Scam Letter(s) from Yomi Raheem to Karl-Heinz (Germany)

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Letter 1

Hey baby, guess you doing alright and how was your holiday? The day have really been a very busy day for me, as i will be living the work for them...So i and lukman came to the cafe to scan my passport and the visa to you...I love you and can't wait being at home with you love...I wait for your call.
Love Always,

Letter 2

Hey baby, why sounding like this? cos we never lost our dreams or we meeting...Is still a bank that i went to, i have not try the rest of the two out of the 3 banks we have here...Yes love, i promised so some, and i still stand on my promised to you..You re the love of my life and you will forever be, cos life without you is noting as I'm noting baby. I will never for once, broken your heart as i believe you will never broken mine. And as for the money, you sent me, I have used it with the one with me for the passport and the visa which am still waiting for the agent to call me that is out and i knew and believe that we 'll have a good news on Tuesday. I LOVE YOU KALLE AND NOTING WILL EVEN THIS PART US FROM WE MEETING. PLEASE DO KINDLY CALL ME ONCE YOU GOT THIS AND READ IT. LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART



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