Scam letter(s) from Elena Lebedeva to D. C. (UK)

Letter 1
Hello! May I get acquainted with you? I am 29 years old woman, single, I am russian, living in Russia. I am sorry for "UK" in my profile, I couldn't find my country while registering as this is UK dating site. I am not interested in russian man and want to get acquainted with an UK man. About me: I am slim, 5'6", 115 lbs, christian, I have good sense of humour, like to have fun. Drop me your email if you are interested, I will write to you there and will tell more about myself. Looking forward to your answer.
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Name: Marina Goldovonskaya
Age: 19
Name: Ella Babi
Age: 35
Name: Irina
Age: 27
Name: Liping Haiya Lin
Age: 28
Name: Valentina Amoah
Age: 35
Name: Elvira Chesnokova
Age: 29
Name: Lubov
Age: 27
Name: Lubov Shkharuppa
Age: 26
Name: Marina Svinina
Age: 26
Name: Chloe Brooks
Age: 22
Name: Victoria Bershak
Age: 30
Name: Olga
Age: 32
Name: Anita Dallas
Age: 28
Name: Svetlana Morozova
Age: 24
Name: Marina Varenkova
Age: 30