Scam letter(s) from Aija Gnezdova to Gene (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Gene.
I have written you the letter on April, 29th. You did not receive it? I send you this letter once again more low. =================================================== Hello the my dear friend Gene. How you? What at you new?
I do not have facebook I do not know, that this such. My name and surname Aija Gnezdova.
Yes I understand, that you have children. If we Gene decide to meet you and I will arrive to you. I wish to become the friend to your children, that they would accept me in your family.
How you think they will accept me in your family?
I do not smoke. Yes I can drink red wine or champagne on a holiday.
I yesterday have not sustained. At home has been simply intolerable to sit one, and I have gone to the parents.
I have told all of them, about us, and how I wish to change cardinally in the further the life together with you. With mine the beloved.
Certainly, all over again they have reacted to your occurrence in my life greater surprise.
But the most complex was to explain to all of them that I feel and I want in the life.
I always easily found common language with parents, and now I could not to let for them know, that for me it is very important.
In any case they wish my only good luck. And it is not important in what is shown.
In this case they are glad, that I have met the man which on advantage could estimate me.
I have told everything, that I know about you and they are happy with the person with whom I have decided to connect the life.
And that that I should leave them for the sake of the love person and for the sake of own happiness they perfectly understand.
As well as always daughters always approach with fathers, and in my family, the daddy it at me best more,
It as anybody understands another and supports me. I always listened to it and followed its advice.
And now it as has not disregarded all my experiences
And firmly ordered to follow me to desires of the heart and never to forget about reason.
Certainly as well as all parents they are anxious about me, but understand
That I deserve happiness and that now I had an excellent opportunity to make you and happy.
And consequently I wish to tell to you, that I not one and at me always am and there will be a support of my love parents where I was.
Now in my life there is you, and nothing can be compared to that feeling which, I test now.
I feel a shiver in knees, hands shiver, when I see your letters.
Me as if covers with a love raincoat.....
And the most important, nothing can prevent to development of ours with you of attitudes!
Any man on light cannot be compared to you my dear!
All my former novels and acquaintances came to an end with failures.
I all time have come across a blank wall of misunderstanding, and I would like mad happiness.
My opinion of very few people interested. All of them considered as the duty to bring up me.
You are not similar to anybody from my former life. I simply adore you. You the remarkable interlocutor, the close and kind person.
I am madly glad and happy, that I have got acquainted with you, and that you have chosen me.
I simply am burnt with mad love to you my dear Gene!
I all time think and I dream of us, my love. I represent, that beside with me every night, every minute.
And where I have gone you beside, you are close also we can do everything, that we shall want.
Yesterday even the dream has dreamed me, that you and I sit at night somewhere about fine big lake, burns a fire, and you embrace me.
And all has interwined: fire of a fire and fire of desire, both love, and passion, both caress, and jealousy.....
I have woken up from awful feeling, that you can have other woman.
I understand, that it certainly greater nonsense which has come to to me mind, but I very much was upset.
When I have received your letter, my mood has risen, but in a shower there was not a good deposit.
I at once have removed the profile on yahoo personals as have written to you the letter and I did not want that someone wrote to me except for you.
And you have removed the profile on yahoo personals?
My love write to me, calm me, that at you more anybody is not present. That I the unique woman in your life with whom you correspond.
I shall wait very much!!!
I cannot look at one of men which go, are nearby or work together.
You borrow all my ideas.
You know, sometimes I feel lonely, and it dements me.
In fact the matter is that I know, that you are in my life and that we the dear friend to the friend and that all will be good.
But that most of all me disturbs is that I cannot feel it when it so does not suffice me. I would like to feel you.
I wish to love you not only heart, but also hands. I wish to feel your smell and the nobility that you beside.
It can sounds and is banal, but I need to feel every day itself necessary and loved.
Certainly, I understand, that now it is impossible and that every night we fall asleep with you in one bed,
Which bedsheet was stretched on one thousand kilometers. But I all the same feel your heat and I hear your breath.
Sometimes I am am visited with very sad ideas that I never can see you,
But I there and then drive them away from myself and I try to think of something pleasant, for example, about you and how we with you shall live.
