Scam letter(s) from Julia Teplova to Bart (Holland)

Letter 1
Hello my gentle friend Bart!
How are you my dear? I missed your letters very much!
Your letters always improve my mood and give me a beautiful smile on my person!
I am very glad, that I have such friend as you! My life became more colourful and interesting!
It is very pleasant for me, that my letters bring to you pleasure too.
Thanks for your attention. I always wait your letters and certainly new photos! I hope at you is a new photos for me?
Today good day and at me excellent mood! Behind a window it is completely not cold! It seems, that soon there will come spring! Bird sing in the morning and air it is filled with freshness. It would be desirable to leave a room and to enjoy fresh air and sun! Your letters always makes my day! My mood becomes excellent, when I receive your new letter!
From your letters I receive much positive energy and heat!
I feel that with each new letter we become more close to each other.
My life really changes every new day and you the reason of these changes. Your attention is necessary for me. I feel lack of your attention constantly!
I feel very easy and comfortably with you! It seems to me, that we have friendship many years.) you always understand me and share my ideas!
I would like will get acquainted to you in a real life, because you the surprising, kind and good person! I hope that sometime this desire will be carried out!
Yesterday I went with friends on a concert author's songs. It was pleasant to us very much! I shall try to explain what it.) It not a concert pop stars and it not show. This performance a little known musicians and singers, which independently compose the songs and sing them! It is the real music and the real singing. Each singer sings own voice. It is charming! You saw something similar? We have received huge pleasure!
I am tired from winter and I want that there has more likely come spring!
In Saint Petersburg becomes warmer every new day and the snow thaws.
It would be desirable to dress easy spring clothes more likely!
The winter is really long in Russia. But inevitably the spring comes nearer and will be fast warmly!
I want that my spring mood has passed to you! Today really excellent day! This evening we go to walk in park with girlfriends! I shall miss your letters!
You the best friend for me and very gentle kind and lovely person! I am very glad, that we have found each other!
I say goodbye to you up to the following letter!
Have good day
Always yours friend Yuliya
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