Scam Letter(s) from Olesya Mynina to Terry (Canada)

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Letter 1

Dear Terry I so is exited concerning our meeting and I think that we could to have a lot of fun at our meeting. Dear I to want be with you so is faster as soon as it probably and I hope that all and will be, only I to want to speak you that I to have a small problem, I can not travel in you, as I to not have enough money for this purpose. Dear I to not have at all there is enough of money to travel to Moscow and consequently I can not do it. Dear it is very sad, as I very much to want to meet you and I simply to dream of it. Dear is inconvenient to speak me to you about it, but it is necessary. If you could help me with my arrival to you be already speed we could together and could be happy I to think. Dear if I would have money to arrive in you, I with pleasure would do it, as nothing it is a pity to find mine love to be with the favourite man and would spend my money, if would have them, but I to not have them, my salary small and I can not to myself allow of such travel. Dear I hope that you to understand me and I hope that you can help me, as if is not present, we can not meet and our relations can develop quickly and to be at a high step. Dear make a choice and I hope that when you will do it that will make a correct choice and be speed we can together. Dear you can help me with my travel to you?

Letter 2

Hello my dear Terry!
I have received your letter and now I see that relations with me for you not game and I am really necessary for you, I cannot transfer that feeling which now me I own really I have found you that person to which is really necessary, and which will love me, Terry I think that now we should construct our happiness together but for this purpose we need to meet, but for this purpose to me will be necessary to receive Visa, the passport for travel abroad and some a medical information, today I has taken an interest how many it will cost and in what terms I can make all this, And me have told that it is necessary to pay for it about 650 $ and all will be ready approximately in two weeks, Terry now I want ask you you can to support me, because one I cannot make it?? Whether in the letter you have asked me I am ready to remain with you, yes Terry I am ready to remain with you and to be for you the most close person as well as you for me, I am ready on risk because I am not confident this country for the future why you think that me disturbs that that we should divide one bed you to me are very nice not looking on anything I as to you I like why we should not divide our bed and be engaged there that than we want, simply I would want that you knew that in this occasion at me was not present what prejudices.
Terry if you agree to help me that what for to us to wait so for a long time and to use the certified mail which does not give hundred percent of a guarantee and will take away a lot of time, simply I could give you the data and we could take advantage of services of company Western Union she is engaged in remittances between the countries, it is very reliable and fast and during several minutes I can receive this money to me my girlfriend which thus already has advised this company received remittances that you think of it?? I shall inform to you the data on the future:
Name: Olesia
Surname: Mynina.
Russia, city Samara, street Donetskaia 244/56
Please answer me soon I shall look forward to hearing from you very much.
Kiss you my dear Terry.



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