Scam letter(s) from Natalia Osh to James (Ireland)

Letter 1
Dear, I did not come on my structure of more week!!!!
Whence I know that there in general occurs. After you have written to me, I was not interested more in general in my structure on a site.
Problem why I registration on other country, that there is no Russia on polishdating. only therefore. I was fair with you and have told to you that i from Russia.
I was not going to lie to you and did not deceive you. Excuse.
Letter 2
hello James, my dear! How are you today?
I am very glad to see your letter! I understand that you speak me.
Dear, I heard much about swindle on internet also.
I the adult woman also give the report to that I do.
I did not think that between us there can be when that such question...
It is very pleasant for me to communicate with you and I never can act with you poorly.
James, I would like simple female happiness!
I need to know, that I have man which loves me...
I do not want to play game, I not small for this purpose.
I want to care about loved, to give him the tenderness and is warm, feeling care of me.
All this that is necessary for me from a life and I done not interested by the greater.
Now I should continue to work, but I shall wait your letter with impatience.
I think of you much!
Good day and excellent mood to you, Natalya.
Letter 3
hello James, how are you? how ar your mood today?
I am happy, that you find time for write to me!
I very much hope, that my ideas and feelings make sense for you.
to speak in a reality it is easy, and to write it on a paper, causes small complexities.
You try to pick up correct words that you have understood me and my sincere condition is correct!
I very much want to know you closer, I want shared with you your dreams, your feelings, desires...
I want to share with You my pleasures and disappointments because I know, that any minute you will support me!
I very much want, that we relations with you were up to standard not of simple friendship, and at a level something greater... please, don't think, that I silly because i speak you about such things, i am simple sincerely I want to be happy!
You probably are shocked from my words. here, in russia, the gift true, pure and sincere love from the man is a rarity, in most cases it is more similar to a mirage, instead of on mutual feeling.
I hope, that everything, that I write to you, you perceive seriously because it is my sincere feelings.
I shall not go through more if with them someone else will play!
there are so many things which I want share with You and each time I write to you that I feel.
time always has not enough to tell everything, that I want with you share.
to me always it seems, that I have overlooked to tell to you something important!
You had once something similar?
You could keep fidelity to one woman, not paying a close attention on others?
how ar you would consider woman in a life?
It is interesting to me to know that you will answer!
shall stop letter now to not tire you!
With tenderness, Natalya.
Letter 4

hi my dear James! How ar your mood today? I become happy when I see your new letter!
I hope, that you feel the same as well as I when see my letter!
I always dreamed to meet such the man which will enter my life and remain with me for ever which can understand me without words, support a difficult minute, present me the love and care...
I always dreamed about such to the man, about such with which I shall be happy, I shall smile and laugh is more often to which i can entrust all without exception and I shall be sure that he never will wound me, will not grieve me...
James, I very much would want to see such the man in you. It is possible?
You are not shocked? I hope that is not present:)
I very much appreciate our communication, our dialogue.
I thought to tell to you about my usual day, it is interesting to you to know?
I would be happy to know as passes your day also!
By the way, I send a photo of me with my girlfriends!
And a photo of a unique essence which waits for me an at home... my cat:)
I wish you good day and remarkable mood! You are worthy it!
Yours faithfully. Natalya.
Letter 5
hello fine James! How are you today? Today so it is a lot of work....
But I have found time to write to you!!!:)
I can tell to you, that my heart is open for you...
I could be for you both heart, and soul if you want it!
I in you need, I any more do not present a life without your letters!
Me very strongly pulls to you, I cannot
To explain that this such! Such sensation, that we two magnets
which are pulled to each other that at last
To incorporate and be together. I am ready to present you all my tenderness and heat which long time collected in me! I so worry, when I wait for your new letter....
I sincerely believe that you not such man, in comparison with what met to me earlier...
It seems to me, that this light and pure feeling, fills each part of my heart every day more and more and more...
My life is filled with pleasure now because I have you!
I want to be your lady... I test such feelings now which I did not test before to one to man...
James, I want to ask you, it is mutual?
It can be connected to distance which does not give us now to be together...
I do not know, but these are so pleasant feelings...
