Scam Letter(s) from Olga Pogudina to Jose (Brasil)

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Letter 1

Hello my friend,
How are you? How your mood?
I wish to begin the letter of that it is pleasant to me to receive from you the letter. I hope, that you saw my profile, but nevertheless I wish to write shortly about myself.
Thus my real name Ekaterina. To me of 27 years, I was born on August, 12th, 1982, and on a horoscope sign - I am left. My growth 174 cm, and my weight 55 kg. At me a light hair colour. You can see it in my photo which I apply in the letter, also I would like to hear your comments on my photo, also I would like, that you too have sent me the photo.
Ok? I wish to see your photo, your eyes because eyes can tell much about you. I think, that age and as it looks not the main thing, and the Main thing that at the person in a soul and whether its intentions are pure. You agree with me?
I live in Russia in settlement Krasnogorski in republic Mari El. I live separately from parents, in own apartment. I try to live independently and not to depend on anybody. Earlier I never was married. I work as the saleswoman in a trading complex "Piramida".
Now I wish to tell shortly about the interests, I like to read books and to listen classical and pop, and simply I conduct an active way of life.
Unfortunately at me is not present msn or orkut, but I think, that it not a problem for our dialogue. You agree with me?
I very optimistical person. All difficulties I transfer easy and courageously. What would not be a life I try to rejoice and enjoy each minute and to thank the god that it has given me a life and such fine parents. And you what person? I very much would like, that you have told about yourself.
I do not love greedy, false and hypocritical people. With such people I communicate and try to have any affairs with them. Because it is impossible to hope and lean against such people and they can substitute you any minute for money or for the benefit. Therefore a circle of my friends small, but I can always hope for the help of the friends and they will support me a difficult minute and will not leave me one.
Now I wish to set to you some questions. Tell in general about myself, write me the real name what interests at you, also I wish to learn a little about your last life, you sometime were condemned? How you spend a free time? For example, during week-end and after work.
You are interested by Russian culture? What you know about Russia and that you wished to learn still? Also I would like to learn from you you really search for serious relations?
I think, that you will not have problems with my questions.
If at me it is a lot of errors you forgive me. I do not know English in perfection. And if you had any problems with my questions or you cannot understand them and tell to me.
Now I finish the letter and I will wait for your following letter with answers to my questions on my same email. I would like to continue our dialogue, instead of to stop on this letter and I hope, that you will answer me in the near future.
Your friend Ekaterina

Letter 2

Hello Jose
How are you? How your mood?
It is pleasant to me to see your letter again. In the the previous letters I have written shortly about myself but as you have written to me, I mean you too have interested in myself and to me it is pleasant, that we can develop our acquaintance.
Now I would like to tell about myself more in detail more.
I never tried to smoke, I do not drink spirits but if I drink, only red wine, and that it happens only on holidays. You drink spirits?
My weakness is ice-cream when I was small I very much loved sweets.
What do you love?
And you Jose have pets? I very much love animals, but unfortunately I spend a lot of time on work and consequently I do not have possibility to hold at itself in the house of pets.
You have children? You want children? If you have children tell to me as they are called and how many it of years. I would like to learn also about them more more in detail. I would like to have children, but on the way yet have not met the man on whom could rely and feel as behind a stone wall, that it - will protect in independence of that what today weather in a life: badly or well.
What you appreciate qualities In people? I love honesty, justice, kindness, understanding in people.
I wish to tell, that I am a little excited, because I did not use Internet acquaintance to the man from other country. I admit, that I tried to find the Russian man in the Internet, but unfortunately, very few Russian men who use acquaintances through the Internet and a circle of search of men very small and narrow, and few a certain contingent of men earlier. In comparison with Russian men, the factor of foreigners is higher and consequently to get acquainted with the correct man among foreigners more easier because to find the correct man very difficult and it not a toy that with it to joke and it is necessary to approach to such choice very seriously.
To me my acquaintance has advised to be registered on a site of acquaintances. She now lives in Australia with the husband. And I have decided, that will silly not take advantage of the same possibility of search of the man for serious relations on the Internet.
Among my acquaintances there are many women who live with the husbands, they have good children and there is such impression, that they are happy in marriage, but the majority of them complain, that their husbands in the big degree are puzzled by work and play a small role in education of children. They give time considerable quantity for work, and their family often remain a considerable quantity of time without husbands. It brings in the big income in a family, but I consider, that children require appropriate attention of both parents.
My acquaintance who lives in Australia said to me, that foreign men I differ from Russian. She also said, that foreigners give more attention to a family, to wives. And this point has most of all interested me, therefore I have decided to get acquainted with the foreign man. Probably my opinion erroneous.
I wish to tell also, that I wish to find the adult and mature man.
Probably you will ask a question "Why?". My opinion, that young men not seriously concern serious relations, usually young men search for adventures, search for an entertainment or to communicate. I wish to find the adult man who will not play with feelings and will be opened, fair and which it will be simple to care of me.
Now I wish to finish the letter. I also want, that you have commented on my letter and have answered me all my questions from the letter.
I with the big interest will answer all your questions and do not hesitate to set the questions, I only will be glad to your questions.
I want, that you would learn about me as much as possible. I also think, that we have put the good beginning to our dialogue.
I with impatience will wait for your following letter

