Scam Letter(s) from April Jones to Norbert (USA)

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Letter 1

Hey Norbert,
i am happy to get ur message,and i hope that our communication grows stronger and better.cute pic,i attached mine for you was work?.more about me;I am the only child of my parents,there isnt really much about me though..As u know i am 27...But age means just a number to me..I will also love to meet you in person.I lost my parents 3 years ago,And ever since i have learned to work hard so as to meet ends....I am into sales and marketing of Arts/Fabrics..Self employed though..I grew up in Scotland with my mom...Actually,I love swimming,cooking,dancing,seeing movies,dancing,boating,reading and i also love tennis.. Hmm,i love Pizza too...Lol..Honestly,i am looking for a good man who will be my friend,like me for who i am and hopefully love me for who i am..I adore kids alot..I also hope to be a mom.LOL..I was in a relationship for 1 year but he broke my heart,since then,i have been taking my time so that i wont get hurt again..But i notice i am not getting any younger and i am hoping to meet a good person..I will love if u tell me more about urself dear.i will be waiting for ur message soon..
With Love

Letter 2

Hi again Norbert,
Thanks once again for ur message...I appreciate ur constant communication,and i am hoping that it will wax stronger and better,you seem nice and i will love to meet you and see what the future holds,i will also love to share my feelings with you..i live at 40 E Oak St, Chicago..i love adventure movies.I dont really go out that much..I used to have a pet,but i lost her.I dont know how to snow ski well...i like to work out once in a blue moon LOL.I also love video games,i mean the adventures and soccer too,you would be amazed when you see me play.Dear right now,i am full of sadness and depression and i need help,can i trust u enough to tell you why?..Can you be kind enough to help me through my sadness and depression?..I will be glad if u can..Anyway,hope to hear from you soon and also hope to meet you in person soon

Letter 3

Hello Norbert,
i am glad to get ur message again,i also want to thank u so much for your love and care and kindness,i am really glad and grateful..I hope you dont get upset after you read this..I am sure u want to know the reason for my sadness and depression..Well,its a long story but i will tell u all..Actually,i feel so ashamed telling u this,,But i believe u are a nice person and i feel i can confide in u..I came here to West Africa, Nigeria to purchase some African Arts/Fabrics about 3 weeks ago....I was successful in my purchase but on my way back,the driver was kinda speeding up,but i told him to take the driving easy,,He said i should relax cos he was a professional driver....So i let go,but before i knew it....Our truck which was loaded with all my goods had a contact with a private car,the next thing i knew,i was in a Hospital here at Lagos..I was so shocked,but they told me that everything was under control....I was also told that the Driver was in a state of comma and he is currently in the emergency unit,but anyways,i am happy and thankful to God for sparing my life and keeping me alive,,,I am getting better and stronger by the day and i am also happy that there were no damages on my body,Though i feel some slight pains on my body and a head ache,The doctor said i will be 100% ok in a matter of days...But dear,,If i fully recover...I cannot leave this place cos i was given medical treatments and i have to pay for the Hospital Bill......The initial bill was 1250$ but i paid 860$..And that was all i had on me..I really need u to help me with the completion of the Hospital Bill please,i know that its not easy to send money to someone u have not met or felt ok...But i beg u dear,please pity me and help me....If u want me to pay u back...Immediately i arrive the states,i just wonna leave here and move on with my life...The doctor has been kindful enough to take me to the Embassy and i am through with all my documentations,because i lost some of my papers in the accident.The embassy also promised to fly me back to the states as soon as i leave this Hospital....But dear,u have to help me with the Hospital Bill ok..Despite my problems here,i will love to meet u and see what the future holds for us ok..But dear,i cannot leave here without clearing the Hospital Bill....Please email me soon,i really need ur help so that i can leave here and move on ok...As u can see dear,,The reason i am depressed is my inability to complete the payment of my Hospital Bill which is 390$,and i feel so ashamed,but i hope u will find it in ur heart to help me ok?..And i will pay u back if u wish ok..I will be expecting ur message soon..And also..Hope to meet u soon..Thanks and God Bless u
With Love
I understand how this might sound...But dear,if u help me I promise to pay u back the 390$ as soon as i get home..God bless u..



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