You know, I at once wish to tell to you that you did not think of me,
That I reflect as the naive romantic girl though it can and so, but I perfectly represent, that,
As we should begin our joint life and how many efforts it is necessary to put to it.
But I shall make everything that a life have not allowed our attitudes will be weakened. I shall use the best efforts to create strong family.
It is now complex to me to argue on it because the most important is to be together,
And all rest will learn also the most important to trust in it and to want.
Desire very strong thing and with its presence it is possible to achieve all.
I, it is possible to tell, it is overflown by it and I know, that you too wish only one - to be together.
And now we with you should put all the forces to achieve of our purpose. And it means to make everything, to be together.
I often and thought above it much and now would like to know your opinion in this occasion.
It is very important to me to know your opinion. In fact we should do all together and even to try to discuss all the developed situations.
Sometimes I forget that I write because I speak all this with such enthusiasm that seems to me as if we talk.
Now I need to wait only your letter and to learn about what you you think.
We necessarily should find a way out and to make it it is necessary as soon as possible,because I do not have forces more to be in separation from you.
Sometimes going along the street, boiling people, all inside of me burns, and it would be desirable to shout in all voice,and I shout, but nobody hears me.
Everyone crowd and go on the affairs. And up to me anybody does not have business and you so is far, that too cannot hear my call for help.
And so now I want, that you heard it and have helped me. In fact you the unique person who can make me happy.
I love you Gene! And very much I hope, that you will not force me to wait long for your letter and, that you understand, all that I now experience.
Gently whole you Gene! With love, yours Aija.
Letter 2
Hi my love Gene.
Yes I received from you 2 letters which you have written me on April, 30th. But in these letters you did not answer my questions.
And on it I have thought, that you did not receive from me the letter which I have written to you on April, 29th.
I very much wish to continue ours with you dialogue. I am very happy, that have met you. As I want and I dream of appearing now in your embraces.
I would nestle on your ******, and my breath concerned your neck. In fact it is not too complex.
Certainly to dream of it easier, having plunged into the small world both to live there and to feel itself as the happiest.
But if in serious to think, what we need to make to be together?
And as it is wonderful to be in my small world where there is only you and I.
Where I can feel you where you smile to me, and there is nobody and where to us nothing stirs. And nobody can prevent to us.
And the most important, that is the world only ours where there is absolutely nobody,
Where it is not necessary to think, where it is possible to plunge simply each other and to forget about all on light.
And to force all world to stop and live only for the sake of us.
I wish to feel your breath, spending a hand on your body, I wish to see your eyes,
When you will speak me everything about what it was necessary so long to be silent.
In fact you understand, how it is complex to express all the ideas on a leaf of a paper.
And even if I now could see now you and look in your clear eyes, I, probably, could not find all those necessary words.
In fact it is very complex. Also can even be not thought up yet those words with which it would be possible to express all my feelings and emotions.
In my head it is so much ideas, that I cannot simply write to you everything, that so it would be desirable to tell, looking in your eyes.
I would like to forget all shame and pride, and to rush on a meeting of the love. I simply do not learn myself. I was not such earlier.
Earlier it seemed to me, that I go down stream and I rotate together with other people in this complex vital circulation.
And was, but now all has changed. I have forced this world to rotate around of us with you.
I wish to live with you, I wish to wake up and see you. To observe your dream and to think that dreams you.
I wish to fall asleep with you and to feel your strong hand when you will embrace me. I wish to speak with you when it would not be desirable to sleep.
I wish to enjoy with you a decline, to meet a dawn and much many other things.
I wish to do everything if only you were a number and let all world will wait.
Certainly, I understand, that it is not possible and it is necessary to look at things really.
But sometimes so it would be desirable to forget about all.
It would be desirable to think, that all so is simple, that stars can be touched. Also that it is possible to touch you,
And easier to fall asleep and see sweet dreams, being under your soft wings,
With which you cover me to protect from all troubles.
We are created the friend for the friend, and I with confidence can tell, that you my second half.
It is not simple words, I in the life many times burnt that threw words on a wind.
But I already for a long time not the child also think that I speak and now I simply follow the desires.
I want, that we simply lived and loved each other.
On the one hand in it there is nothing complex, and with another there is a huge set of so-called complexities.
