Letter(s) from Olga Bessonova to Phil (USA)
Letter 1
I understand now perfectly that you are the male of my dream. I was searching for you all my life and now I have found you and I am not going to lose you. We will be happy together, I will do everything for it. I am strong enough to overcome all the difficulties and hardships which are between us. There is no barrier which can stop me. My love will overcome all the difficulties on our way to each another. We will be together, believe me. I will cross the ocean just to be with you. I don't need anything else - I just want to see you, to look into your eyes, to kiss your lips, to touch your strong body. I will love you, my baby always, and it doesn't matter for me what will be in the future. I will love you, you are the air I breath, the reason for me to live. And there is no life for me without you. Your letters was the ray of light in my life. At first I was not interested in visiting to other country but I will do it because I found my love and it's YOU!!! You do not think that I solve it spontaneously, I very long think of it. I do not want to miss the happiness again.I will speak tonight with the chief from work, I will ask for leave holiday for some month that I could visit you. But I did not receive from you the answer, whether I do not know you that I have visited you want.
Letter 2
Good afternoon the Mr. Phil.
We welcomed you, by travel agency "perm-ruse-tur" .
With you the manager tourist speaks agency "perm-ruse-tur" Bobrova Irina Nikolaevna. License for conducting tourist activity (INN 304590321100033; CERTIFICATE ?: 206543)
Except for sale of standard rounds, we offer various additional services which enable our clients to plan independently the holiday, and, having a rest to not depend on anybody! We render such services: · the order of air tickets of conducting airlines of the world for all directions;
· booking of hotels in any parts of the world;
· individual transfers and meetings / prowaters at the airport;
· services of guides, translators;
· rent of machines of all classes;
· the organization of exit seminars and conferences;
· the order of excursion programs on any country.
· rent of sea yachts;
· tickets on all types of transport on a route of round
· Services of Travel agent
· Separate services of Tour operator and Travel agent Beforehand we warn you about the responsibility " about nondisclosure of the information which we inform you " We write you concerning the visa for " Malyugina Ekaterina "
We warn, our agency cannot give you any personal information concerning our clients. " Malyugina Ekaterina " client of our agency and any disclosure of information concerning her carries
Criminal liability according to law of the Russian Federation. Now we can inform you that " Malyugina Ekaterina " has concluded contract with our agency for granting for her Tourist visa. (Contract N 78644; Visa N 38538263; Passport N 210493942)
Really our agency gives her package deal on granting of the visa and the passport for travel abroad.
All documents for her travel abroad are available. " Malyugina Ekaterina " should pay for the visa $500. Malyugina Ekaterina has already paid 110 american dollar For the some people official registration of papers, remained 390 american dollar. List of services given by our agency for " Malyugina Ekaterina "
1) Visa, and its manufacture -$145 (demands payment)
2) Medical insurance - $130 (demands payment)
3) The passport for travel abroad and its manufacture - $115 (demands payment)
4) Consular gathering - $110 it (is paid) As we send you to our copy of documents tourist agency. Sincere travel agency "perm-ruse-tur" General director: Linovskya Alevtina Grigorevna
Address: 614010, Street. Komsomolski prospectus, house 71, ofis 120
City: Perm
The country: Russia e-mail: Phone: (342) 240-111-853
(342) 240-021-876
Letter 3
My love Phil . I so am glad to see again your letter, I am glad that you have agreed to help me. I very much am grateful to you, that you can help me, and that I so worried and thought that I cannot arrive to you and meet you. My love, I so is glad to that that soon we can to meet, that I have met such person with which would like to be together. I hope when we shall meet, we shall be together. You have told to me, that my address not real but as it is possible. If you do not trust me, I can find my address in the Internet and to send to you. If you do not trust me, I will prove you, that my address real. Now I shall inform to you Some news which I found out from the agent. he informed me, That they do not accept for payment, bank moving of money on The account from private persons. They accept such payment only from The organizations at travel by groups. Therefore the second part of payment to me I too should do by cash. The agent has told, that in Our city some banks are engaged in moving of money from others The countries he has told. That they do it quickly, it demands for them About one day. To me have told that the most safe remittance through the Western Union. Many people use their services! To me informed that it is necessary to make that you could send money! You should go to office Western Union and to show my information:
My name: Ekaterina
Last name: Malyugina
City: Perm
Country: Russia
After you will send money to you should give 10 confidential figures MTCN! You should write to me these confidential figures that I could receive your money!
It is the information as you can send me of money!
I hope you all understand! Now I finish the letter. I wait for yours the message my lovely. My kisses and embraces!!!
