do not even know how to write you about what happened to me yesterday.
I just do not know where to start.
Yesterday at about 10:00 the night I returned to my hotel to work.
Yesterday was a difficult day because of the report and so I had to stay until nightfall.
I did not take a taxi because the hotel is not very far from the company's office and decided to walk alone.
I wanted a little fresh air, as she was very tired from work, but suddenly from behind a corner there were three men and snapped at me.
They hit me several times on his body, stripped off my shoulder my bag and fled in the opposite direction.
All this happened within seconds and I was shocked.
I was scared and could not do anything.
In that bag were all my money, my credit card, my phone, documents for work and now all this has been stolen.
It is good now, only one - is that my passport was with me.
I had left my passport in my hotel room and now I have to thank me for what I did not take your passport with you.
Perhaps another more brave woman ran after them to return her bag, but I was very scared and I have no choice but to flee quickly to his hotel.
As soon as I ran to the hotel, I immediately asked to call police.
But the police arrived half an hour later and it was too late to look for these people.
The officer asked me to talk about what happened.
I told them about all the details, but they did not tell me a good and just said, that this is not the first time.
They told me that they would try to find these robbers, but seeing how they work, I do not believe them.
I think that they will not even look for them, because I'm still not a citizen of their country.
This morning, I turned to my embassy in St. Petersburg for assistance.
I just told them what had happened and at the embassy told me that they will contact the local police and try to find the robbers.
So the only hope now for my embassy.
My dear, I can no longer located in that country.
I'm afraid of everything.
Today I got in touch with my office in Stralsund and asked them to send me money for a return ticket.
The more substantive work I did here and it only remains to conclude another contract with them.
Today, I sign the contract tomorrow, if I will send money for a ticket, I go back to Stralsund.
My dear, I am now in a difficult situation, but despite this, I would not wish that you felt for me.
If I know what you experience for me, I will still be worse.
Moreover, this case does not affect our meeting.
I have not changed my mind to meet with you and I will come to you next week.
But I beg you, that you met me at the airport, ok.
My sweet, I now become much easier.
Feeling as if a heavy load fell from the soul.
Please just do not get angry at me because of what I write to you about her unhappiness.
I had to speak out and save you I do not have anybody to appeal.
I hope you understand me.
Now I must go back to the office.
I must conclude the contract.
I write to you more later today.
I love you. Your Darya.



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