Scam letter(s) from Irina Borkova to Sinan (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend Sinan! My name is Elena. You
have left to me the E-mail, on a site russianeuro. I am glad, that you have positively reacted for my lines. This just fine.
I wish to tell at once, that dialogue on the Internet for me it something unfamiliar, therefore you for me will be the first conductor in the Internet dialogue.
I will be very grateful to you if this letter interests you. And you will very soon answer. As I apply some photo, for your review, that you could understand, how your interlocutor, that is I Elena looks.
I will not write much, and to speak, as I do not know your reaction. But I am assured, if I have interested you. That at you will be many questions to me. Therefore will be just fine if you write all questions interesting you, and in the following letter, I with the hugest pleasure, will answer each your question.
Yes, you have correctly noticed excitement in my lines, it is valid so. It is connected by that I actually communicate for the first time with the man on the Internet. And, should notice, that it is very interesting to me, as this process is very interesting and pleasant.
I hope for your understanding, and mutual interest, a smile in your fast reply. Elena
Letter 2
Hi Sinan! I will not begin to hide, that at me today good mood. Yes, it so. But, I should tell, that I am done not left by pleasant grief. And, you know, what would not be grief, pleasant or bitter. It all the same grief. Yes, I long, as I weigh day I spend in expectation of your answer to my letter.
If you have forgotten about me. I hasten to remind that to you, that we have got acquainted with you on site russianeuro.
As soon as I had yours E-mail, I at once using possibility, have sent you the letter. But, there has passed some time and you and has not answered me. Tell to me, what has occurred?
Yes, I understand, that there was a technical error, and my letter to you, is simple not cunningly to you.
Therefore I will not say much that you have not paid attention to me. (If you really have not paid attention to me I very much will take offence at you) My dear, it only a short reminder on. Therefore I very much hope, that you will pay attention to me. And your answer will be very fast.
With the hugest impatience I wait for your answer.
Letter 3
Hi (Smile)!!! Sinan I am glad, that you have not ignored my letter. To me really it is very pleasant.
First of all, I wish to thank you, for an openness and responsiveness. It is glad, that you understand me.
I you will not weary more expectation, and I will begin with that that I to you will tell a little about myself.
Probably, you have already guessed, that to me 32. I was born in small village under the name "Afonino". This village to be approximately in 60 kilometres from city Nizhni-Novgorod. I have ended local school. After leaving school, I would go in Nizhni-Novgorod what to enter the institute. I had many preferences in a trade choice. But everything, I have ended institute with the diploma of high level in a speciality - the Ecologist. Now I live in the city. As I have received in the inheritance apartment from my grandmother who has died 3 years ago. Sinan, I as wished to find out about your city, I am assured, that to you is what to tell about it? Really it is very interesting to me.
Unfortunately, at the moment of diploma reception in Russia there was a financial crisis, therefore I could not get a job on my speciality. But everything, I have found work. And now I work in a wedding palace. I could not think, that I will grow fond of this trade. The ecology for me seemed much more interesting, than registration of weddings documentary. But it appears, I was mistaken also this trade very interesting and always the different. My working days not when do not happen monotonous. I make out necessary papers for the state, and as for newly married pairs. This process very solemn, and as the responsible. But I love this work, because wedding it always a holiday. And it is pleasant to me to see every day a happy smile of the groom and the bride. Though I see every day wedding, nevertheless on my heart is sad a little. Because I am lonely. But we will not be about sad!!! Tell to me better about the work? I hope, that your work is not less interesting, than washing, and can even is more interesting.
By the way, I would like to tell a little about a photo.
I am glad, that you have sent me the photo. Now I have more representations about you. And, I should tell, that at me have appeared more desires to speak and communicate with you. I would be very grateful to you if you continued to send me the photo. Well, I would not like that you have got tired of reading of my letter, but I hope, your answer will be fast. Sinan? You know, I really wait for your answer. For it is earlier grateful for your answer. I hope, it will be very fast.
Your new, interested friend Elena.
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