Letter(s) from Sofia Korolenko to Yasin (South Africa)

Letter 1

Hi, my dear stranger…
Hope I will have a possibility to call you another name very soon… Recently we have met in the Internet and believe me that you will never be sorry for it! I think you already know that my name is Sophia.
As you know I’m from Lugansk. I think you want to ask me what I am doing here. I will tell you it in my next letter ‘cause I feel that it will be something more than just a friendship between us… Maybe you will tell me I’m too quick but life is too short to waste such a precious time…and I hope you’re not a man who will be wasting it here… My friends told me that I’m a crazy person ‘cause I decided to find my love here in the Internet and its very dangerous but I don’t mind it, maybe they are right, I’m a little bit crazy!
But I think we are compatible ‘cause you’re also here and you’re also looking for serious relations and sincere love…
I don’t want to find a millionaire or someone like that, I’m just looking for a man who will appreciate me as a person and who will respect me and trust me. I don’t demand a lot, do I?
And you? Whom are looking for?
Anyway I think its time to finish my letter and I will be waiting for your answer with great impatience… Waiting for you… Sophia.