With love your wife Katya!!!
Letter 4

Hello my love Phil. My love I is very glad to receive your letter the beautiful letter to me. My love I each day to think of you, I to think of you each hour, I to think of you when I am at work and when I lie down to sleep I to think of you all time. My love I can not without you I need in you as in air which we breathe, I very much love you. Lovely I very much would want be with you to feel your gentle breath and to hear as you to speak me gentle words. My love I need in you, I know that you my prince which soon will take away me to itself and we shall live happily and we will have good and happy family. My love I very much you like very to want to be I with you, I only to dream of that day when we shall be together and all our dreams will be real, I only to dream of you I to dream of that when we shall be together and as I will be good us very much I love you. My prince I only to dream of that day when we shall be together and can embody all our dreams. My love I very much love you, I very much want to be with you and very much I would want that we were together soon I only dream of it. My love I can not without you, I think that you also may not without me and both of us would want that all our dreams were real. My love know that I always to think of you and to dream, I very much love you. My love I of you gently whole. Your love on always Katya. p.s...Here still some photos which have been made in the summer.
It was in park, where wood. Then it was very warm, I with girlfriend Elena walked on park, have decided to be photographed, as there it was beautiful. I hope, that these photos will like you.
Letter 5
Dear Phil. I so am glad to see your letter. Thanks, that you have written me the information. Yesterday I have received your money. I could not answer you at once. Today since the morning has gone to travel agency and has paid for my documents. That now to me is lagged behind to wait only when my documents will be ready. I very much am grateful to you for everything, that you have made for me. I very much appreciate it. My love, soon we will meet and we will be together. I think, that in 1 week I can arrive your country. I love you with every part of my being. If I could marry your soul I would. I dream of nobody else. Everyday is a true struggle when I'm not with you. If I could conjure up all the power in the world to translate my love to every form of living: physical and spiritual, I would. You are my everything, and I love you more than life itself. I love you truly!
With love, your favourite bride Katya.
Letter 6
My love Phil!!!!!!! I today went to travel agency...Here there are many kinds of commercial activity before departure to you. And still many various documents are necessary. It is difficult for me what to have time all. I only want to tell to you the most important, that I love you of more lives. The agent informed me, that my visa will be ready in On April, 23rd. After when I shall receive the visa I can arrive to you, I think that in a week we shall be together. My visa while will be prepares, it is necessary for me to buy tickets. Money to the ticket are necessary for me. It costs approximately 748 $, but for this purpose what to fly to You a return ticket are necessary as also. It means it, it will cost 1496 $ very softly, and I do not know what to do further. But - one of the most expensive tickets, and it is possible to find more cheaply because probably It is not necessary to overpay for the first class. I can fly the second or third class. It will eat approximately 1390 $ with it much more cheaply. I very much love you, and I want to be with you as soon as possible. I hope, what I have not disappointed you with the letter and such big prices? I very much love you and I cannot without you. My love, I as shall search money, but I can not promise you that I can find so much, but it is necessary for me for the ticket 1390 $. I ask, that you have written to me as soon as possible and have told, that you thought of all it. I have made actually all which could here and more than I which holds. I can soon arrive to you and we can lead all these days near to you. I shall wait today from you for the answer, I so now suffer, that you tell to me, that you cannot help me. I shall be hopes for you. I love you, I wait for your letters with impatience.
Your wife Katya!!!
Letter 7
My love Phil, I has just come in girlfriend Elena from the western union. I am now very upset that I could not receive your money. I am afflicted in it, that now I cannot receive your money. Forgive me that I have not written yesterday you the letter that you so worried and worried about me. I too very much missed on you, worried and worried into the account of that you do not receive from me any letter. Now I wish to tell, why I could not receive. Not for a long time to me have called from embassy and has told to me that I have come to them. I descended, they have told to me that I have left the passport for registration of documents some still, that it was necessary to leave the passport. But when, I have gone today to the western union, to me say, that we have not the right to give money without the passport. I did not know that to me to do. I was in 3 banks, but to me as said, that we can not give money without the passport. I called in embassy, have asked, when I can take back the passport, they have told, some days still is required to make some papers. I so was strongly afflicted, that now I do not know when to a smog to receive, and I so want that I have paid for the ticket and to arrive to you on faster. I have told to girlfriend Elena, she has offered me the help. That, it you can receive instead of me your money. But for this purpose it is necessary for you to call in the western union or to descend to the western union and to tell a name that they have changed a name of the addressee. That I have received your money, you will need to change my name addressed to my girlfriend Elena. A name of my girlfriend: SIELYANINOVA ELENA. You need to call or descend only to the western union and to change my name addressed to my girlfriend. I hope, that you understand me, that at there was a such. I always to you understood, understood that cannot send money, that you need time. I hope, that you can make it without problems. I will wait today for your letter. I hope, that we will be all an order. Your favourite Katya.
