Scam Letter(s) from Stella Walker to Jim (USA)

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Letter 1

Dearie it was nice to hear from you ,handsome you solve the puzzle right ,i have enclose some pictures of my self for you in this email and let me start by saying my names are Stella Walker and I hope we'll be able to start getting to know each other now.I am 32years old but i think ages are number to me, I happens to be the only child of my parent lost my dad some years back and i have to move in with my mom after the death of my dad to Los Angeles, California i am originally from Boston MA i am very open-minded I don't accept anything just because everyone else believes it and I don't close my mind to an idea just because it is strange or unaccepted by the general public. For me, tradition and custom are usually roadblocks to progress and happiness.There is no one on earth more serious about finding love and a successful marriage than I am, and you can count on that. i have a degree in sales and marketing which prompt me to practise what have gone to learn in school ,i am currently somewhere in western part of africa on a business trip to collect some mask antiques and art work. Though miles may lie between us, we're never far apart, for friendship doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart. i am pretty knew into this business i really like its i am ready to settle down if i found the one that i love i dont mind relocating with the love of my life that is if i found anyone .,One thing that is extremely important in my life is music, and I think that we'll discover that you and I like very different types of music, and that will be one of our great challenges in the future. Not an insurmountable challenge, but one that we will have to work on seriously because music is my greatest joy and passion in life, second only to love itself. And,the music I love is very different than the music most people like these great dream for the future is to find the Man I can marry,who will be my best friend, my lover, my pupil, and my partner in all life's adventures,at the very least. I want someone to spend all my time with,sharing all the pleasures I've discovered in life, and that's a lot, believe me.i also want someone who is very affectionate, because touching and hugging and caressing are a basic part of my spirit. I'm single and looking for a serious relationship, I'm honest, caring, understanding, lovely, loyal, faithful and trusted woman. not smoking or drinking, i love dancing,listen to music as i have let you know earlier on , reading, cooking and kissing, looking for my soul mate. I don't like to divorce once i get married.I am very impressed with your mail and intrigued by your integrity. Your personality of being good and fun loving is very attractive to me. You seem quite intelligent and have a mature perspective on life.I am very intelligent, energetic, loyal, respectful, positive, optimistic, romantic, caring, sensitive, compassionate, easy going, appreciative, monogamous, witty, friendly, sincere, articulate, understanding, straightforward, flexible, adaptable, hardworking and easy to please. Importantly, I have a good sense of humor and like to laugh. I am a one man woman . do not abuse alcohol and do not play head games i believe i have say alot about myself . I like to look at issues from different perspectives to achieve better honesty and truthfulness..hate lies and cheat. my 4 years relationship got broken up when i caught my man cheating on me, hopefully I dream about an attentive, careful, independent, reliable, kind, understanding, optimistic, tender, faithful and dependable man. if you think i posses some of the qualities that you want in a lady you shooud go ahead and answer some of my question and see where we go from there . How has life been treating you without a lady? what exactly are you looking for in a lady ?what do you expect from me ?tell me about your past love life ,how long have you been on match and what are your past expereince with this Internet dating scence ,i will be looking forward to hearing back from you
Best Wishes
Stella Walker



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