Scam letter(s) from Eunice Lamtey to Juergen (Germany)

Letter 1
hello dear am eunice and i just join this dating site 3 days new and i could like to make a new friends i could u tell a little about my self am single and am looking someone i can share the rest of my life..if u are seriuos u can add me in that we can chat there.
Letter 2
hello this are the infor,,ok
full name..eunice lamtey
country..ghana..west africa
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Name: Natalia Valerevna Tsvetikova
Age: 30
Name: Natalia Edeleva
Age: 28
Name: Anastasia
Age: 28
Name: Millicent Hays
Age: 27
Name: Elena Kabachkova
Age: 26
Name: Melissa Bamba
Age: 26
Name: Tatyana Erskaya
Age: 28
Name: Nina
Age: 34
Name: Ekaterina Dmitrieva
Age: 33
Name: Mavis Akyeamaah
Age: 30
Name: Alena Kaverina
Age: 33
Name: Charity Omar
Age: 24
Name: Anna
Age: 37
Name: Tracy Morgan
Age: 28
Name: Natalia Burlakova
Age: 29