But I shall not admit, that between us ever there were barrier. And I shall make everything that we have reached our purpose.
Now I with confidence can tell, that I wish to throw all and to be near to you. This unique my desire.
I am ready to all and on all only to be near to my love person, with you!
I long thought of all this and perfectly I understand, that you never will leave the country.
There too much holds you, first of all it is your work, position.
Long reflecting above it, I have made a decision, that I shall go up to the end and in this case it that,
That I am ready to leave the last life and to begin it together with you and there where you.
I cannot live apart from you more. I wish to overcome that distance that divides us with you.
And I am ready to go on everything that nothing has cut us. I wish to be a single whole.
And I know, that it is possible, we need to want it very strongly only.
Write to me the ideas, make me more strongly, help me to overcome up to the end all my fears though I already am afraid of nothing,
When you beside can stop nothing me. You beside and I are happy.
So do me happy, in fact all in our hands and is subject to us all. And I need to search now for a way which I can arrive to you.
And for me it is the now most important. I completely hope for you and on your support.
I shall try to get tomorrow all information interesting me and necessarily all I shall inform you.
I with great impatience shall wait for your letter. It is important to me to know your ideas and feelings. I wish to listen and hear you.
You this everything, that are necessary for me. You my life, my love and pleasure.
I shall make everything that you also were happy, as well as I. For ever yours Aija.
Letter 3
Hi my love Gene!!!!!
You do not represent what pleasure for me to come in the Internet of cafe and to read through your letter.
I can tell only one - I am madly happy to feel again force of that string that connects us.
Both this the most important and costing, that is now in my life.
You write, that yours friend Mehran can arrive the help to me to you. It is good news.
So it is pleasant to read your words and to realize how much I is happy, when I can know that you do and how you.
Whether in fact it is very necessary for me constantly the nobility where you are also all at you well.
I constantly need to realize, that at you all is good. In fact now I am am excited only with you.
I worry about you and I want only one - that at all of us it was good.
With greater interest I read that occurs in your head and in your heart.
Recently I can not think about what except for our meeting because for me now is a unique purpose to which I I aspire,
Putting all the forces. But me to not do without in any way your help. And with my salary in 300 dollars simply to not arrive to you.
And if to me to spend my salary for a trip to you, and all early will not suffice it,
And I somehow need to live, drink and eat still, for all this time while to me will do the visa and the passport in travel agency.
I very much hope that you understand me.
I require you and in your help, and I am glad the nobility, that you never will leave me, in fact differently and cannot be.
That day when we shall meet, it will be the day filled by huge splash of emotions.
Our love will be free and can make everything, everything, but only for the blessing to us to a two.
We in its authority, now fine and more and more attracting. Any more there will be no disappointment, there will be no pain.
There is only I and you and more than anybody on all white light.
Two hearts which fight together, ready to merge in the uniform heart filled by love.
Now there is nothing more important us with you and that day when we at last can be together and be betraid to our feelings.
There is nothing more important that happiness, that at us will be, when we can be together.
There is no more grief and there should be no doubts.
It seems to me, that our love shines all world in the mornings and does not cover a veil in the evening. All this we.
You know, I cannot sometimes fall asleep, because ideas do not give me rest,
I cannot get rid of them, even when do not remain forces to think about you.
You always in my ideas that I did not do also each second second I I think of you.
My love, Gene! I very much worry for you.
I want, that you shared with me everything, that to you occurs. Because I want, that you have understood, how it is important to know to me about you all.
You the most remarkable person who to me could be met in my life.
I am infinitely grateful to you that you have brought pleasure during my life.
I wish to tell, that you have made me happy, you have returned to me confidence of and of the future. You the remarkable person. You the best!
I love you!!!!!!
Both to anybody and I shall allow to take away nothing you from me. I shall not allow anybody and to anything us to separate.
And I am assured, that you think as.
I can continue to speak it eternally, but, unfortunately, our time is not eternal also we should be in time still much in this life the darling.
I am ready to any tests if only to be near to you. Travel to you will be the most wonderful thing in my life.
We can find each other. I you will be assured by the excellent husband. And most of all I am assured of that.
That all will be good, because and should be.
