Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda to Simon (England)

Letter 1
Hello Simon.
I am happy to receive your letter back. I would like to have with you correspondence.
I have written you the message in hope to have with you good conversation. I live in the big country and is far from you.
It is very difficult to find the ideal man in our country. They like to drink much. All problems from this begin.
They vary on eyes. If the man paid attention to the woman earlier, and looked after her, showed love.
That after spirits, he does not notice the woman, ceases her to respect. Your country though I never was in your countries is interesting to me.
I read on the Internet about a life in your country much. It seemed to me it is very interesting. Then I have decided to write to you. You not against our dialogue?
I began the story about myself in the last letter. I wish to continue the story. As you have understood, I live in Russia. I live in the city of Cheboksary. It not the big city close to the river Volga.
If it is interesting to you, you can find my city on a map. It is in the central Russia. I think, what you know the city of Moscow? It is capital of our country.
And so, my city is located approximately in 850 km to the south of the country from Moscow. You managed to find my city? Describe also the city? I will try to find also.
I live one. I rent apartment. I have no children. Never was married. I dream to find the man with whom I can live till the end of my days.
It would be desirable to believe, that you will appear that man. You have not left my letter without the answer. You have made a step to my party, thereby have written to me.
My work is connected with furniture sale. I work as the secretary in firm on furniture sales. What can you tell about the work?
To me it will be very pleasant, if you share about the life. I wait for a following moment to read your following letter.
I would like you to tell one thing. When I wrote you the message on dating site. In a window the bright sun shone. The sun beam concerned me.
It stars directly on me. I thought of the life. My life boring because I am lonely. I thought of the person which will be near to me. And I will not have grief.
It has pushed me to write to you. I the believing person, I have belief in the god. With prays I have decided to write to the god.
I will wait for your letter. I hope, you do not forget to write me the letter.
Letter 2
Hello dear!
I always wait for your letters. To me it is very insulting, that I write again and again the same question: why you do not write to me?
We had good correspondence. I am very interested by you. You like me. You such good man, that others can simply envy you.
I would not like to lose you. When I receive in the answer only silence. To me it becomes very sad and it is sad.
You should understand, that I live only your letters. Only your letters bring to me pleasure. I require you and your letters.
I hope, what I have not bothered you? And it not the reason not to write me the letter?
To me it is now very lonely. It would be desirable to read your magnificent message to dispel the loneliness.
Now you guess, why I have written you the letter. I hope, you will not leave me one? I wait for your letter.
Letter 3
Hello Simon! What you doing today?
It is pleasant to me to receive your letter back. I would like to have with you strong and mutual correspondence. For me the big pleasure will see your letters every day. I not strongly distract you from work? You can write to me every day?
Know, I wait for your letters every day! I will be glad to you to write the letters also. To me it is sad, that you have just now decided to write to me. Where you had the vacation?
I like your picture. You have a beautiful smile. You like to drink alcoholic drinks? The big pleasure for me was to read your letter. For me it is important to know more about you.
For me it is important to know much about the person. I do not look at appearance of the person and on his beauty. For me the main thing to learn his private world.
To understand as you concern our correspondence. To understand your character for me is important. It is interesting to you to know, whence I write you the messages? I have no computer.
I write the letters to you from the workplace. I find a free time from work time, and I check the email. Usually I write you the messages in the end of my working day. I can use the computer only for work. But for you I have made an exception.
You already know about my work. I remind you, I work in firm on furniture sales. My work is connected with papers. I look various offers from other firms which order our furniture. I conclude contracts also.
My work is serious. My director the strict person. He does not love people who are lazy to perform the work. I am afraid to lose the work. I try to write to you of the letter when directors are not present on work.
I would like you to tell, I use the translator for a writing of the letters. The translator helps me to write quickly the letter for you. For me not the problem to understand your letters. I took courses on foreign language studying. I with ease can speak in your language.
It is pleasant to you of walk on the nature? I like to have walk on river Volga quay in the city. I usually pass through this place every day when I go home.
I very much like to look at water and to see the reflexion. To me it becomes sad, when I see only the reflexion. It is a pity, that nearby there is no your presence. I would like to receive your letters. Your letters give feelings of pleasure!
As I would not like to finish the message. But unfortunately I need to work. Do not forget to send me the pictures.
It is interesting to me to see the person with whom I have correspondence. I wait for your fast reply.
P.S. I have forgotten to tell to you. It is a picture with mine of a workplace.
Letter 4

Hello dear Simon!
I am happy to receive your message. I waited for the moment to check up the email. My director was in the office. Excuse me if my letter comes just now. I am happy to open your letter and to read. Our correspondence gives the chance to learn about each other more. I always wait from you for interesting histories. You are very interesting to me. It is pleasant to have with you correspondence.
I would like to speak about my family a little. My family lives in other city. This city is located approximately in 400 km from Cheboksary. It name Kirov. I have mother and younger sister. I have grown to Kirov. But for work I have arrived to Cheboksary. Now I live and I work in this city.
I not often see with the family. I go to the family approximately 1-2 times in a floor of year. I live one. I rent one-room apartment. I live and 6 years work in Cheboksary. I have no many friends.
My father has thrown us when I was absolutely little. He the rascal. I do not consider him for the father. He has thrown our family for the sake of other girl. I at all do not know, where he now. To me it is not so important, I have forgotten him. You have a family? You can speak to me about the family also? It is interesting to me to know, how there live people in other country.
It is very a pity to me, you live far. I read your letters. Your letters give me sensation, that we approach. I think of you now. It would be pleasant to have with you walks after my working day.
You remember in my letters, I spoke to you about quay near to the river Volga? I often happen in this place when I go home. I see as love pairs walk in this remarkable and wonderful place on beauty.
That's it, in this beautiful place, I would like to have with you walks. I hope, I borrow a lot of your time with the letter? Actually it is very pleasant to me to write the letters.
I will wait again for your letter. Write to me soon as soon as you can. I will think of you, and to ask the god that he preserved you. I wish you to thank for your wonderful letter. You have given me a smile. It is a pity, you cannot see my smile now.
If you have seen my smile, I would notice your smile on your face also. But nevertheless I will try to give you a smile! I send for you this picture!
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