Scam letter(s) from Marina to Andrzej (Poland)

Letter 1
Hi my lovely Andrzej. Have good day. I was very glad to read your letter and to learn,that you understand me. Presently it is possible seldom to meet the man,which could and wanted to understand you. It is really pleasant,that you too would like to see me and to carry out with me time. It means for me,that you want to have with me more serious relations,than simply letters. Andrzej,I'm really very glad to understand,that there is such man,to which I'm necessary. I'm grateful to destiny,that she allowed me to get acquainted with you. I consider,that this large progress forward in our relations. I have very many imaginations concerning that as we can together carry out time. Andrzej dear,today I would like to learn your opinion concerning children. I very much love children,some mine familiar have them and I have the large pleasure,when I look,as they care of them. Sometimes,when my friends leave in the evening in cinema or cafe,they leave the child at me at home,that I looked after and cared of it, while they are absent. Then I have the large pleasure to show care of the kid. I would like to have children,my friends speak,that I would be the good mum.Lovely,tell to me please about the relation to children. By the way,my parents asked me about you, Andrzej. They asked concerning your enthusiasmes,work,parents. I by him told about you. They speak you hi. My mum took from me you e-mail,probably she wants to send to you something. Lovely,it is time to me to go. I will wait for yours the letters. Kiss you. always yours Marina.
Letter 2
Good day mr. Andrzej. Yours faithfully to you ms.Olya, Marina's mum. My daughter told about very much you both I think also I think,that you are very interesting to her.I hope, that you understand,that I as her mum wish to her happiness and I worry for her life. Probably Marina to you didn't tell,but she had in the past failure in the personal relations and long time was injured because of it. I very much would like to save her from similar mistakes. And I to you I will be very grateful if you will inform me honourly your intentions concerning my daughter. Marina spoke me, that you with her plan to meet and consequently I would like to know,that you think of her. Excuse me for this letter. I don't think to interfere with your relations, but as the fond mother I worry for the daughter. Yours faithfully to you. ms. Olya.
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