Scam letter(s) from Ksenia Medvedeva to Neel (Kuwait)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Stan! Thank you for your letter! i am very glad that we continue our communication! Cause I was worry a little what if you will not like me! what should I do then? Cause I don t know how and what to write in the communication this way letters but as you replied I did all the things right way! yes ??))) Well i think now we have to know each other better and tell as much as possible about each other! We don t have possibility to communicate in live (hope just for now) So will do all our best this way! first want to ask you about your health and your weather. Very interesting what is going on by your side now! also would like to know how is your family and what is new in your work? Do you take care about you? Do you eat well? It is very necessary to eat well and take care about your health! Especially if you don t have near you that one woman who will do everything for you and who will take care about you. Maybe I could be this person. As for me I would like to take care about my man, Feet him! To look after him! Give him all love and care what can woman give!In this way how to take care I want to be like my mother. she loved my father very much. they were met when they were adults and that was love from the first look. they can t be without each other for a long time and after the school they decided to marry. My father entered university and my mother don t cause they didn t have a lot money and as she loved him a lot she gave her chance for education to him! That time she was pregnant by my elder brother and she decided to give all her life for family. When my brother was born she spend all her time caring about him and about my father. But something wrong was happened to him. He start to not come home and to spend his free time in other places and then he told to my mother that he can t live with her. Cause she is not beautiful anymore and he can t live with the all time crying baby and left them. That was real chock for her. She wanted to die. She hadn t money even for food cause he spend everything. Her parents helped to her that time and she went for a work and to study in the evenings. then she become a nurse. all was well until my father didn t come back to her and said that he love only her and can t live without her and that he was very ******! She forgive him! but nothing didn t change. He made my mother pregnant once again and left her again! Since that time she didn t trust to anyone and after I grew up and she told me that story I was dreaming that my family will go another way. That i will husband and my children will have father. that I will protect my family from everything bad and will keep my little world in safe all the time. But As for *** ( this is important question for the family( I want to tell you that for man that I love I am ready to make everything just he could feel happy) Also why I so strong believe that I can find here my man cause not long time ago my girlfriend was married this way with the guy from abroad. And she is happy. And I decided why not? Maybe I will make the same chance! And do you have love story? Tell me please about your past relations??? Dear! i am really sorry for such long letter! i hope that you are not boring now! but I just wanted to share with you the important things to be the open minded with you! hope that you will do the same! Let me hug you and I am waiting for your next letter! Wish you all the best! With tender kiss Gala
Letter 2
Hello my dear Stan! I am so happy to see your mail into my mail box and this is good start of new day and new week and with the every mail I feel that this is the start of new life! do you have the same feeling about??? My dear I am choked about your words of the girls asking money and I am hurt. You know I feel that you think that I am not honest to you and this fact kills me cause I don t like to start our relations from the cheating or something like this. Si I ask you to start to believe to me. Understand me Stan this is very important for me! To have your trust. Without this we will not gonna make it! do you agree with me? honey i said to you that my office number is +380992962436 and you can call me there. Also my dear I am sending to you the scan copy of my passport and I don t have international. Stan for the rent i need about 300 dollars and sure still hope that you will help me. also about my trip to you there is the simple way as i was told and really much more cheaper. I can go to the travel agency and they will make all the documents in a very short time and i can come to you in two weeks after the payment for the trip. What do you think about that idea??? so my dear will wait for the news from you. all is in your hands now and truly hope to get the letter from you very soon. Kiss you. Yours Gala
Letter 3
Hello my dear!!! honey sorry that i didnt reply to you from the very beginning but I already pick up the money and now will go to the travel agency to pay for the trip. Then I will inform you about the news and truly to say I am sure that i already can gather my baggage cause soon will fly to my dear to my new life. also today I will talk to boss cause I have to go away from work for a long time!!! honey i am so so so so happy! my love everything gonna be ok with us!! do you happy!!! kiss you my sweeT!!! yours only girl!!!
Letter 4

Hello my dear Stan!!! thank you for your letter and thank you for your attention to me. As always very much pleasure to have the news special if you are happy for even couple words from the person! so i am so much happy that you are fine and that your minds about me are strong! hope so any way! We have today again the cold weather and truly to say already little bit tired from the cold and from the frosty weather! Wish the May come faster cause can t wait the warm and take away all the winter clothe. Interesting do you have normal weather or also permanent things? Mu family is ok but with the spring have to visit them more often cause it needs to work on the ground cause have to prepare the ground to the plants and spring. Cause I said to you maybe that we grow the vegetables and fruits about selves but this need a lot of attention from human side as you know. More and more think about future. that day become and we will meet and you will take my hand and will take me to the new life and will pass me through the pain and loniless and we will be happy. what do you think about? I know that in your heart and soul you want the same and you pray for that. I also know how much you want me to take care about you how much you want me to have by your side and feel that I am always with you and take care about you and I am only yours. so important to feel that your man is only yours your woman is only yours. you know my dear I am so sorry maybe for some silly and girls stuff in my letters but i am open to you and here are my dreams and wish and goals for you could know that I am interesting only to build the strong family and nothing more is not interesting for me. So my dear i go work now and have to work hard cause you know that I am trying all my best to take care about myself cause you are not near me and have to live in the hard days cause woman can have normal life only with the love man by her side. Stan today evening I will have my passport and truly to say I write to you today so late cause I was found everything again about my trip to you. So my dear we have two ways. FIRST : I should buy the tickets (the price is about 700 dollars) then you should send me the invitation letter with the copy of your passport and your exactly address where you should write that i will live at your place and you will take care of me and that yopu invite me to your country. Then I take the tickets and your invitation and the copy of your passport and should come to Kiev to embassy and there should pay about 30 dollars and will get the visa for the 90 days.(also the trip to kiev will about the 300-400 dollars and also should buy the medicine insurance about 100 dollars) SECOND : I can go and buy the tour packet to you and it will cost about the 1200 dollars but it will include everything (visa tickets insurance) and it will be done in week and in local agency. I will come for you and will stay at your place. so what wwe gonna do!! can t wait the evening! will get my passport - will send you tomorrow the copy!!!!Are you glad????So will wait for your letter and will wait for the news from you and will hope that you will take care about me and that we are not simple for each other!!! kiss you.
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