I feel, that we relations turn to something the greater than acquaintance...
It certainly is very pleasant for me. I wait for each your letter with the big impatience...
I am madly happy, that I have met you!
James, I very much ask you to think of everything, that I to you today have told!
On it I finish my letter and I wait for your answer with impatience...
kisssssssss, Natalya. ps. foto on my work.
Letter 6
hi my most fine James! How are you today? I am pleased to see your letter today!
It is very pleasant for me to read your letters always!!!
As to ours relations I can tell once again to you how spoke earlier, that you very much like me!
It is more than simply sympathy!!!!!!!!! It very much strong feeling inside me!
James, I see that you sincere and serious the man which can care of the loved and give her tenderness!!!
I think you that the man which is close to my ideal!!! I very much want to trust that you that the man which I searched for all life!!! I do not want you to hurry with any conclusions, in general I do not want to hasten!
I think, my ideas about us coincide with yours:-)
Dear, tell to me please what what ideas visit you?
You have so strongly liked me, that now I do not want to get acquainted with any men, I want to communicate only with you!
I think, that in you there is something especial, that forces me to think constantly of you, to worry about you, to count minutes up to following your letter!
With me such never was. I never behaved in a similar way! Since that day as we began to correspond, my life began to vary and I not find out itself now! I have felt taste by a life, I have felt, that I am necessary for someone...
James, I think of you every minute my life and I feel as it gets new sense in my life! I want to be with you, I want to see you in a reality!!! I would not like to embrace you and to feel near to myself!
I need to finish work now. I with impatience shall wait for your following letter!
I wish you good day and fine mood! A sweet, gentle kiss for you!
Yours Natalya.
Letter 7
Hi my James! How are you today? How are your mood?
My day today began from ideas on you!
It is wonderful, when day begins with what that pleasant!
Certainly for full harmony as always there were no you....:(
but I try to think and trust, that our time will arrive soon!!!!
I would like to appear more likely in your embraces, my James!
To recollect distance between us, with a smile!
I want to transfer set of warm words for you, through distance that you have felt as far as you are important for me!!!! I hope that my words will help you to smile and live this day in good mood!
Remember always, that would not happen, I always with you!
Always on yours side also I shall support you in all!!!
Usually after work so you get tired, that it would be desirable to reach simply a bath and to lie to have a rest! During this moment I always recollect you and madly I wish that you appeared with me.
James, it becomes obsession!!!! all will be good, we shall be together, I am sure!
destiny will smile to us to two necessarily!
My tiger, I should finish the letter now, there is a lot of work.
But I shall wait your letter with impatience!
all my dreams of desire and idea are connected to you!
Millions most gentle kisses for you, yours Natalya.
Letter 8
Hello my dear James! I am glad that I can to write to you, I am glad to your letter!!! thanks for your letters!
My love, I hope that you can reach as want! Thanks for your warm words!!!
I am a little tired today. I have gone to agency today and have signed the contract there.
According to this contract agency documents for my trip to you form, and my tickets for travel to you also.
I should know the name of city and the closest airport where you can meet me.
Please inform me about it.
Need of agency this information tomorrow. It is necessary to specify details and to know quotations.
Today I already have paid the first part from money for the visa and other documents for my trip to you.
It was little bit more then I thought.
I planned it, the passport of the visa and other necessary documents will cost 170 euros, but has left that it will be more expensive, as there are some documents which are necessary even for travel.
I have paid 280 euros.
James, it is possible, that I should ask you about the help.
I think, that I cannot pay other part of my contract independently. I find out about it later.
I shall inform to you about it if I need in the help.
I hope what it will not be a problem for you?
Despite of weariness I am very glad, that we have promotions to our meeting!
This most desired that can take place in my life:) also I hope in yours also!?
I am very much tired today.... I shall finish the letter now and I wait for your answer!
I hope, that very soon I can capture you, my love.
I wait for your answer! My most gentle and sweet kisses for you!
Yours Natalya.
Letter 9
What do you allow yourselves? Why you speak such awful things about me?
You have no right so to speak about me!
Letter 10
what's up do you not love me anymore?
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