Letter 8
Hi my love Phil, at me is for you very good news. That I have received your money, that my girlfriend without problems could receive today. It so is healthy, I have gone at once to travel agency and have paid for the ticket. I only have come home and to write you the letter at once. I wish to inform, that I have received the flight information, that the ticket was armour. I arrive to you on May, 20th, it on Thursday. I wish to tell to you, that I at first need to reach to Moscow after that I depart to you from Moscow. Here the flight info: 12:05 pm Depart Moscow (SVO) - Arrive Dallas (DFW) 11:19 pm
Delta 31 / 3171
Connect in New York (JFK)
Thu 20-May; Duration: 11hr 14mn Now you know, that I arrive to you on May, 20th at 11:19 pm. You can meet me at the airport? I so am happy now, that I can arrive without problems to you. As we waited for this day, so much time has passed and now I can arrive without problems to you. I so am happy, so is glad to it. I am very grateful to my girlfriend, that it could help me. All right, I so have got tired today, that it is necessary for me rest. I will write to you tomorrow morning, I will tell to you when I will leave the house. I tomorrow evening need to take a train to reach to Moscow after that I will arrive to you. I will wait for your letter. Your favourite Katya.
Letter 9
Hi my dear Phil!!! I am now in Moscow, I went all night long, have arrived only in the morning. My lovely today whether I descended in the airport learn that I can to depart without problems to you, to me have told that I can arrive without problems to you. The girl at the airport in detail explained me all procedure which I should pass to meet you. She has told that I will have customs inspection as here in Moscow, and on an arrival to America. She has told to me that for entrance to the country it is necessary to have at itself the sum of money which some time will help to live in America, the girl has told that it makes 2000 $. She has told to me to me without it me in will let out from the airport and I cannot meet you, I have told to the girl that if me there will meet also to me this money will not be necessary. She has told that this sum of money because happens a lot of various unforeseen to a situation from for which with people all the same will be necessary for me happen bad things, and the government of America, as well as Russia worry about that that with tourists from other countries that did not happen. She has told that if I do not have these that to me it will be necessary to borrow them from somebody, and then to return them because they are necessary to pass only customs inspection, that is to show that that at me there are means on which I can to exist or get the return ticket, as a last resort. To me it told because already there were such cases and people could not cross the airport and meet people necessary to them. Therefore they had to call home that to them have sent money, but they had to carry out one night at the airport pending a remittance. I so strongly love you, you probably now so are afflicted also to me so very bad. My love I do not know at whom I could ask here in Moscow so much money, I here do not have anybody familiar. I even very much am afraid to ask you, you only can help me if you could up to send today to me so to money I when would arrive to you that back all this money has returned, my love you lose nothing, I this money need to pass customs house, I shall show this money I at once can arrive to you and at a meeting back have returned all this money. My love I so is afflicted in it, that I still was necessary for me of money to pass customs house, I about it did not know anything. I shall wait for your letter with impatience. Today I shall sit all the day on the Internet of cafe, whether to look you have written to me the letter with that that you think about it and that to me now to do. I wait for your answer about impatience, my love! Yours Katya.
Letter 10
My love Phil, I cannot depart to you with the same ticket. I will need to buy the new ticket to arrive to you. My love, thanks for everything, that you do for me. If you can receive money today you can send today? I do not know, whether I can to receive your money in Moscow as at me in the passport it is registered in the city of Perm. But, it is not necessary to worry into the account of it. I have asked about the help of my girlfriend mum Ekaterina. She has agreed to help to receive to me your money. If you can receive money to court you should send addressed to the girlfriend of my mum. I know, that it is very big sum will be, but I trust it also it can help me. It is not necessary to worry and worry, that it the best girlfriend at my mum, that it without problems can help to receive to us your money. I send the information:
Name: Ekaterina
Surname: Vasiliyeva
The country: Russia
I so have been upset that I could not arrive to you. I cried all night, thought, how I can arrive now to you. I did not know what to do, I did not know as you all to tell. I very much strongly love you and I wish to arrive to you. I still am in Moscow, I still wish to arrive to you. I do not wish to come back home. Please take away to me from here on faster. I will bring that money which you will send me, I need to show only in customs. I will wait for your letter. I love you.
Your favourite Katya.
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