I perfectly represent that expects me in the future that I should to start study to live anew,
To search for work, friends, but to it I am ready to all. And it already nothing me does not hold in this city,
I wish to be with you and I consists in it of happiness.
I wish to be happy both I am confident also to me it prompts my heart that you are capable to make me the happy woman.
I am ready to go even on greater if only to be assured, that the ending of that will cost, of what I personally do not doubt.
I perfectly understand, that I shall miss on the parents, and they too will be, but they are glad, that I have made such decision.
They know, how it is heavy to live in Russia, and that here I cannot be rather happy.
Now I wish to tell that I have learned in occasion of my crossing.
Yesterday I before have left work to come into agency on the tourism, being nearby to my house. There to me all have clearly explained.
For visa registration in the USA it is more convenient to use to me Visa service. Using I save time and avoid turns.
And if to use Visa service to me will make all documents much faster on arrival in the USA, and on it will leave only 14 Days.
Cost of services of travel agency at the rate on 1 person: 10000 roubles (a full package deal with consultation, the analysis of documents and preparation for interview).
Or 3900 roubles (giving of documents in embassy, consultation on questionnaire filling).
If the visa is made out for the first time, or refusals in visa reception we urgently recommend to take advantage of a full package earlier took place.
Gathering in embassy are in addition paid:
- Gathering at a rate of 2600 roubles for statement consideration on the visa;
- Gathering for delivery of passport 700 of rbl.
- Gathering for the visa 0 (the visa for a year with possibility of repeated or unitary entrance) or 2600 roubles (The multi-visa with period of validity 2 years).
Gathering are paid at giving of documents on the visa. Payment is made only in roubles.
And if this sum to translate from roubles on your currency in dollars that there will be 500 dollars, everything enter into this sum, and agency services.
And all these documents, the passport for travel abroad, the tourist visa, a package of medical inquiries, does tourist agencies.
I need to do new documents and to make out the visa in your country. But all this not difficultly also will not borrow a lot of time.
Since tomorrow I plan to be engaged in it. The passport for travel abroad is required to me, on its manufacturing will leave about ten days after payment.
Its cost of 100 dollars. As I will need to issue the visa to do the visa of the bride or guest, on it the lot of time will leave.
And for this purpose or proofs are necessary that we are familiar not less than 2 years or a legal stamp in the passport that we are painted under the law,
Or it is necessary invitations for the visa of the visitor and it still will be long considered in Moscow, and it very long to wait.
The tourist visa is required to me, unlike the visa of the bride it costs only 500 dollars. And on its manufacturing will leave no more than two weeks.
And this visa of the tourist to make much easier in than all other visas to the country of Russia, and at us all is possible for money in Russia,
And I simply do not have other choice, and I even on a turn am glad that it is possible so quickly to make all and to arrive to you, mine love.
As in my city there is only a branch of the Moscow firm , after all will be paid, I should go to Moscow,
And only then my visa is considered and registered in consular department of embassy of the USA in Moscow by the Consul general of the USA in Russia Kurt E. Amend (Kurt E. Amend).
And I will already receive all my documents and including the tourist visa of the USA in travel agency.
To take away all documents necessary for me. And I even in Moscow will be met by the agent which is interested in it and it will help me,
Also will make all quickly and qualitatively and at me will be what problems
And I at all shall not put to it the big effort, and for me will make all in agency. More precisely money which I shall pay to them.
In general, documents which will be necessary for me are a passport for travel abroad, the visa and a social package of documents, which includes various medical information. And already only then I can buy tickets and fly to you on wings of love.
But to me now the most important to pay for all these documents of 420 dollars that in agency have started to do all documents necessary for me
On arrival to you in your country. And I think that then for this time of 14 days we we can solve on the account of tickets. OK?
You will help me with this sum of 420 dollars?
In Moscow I have a girlfriend with which I studied at university I will write it e-mail and I will ask at not permissions to live in it in Moscow in about time when I make out the visa and all necessary documents which to me will allow to arrive to you Gene.
And as you understand that my salary will be not enough for arrival to me in the USA, and your help is necessary to me, and I very much hope that you can help me and we will be together.
But you should understand that I still need somehow for you to write letters and to live these days.
