Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Petrova to Attila (Denmark)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear......!!! I received your letter. I have just returned from work. Today I had a very difficult day and it was a lot of work.
But this is not important ... I have very bad news about the trip. I do not even know where I begin ... Today I went to a travel agency, that would make money for the trip. And there I was told very bad news. These news relate to your entry. According to the rules entry, I should have a certain amount of money with him, or a salary that exceeds the average. This is so that the embassy was confident in my financial security and that I'm going there not as a fugitive, and simply visiting the country for the duration of my visa.
Unfortunately, my salary is far below average. And I have no money to be able to register them. My dear Attila at the agency told me that for entry into Denmark to 1500 euro, is the calculation for every day of my stay in Denmark. The calculation is as follows: 1 day stay in Denmark, on average should be 50 euro. My favorite you know, but that kind of money I do not even dreamed of: (. I've never seen so much money, and moreover, I have never seen such an amount. So I do not know what to do now. All of my documents will be ready in half weeks, and soon I will be able to get them. But I do not give a visa because of the fact that I do not have this amount. I tried to tell them that I was going to her beloved man, and the agency told me that they understand me. But they can not do anything because such rules embassy. This was and always will be. This is done to ensure that people do not remain permanently in Denmark illegally. There have been cases that people could not go back because of the fact that they have no money . embassies should be confident that a man has money to stay in Denmark, and he can come back at any time ... The good side of this issue. This amount I need just at that time, until I come to you. That is, I should just bring the money, and I will issue the necessary documents. That is, I need to show that I have the money, and I can safely come to you. After I meet you at the airport, the money I will no longer be needed. After all, I'm with you, and I do not need money for expenses. My dear ....., so I ask help from you. I understand that this is a large sum of money. And perhaps it will be difficult for you to give it to me. But as soon as I have you, I'll you all true. That is, in fact you give me the money for that time until I come to you. ....., the problem is that they need the money now, because without them there would be progress in the preparation of my visa. So I told the agency. B soon I will need to go to Moscow to receive a visa, but I do not give, until I show you the money. And the more that I had already ordered tickets for my flight to you. And I need the time to do everything up to that time. My Dear ....., I very much hope that you understand me. And I worry a little, and I write something wrong. But I think that everything is clear. I look forward to your help. The main thing is that this money I will not spend. I'll bring them with me when I go to you. And can give directly to the airport. You have nothing to lose. I need the money for a few days.
And now I'll wait for your answer. I very much hope that you understand everything, and you do not leave me. I could not know it before, because I was confident that the documents on my salary enough to travel. But unfortunately at the embassy think differently. With this I conclude my letter to you and hope to see a response from you soon. With love, Natalia.



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