Letter(s) from Ksenia Medvedeva to Nirakar (India)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Nirakar

My love I am so sorry for that you couldn t feel my love to you but in my minds the last days was something else. i really wanted don t tell cause I didn t want to make you busy with my problems. but now I think I should tell you cause happened to em the most horrro thing - you start to think that I don t love you. this mind hurted me more then anything else. Nirakar you can think everything that you want but not this. I LOVE YOU!YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON AND MAN.I WANT YOU! And the most happy I am from the fact that you want also believe and wait the moment when we will be together!!!! this is the only thin that I am happy now cause it was something terrible. i came from work and I stoke the flat of my neighbours ! i came home and water was every where!!!all my things are in water. The TV is broken and the fridge also. but the most terrible things is that what I am gonna to tell to my master of appetent. and also i have to pay now to my neighbours cause they just finished the repair. Came for work and sitting and crying cause everything is in water. all the book. all the documents. and the everything that I had. I don t know what to do...I am in very hard situation now. I sit in my work and cry and write to you my only man and hope. cause have nobody to say about he trouble. Sure that friends today came and take away everything from the apartment and will try to make something! but my love don t know how have to be in next! Dont want to tell my mother about cause she will ill then. and the master of my appartment said that if I will not pay for her she will blame me in court. and all this time I am like the mouse in cage try to find the money to make the payment. for me this is unreal money. so hope now you understood my mood in the letters. I truly didn t want to make you hard with my troubles. cause I love you and I was sure that if I will tell you this you will go away from me cause who needs the woman with such troubles.So writing to you in search of advice and help. Hope that you will not leave me alone in this situation! truly count on your support. miss you and love you. feel very bad and lonely! your woman