I understand that it impudently for my part but I cannot do something and without your help to us is simple to not meet in a real life,
And I very strongly would like it. And I already with impatience wait for ours with you of a meeting.
I know, that you think of me and it warms not only my soul, but also a body. Sometimes my dreams frighten me. But it not fear. It even is pleasant.
I dream of you in the afternoon, I dream of you at night. You always in my ideas. I love you! I love the dreams and I like to think of the moments when we shall be together. When we shall be together.
I cannot simply wait that day when we can embody all our dreams in a reality. I with impatience shall wait for your letter Gene! With love, your love Aija.
Letter 4

Hi my loved Gene. I very much liked your letters, your warm words.
I have thought,that you in a life very good person. I have grown fond of you all my heart and soul.
You are necessary for me also I was not going to deceive you. You understand?
It is necessary to trust the heart. The not trust you refuse the happiness.
I think on arrival to you, you will see me in the person.
Do not deprive with me and happiness. I love you.
I did not test when such deep feelings, as to you. I did not correspond with anybody,except for you.
As soon as I of you has seen, you to me have very much sunk down in soul.
I did not sleep at all in the first nights, all time thought of you.
You the first and unique the person with which I have decided to try happiness on the Internet.
You understand my feelings? I all in it is afflicted.
I do not present the further life without you. I do not know, how I can prove to you.
Please trust to me in fact the love should is under construction on trust.
I continue to you to write and have made everything what to arrive to you.
Now you understand? I do not know, how I still can prove you my love to you.
I the woman who wants to be with you. The woman who wants your heat and caress.
I wish to lead the rest of a life near to you. I should not suffer from for girls which deceive people.
Understand,that we live once and I do not want to live this life in loneliness.
If I shall lose you, I mean shall lose sense to live further.
For me there will be no further life without you. I very much miss you.
I all pending your decision. I shall be happy near to you and I shall do everything, that you would be as are happy.
Please while there is time make decisions, and trust the heart.
I ask you help me that I could arrive to you. With impatience I wait from you for good news.
I send you one million kisses and embraces. Yours for a century Aija.
Letter 5
Hi my love Gene. I with impatience waited for your letter as this letter could change my life sharply.
In a photo which you have sent me it Bitt your daughter?
First of all I should answer your questions, what at us with you should what misunderstanding.
I do not know, who such Olga. I live not 300 kilometres from Moscow, and my city of Ryazan to be in 200 kilometres from Moscow.
Loved where you have got acquainted with Olga?
You could allow to esteem to me its letters?
Some my familiar speak me, that my acts are difficult for understanding,but I know, that acts in love always are difficult for understanding.
Frequently the big love came to an end tragically, but I believe, that we shall be happy.
I believe, that my first letter to you it was not casual.
I do not want to speak, that it something divine, there is no it simply destiny.
Now I think only of you and for me each hour of my life without you this test which to me is very difficult for overcoming.
But our love should us help to overcome all obstacles and we shall be together.
I am sure, that our love not simply hobby and fire of love never will go out.
Many me I ask as it is possible to fall in love with the person who never saw in alive,
but I speak them, that in the letter we write each other everything, that we think and that thus is much easier to express everything, that you think and feel.
So we learn each other can even better, than our familiar. I send you a photo of a at home which I rent the apartment.
Now when I have you I do not think that I am threatened with loneliness.
The following photo of our central park which the park of Railwaymen this park refers to is on the area of the Victory.
I like to walk on this park in this park fresh air many fresh and clever ideas comes during walks here.
I shall wait for our meeting and to miss on you and your letters.
For me the first ours with you the meeting is the most joyful and during too time the disturbing moment of our new attitudes.
I love you. Your Aija.
Letter 6
Hi mine loved Gene. There has come new day and it is fine. Because I go to the Internet of cafe and I read your letter.
Thanks for a photo you look superb. Your daughter Brittney, is similar to you.
I really do not understand, how letters written Olga were to a theme letters which I has written to you.
I find one explanation to it. I write you letters from the cafe Internet here again to many people. Probably Olga I have copied my letter which wrote to you Gene.
I want, that you would trust me Gene. I can make a photo where I will hold a sheet of paper on which will be written "I love you Gene". This photo will convince you of gravity of my intentions?
From your letter I have understood, that you wish to arrive to me to Russia and to take away me with yourself. When you will arrive?
I with the great pleasure will meet you I will amaze my beautiful city of Ryazan and I will acquaint you with the parents. Today I will go to parents and I will tell that you will arrive to me. Ok.
I cannot sleep, is, work. All to fall at me from hands. I only also do, that I dream of you my sweet!
I dream of how to fall asleep in your hands, to wake up from your warm breath.
To sit, having drawn in under themselves legs and to look, how you prepare. To look together the TV, having put a **** to you at a ******.
To inhale your smell, such fresh and warm, was absorbed in your neck. To take you under a hand, leaving on street.
To fall asleep, having put a head to you on knees and feeling as you tips of fingers drive to me on a back.
To go with you along the street, a hand in a hand, sometimes compressing fingers that you to me have warmed them.
As the cat to compress cams, sticking nails in a palm to not scratch you.
To examine your smile in a dream, a silhouette of your person, your body. To approach and embrace you, having felt as you kiss my hair.
Costing beside to feel, how you strong-is strongly nestle on me because it is tired, and all complexities to us to pass together easier.
To nestle a cheek on your cheek. To feed you from hands. To listen, as you breathe to me in an ear.
To **** on you that you have turned and has kissed me. To lay under your hand, choking, but not daring to be stirred to not wake you.
To wake up from your kiss, such gentle, warm and morning. Recollecting you to feel, how tips of fingers grow cold.
The nobility, that under your T-short is a secret known only to you and me.
The nobility, that you about me think or write to me the answer.
To be assured that between us never there will be another. It be simple cannot. I know. To fall asleep in your T-short, feeling your smell.
To die of tenderness, falling in your embraces. I want. That. So. Was. Always. All I go mad!
My letters to you became shorter, because I write you letters from the cafe Internet. And in each spent minute and computer use in the Internet of cafe I should pay money.
Thus I save money what to come to the cafe Internet every day and to write you letters.I love my dear Gene. I miss, yours Aija.
Letter 7
Hi loved Gene. How at you work? How has passed that day?
At me is not present not what private pictures what to send to you. Still there is one reason on which I cannot to send you such photos.
You know Gene, that I write you letters from the Internet of cafe and I do not want, that someone could see mine private pictures and think of me badly. I hope you understand me?
I can arrive to you under the visa of Tourist B-2 for 90 days.
For that time which I shall be at you we with you we learn each other better and shall make the decision to remain to me with you whether or not.
If we with you shall make the decision me to remain at you we shall go to Embassy and we shall submit documents on registration of the visa bride K-1.
Under this visa I can remain with you.
You do not represent, as I am glad the nobility that you will help me to arrive to you I ready to jump with joy, as the small child.
Today I learn in bank as I can receive from you money. Which I learn the information I shall inform to you in my following letter. Ok.
Today having woken up in the morning, I have understood, that I all time think of you.
This that feeling when in elements of pleasure and if not you constantly are required to be, I never would test this not clear to me a condition.
In the beginning of ours with you of attitudes I very much would like to glance to you inside, to learn what you?
But the more deeply I learnt you, the more strongly to me was wished to shout, shout for fear, to shout with happiness, to shout and call to the aid from a magnificent condition in which plunging,
I could not see myself, hear myself, but only unconsciously to understand that to me very well, and that I test that is impossible to describe words is it is possible to feel only.
All this, I have named love. In fact the love is a drug. Firstly I had euphoria, ease, feeling of full dissolution.
Next day I wanted still. For that moment I have not had time to be involved yet, but the sensation was pleasant to me, I have been assured, that at any moment I can do without these fine feelings.
I thought of you two minutes and forgot on three hours. But gradually began to get used to you and has got in full dependence on you.
And then I thought of you three hours and forgot on two minutes. If you were not a number I tested the same, that the addict, the deprived next portion of a potion.
And such minutes as the addict who for the sake of a doze is capable to go of a robbery, on ****** and on any humiliations, I am ready on all for the sake of love.
I did not stop and I shall stop befoare what and who cannot overpersuade me to go back.I wish to throw and leave all to you!
If the person though time has had a drink an elixir of love to not get rid any more of it, it remains in blood.
And that I do all, I shall do, all reminds me of the first drop of love which has got in my blood together with you.
Pursues me everywhere, follows me on a trace, until then while I do not feel completely devastated and helpless.
And only then I turn around back and I understand how many tortures mixed with pleasure I could go through.
Therefore I so strongly LOVE you Gene! Yours and only yours Aija.
Letter 8
Hi my love Gene. You have not written to me today and it has upset me.
Yesterday I went to bank and have learnt the information on how you can send me 420 dollars,
that I would go to Moscow and have begun registration of the visa and all necessary documents which to me will allow to arrive to you Gene.
You want, what I would write you this information?
I so missed on you, all night long badly slept, all thought of us with you.
I understand, that we yet have not completely studied each other, but I feel, that we are created for each other.
Since we have got acquainted, I have completely changed, I became other person.
Earlier I was gloomy, I smiled a little. You have brought energy in my life. It became easier to me to live, I feel a peace of mind.
I always thank the Lord of the God that he has blest us. He wishes to connect our hearts, our lives.
I too want, that it has come true, I hope, that soon we will together. I love you, my love Gene. Now you are necessary to me as never before.
If you leave me one, you will very strongly make a wound for my heart. My feelings will die away to all live being on light if we do not meet.
I wish to be to you the true wife, to be always near to you, to support you a difficult minute,
To give you the heat, warmly our love. It seems to me, that I have qualitatively changed. The love is capable to change all our private world.
I never will leave you and I will not give you to anybody.
When we will be together, I want, that we have sat down together at candles, have joined hands and under a glass of good wine have talked about our further life, looking in eyes each other.
I very much miss on you. I do not have not enough you when I go for work when I sit houses when I walk on fresh air.
Let you are not present physically nearby, but I feel your presence near to me. All your thoughts, ideas and feelings are in my heart.
I store myself, the heart only for you. It belongs only to you.
You are a sun beam. This beam finds me in any place, warms me, gives pleasure of a life,cheers up.
I very much wish to see, somewhat quicker to nestle on you, to embrace and kiss you.
When I will make it, I will be the happiest, and I hope, what you too?
I feel, that our feelings are mutual. If to you not difficultly also is a few time for me write to me.
I very much wait for your letter tomorrow. It is very important to me to know your feelings to me.
I love you, very much I miss on you, I grieve. I embrace you, strong whole. With love yours Aija.
Letter 9
Hi my loved Gene.
My love I is madly glad to your letter today and thinking with huge force pulls to you my lovely.
I certainly would like to you and to be with you beside, and to meet to face to face. Thanks for congratulations me happy birthday.
Today my day the birth and me was executed 35 years. And I as usually will not celebrate the birthday because me not to like it to do. I for 1 year become more senior also it frightens me.
In travel agency to me have told that to me better do the visa of tourists B-2 on which I can to visit you during 90 days.
And all necessary documents to me will make the visa during 14 days after I shall bring 420 dollars in the central office of travel agency I shall sign the contract with travel agency.
As you already know the central office of travel agency to be in Moscow. This travel agency works for a long time in the market of tourist services and at me will arise what problems about visa registration.
The visa of tourist B-2 costs 131 dollar, journey to Moscow and residing of 14 days of 200 dollars and 80 dollars costs registration of a social package of documents in which various medical inquiries enter.
A total sum which 420 dollars are necessary for me.
Yesterday I once again e-mail to my girlfriend Nadegda which now is in Moscow at parents.
I have asked it what I shall live at it in Moscow those days which to be engaged in registration of the visa my girlfriend the help was glad to me with residing at Moscow.
We with Nadegda together studied at University I is glad, that I have such girlfriend which will help me.
Here my address:
Russia city Ryazan.
Street Majakovskogo the house 110 apartment 79.
Zip 390046
I want to ask you that you sent nothing to me to Russia.
At us frequently it happens, that letters, and parcels from abroad are checked and opened.
Though and in our law it is precisely registered, that each person has the right to personal telephone conversations and correspondence.
However all is listened, read and carefully checked. Including letters. Nobody observes this law that is very insulting!
I shall not be surprised at all, that, and our letters too are checked.
Therefore send nothing to me, all can be gone simply or at the best the letter or a parcel will come opened.
It happens at us pretty often even if you send letters simply across Russia.
I correspond with one classmate who has married and now lives in Great Novgorod.
And frequently there are cases, that letters do not reach. Was even such,that from envelopes beautiful congratulatory cards vanished even!
What at us wild people in Russia!!!And that already and to speak about letters and parcels from abroad.
I have learned in bank in what way better to send money and it have told,that the most safe and fast translation system of money from one country in another is the "Western Union".
He has told, this system is convenient that you do not need to know addresses of bank where it is also translation some minutes are carried out all.
And as it is not necessary to have any bank account.
Loved you should send money for my name and a surname Aija Gnezdova the country Russia.
As Western Union is very safe translation system of money and only I shall receive money at any office of the Western union when I shall know here it:
1. Your name and surname.
2. City whence have been sent money.
3. State whence have been sent money.
4. Zip whence have been sent money.
5. Street whence have been sent money.
6. MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number).
I am very grateful to bank that they have given me such full information.
Owing to you my dream to be carried out and we with you shall meet. I all the life dreamed to meet such the man as you.
From the date of ours with you of acquaintance my life has sharply changed in the best party.
Up to a meeting with you my life was monotonous and boring. The house work and not that except for it.
After acquaintance to you the world surrounding me was painted in color paints at me representation about a life has exchanged.
As it is pleasant to feel that love me and appreciate.
On it I shall stop to write to you the letter. Mine heart belongs to you and you the owner of my heart.
I hope you will protect it?And not when you will not hurt me.
I shall come to the Internet of cafe to read the letter which will change my life.I love you yours for ever Aija. p.s. You ask, that such 79 in mine e-mail address. It is apartment number which I rent.
Letter 10
Hi loved Gene.
There is no letter, it very much upsets me. I have grown fond to you all heart and all my thoughts on you my love Gene.
When I have breakfast I think of you

Letter 11
Hi loved Gene. As always I hasten in to read your letter Gene for me your letters, as a beam in the dark sky.
I do not play with you in games, I love you. How I can prove you it? You want, I will send you a photo me holding a sheet of paper on which will be written "I love you Gene"?
You write, that I did not answer your questions. Probably you do not understand, that I write to you.
But I wrote to you in my first letters that I was not married and I do not have children.
In Russia wedding band carry on the right hand. And in photos which I sent you a ring at me on the left hand.
« A life one. Also it would be desirable to live it so that it was not painfully sick for aimlessly lived years ».
Now I cannot present, how I could so long to live without you?! And how to live in general without you?
I have very strongly got used to you,radiating pleasure and tenderness, to your letters and to your words.
Still never, before acquaintance to you, I could not feel heat and pleasure in a shower only that a number
is someone who can simply read my letters and understand as anybody another and nothing to ask, about what to not ask.
You at all do not represent yourself, how much to me it is good near to you! Even expectation brings pleasure when we together wait each other!
I would like to be pleased together with you when at you all is good, to long, when something is impossible, to feel the necessary person in your life.
You - the most good, light, kind, that happen with me lately. No. Not so.
Not lately, and in general in my life.
« The life is that happens with us while we plan on the future ».
The love is omnipotent and boundless, its force does not depend on a season, an epoch, technical progress.Hearts meet - and the feeling, beautiful flashes, deep and comprehensive so was and will be always Gene.
Loved if the Sun suddenly will cease to shine - you will warm me better it.
If suddenly stars will hide for the Moon - you will manage to present me such romanticism which and did not dream them.
If the Seas will spread and - we shall come up Oceans, because we TOGETHER.
If on the Earth does not remain drops of water - we shall get ***** Love Each other.
Believe to me, Loved, only with you Stars and Oceans smile to us the Sun. And while we together, no elements will separate us.
Because we with you - the strongest elements from all elements. I Love You!
And for this reason I love all around - I see the Life, I feel it Warmly and Happiness.
My sun, my gentle, I Love You! « I love you Gene not for the one who you, and for the one who I, when I in ideas with you ».
What can I make, that it has not ended? I miss I love yours Aija.
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