Letter 3

Hello Jose
How are you? How your mood?
It is very pleasant to me to receive your new letter. At me at once it was cheered up as soon as I have seen your new letter. To me also it is very pleasant, that I have interested you in the thoughts in the previous message and that I have caused your interest to. I think, that we will manage to develop our dialogue if we write each other as it is possible is more often. I understand, that we adult people and each of us is occupied by the work and affairs, but I consider, that it is possible to give to a few time to check up mail and to write the answer to the letter or at least a small note, not to remain in guesses or doubts, that suddenly something have made not so or something is possible suddenly not so has understood, or still something. You agree with me? What your thoughts?
Occurs nothing casually, and that we have got acquainted it thanks to the God and probably is our chance, unique chance. And consequently I would like as it is possible to learn is better you Jose. Also I hope, that our dialogue all will develop more strongly and I also will try to answer your letters without delays. Ok?
To me it would be very pleasant, if you send to me as it is possible is more often the photos. I would like to have as much as possible your photos on the computer. Also I wish to thank you for it in advance.
At leisure I cannot sit at home, I always try is in movement, for me not habitually simply to sit houses and to do nothing. I am brought up by the parents, that I constantly had to help them on an economy and thanking it I became now such active and hardworking. Earlier I liked to go on parties and discos, but times vary and now I do not wish to go to noisy dangerous places, the today's world became rough and ruthless and I prefer to remain at home nights.
I also hope, that you are adjusted seriously and are not going to play with feelings and that you do not concern the list of men which name lady's men who play with feelings of women and walk every day with different women. I wished to get acquainted for a long time with the man who understood me and would concern me with understanding and respect. In our city I did not meet such person. In my country it is a lot of men malicious also do not appreciate feeling of women, and to find the good man very difficult. I think, that you are not among Russian men.
You already looked at my profile, and you Jose know about my intentions, that I search for the serious man with whom I can create a family. Now many women have a direction to growth of career of pleasure and well-being as initial level of their life and often they forget value of the initial letter of their role in this life, in my opinion the woman always should be the woman. Understand me correctly, I am final romantic, but I understand, that I live in the real world.
Hope we will find with you mutual understanding.
Try to set to me as much as possible questions, I will try to answer them.
I hope to receive the answer from you as it is possible soon.
Your friend Ekaterina

Letter 4

Hi Jose,
Many thanks for your answer. I am very glad, when I receive your letters. What at you today mood? How your health?
We are familiar some days and you for me as if the unknown book which I thumb through more and more I know every day I learn about you more and more and with everyone I am amazed as such good man yet have not found to myself the wife.
Today I wish to acquaint you with my family virtually. My family small: my mum, my father, and my big brother. My parents have lived all life in settlement Krasnogorski and now they are on pension, on the deserved rest. My big brother now to be in army and serves under the contract. My mum is the most good person on light for me. My parents very strict, but they always support me a difficult minute and advise to me, that it is necessary to do, when to me it is bad. And now I consider as the debt to care of them just as they cared of me earlier. Also I wish to tell, that my big brother very good and I always was proud of the brother because when I was small he always cared of me and did not give me to anybody in insult. Here such at me a small and amicable family. I also would like to learn more about your parents. You will acquaint me virtually with the parents? Also if at you brothers or sisters?
Also I wish to tell, that I work as the seller in perfumery department of shopping centre. Collective at us amicable and we always find common language and consequently to work in such collective the pleasure gives to me.
I also would like to tell the short schedule of my working day. In the morning I wake up, wash, I will a little have breakfast and then I go for work. I work till the evening. In the evening after work, I come at first to the parents, and then I go to myself home. At home I have usually a little a rest, I watch TV and I listen to radio. I also would like to learn as you you spend the working day? Ok?
I also wish to tell again, that I am really glad to our acquaintance.
Undoubtedly for me honour to be your today's friend, and probably we will receive something especial between us if we have a correct way and our dialogue it will be good to develop, if we pay it worthy attention.
On it I wish to finish the letter. Embraces and kisses! I wish you good mood. :)
Bye bye!
I have absolutely forgotten, that my parents transferred to you "Hello".
Your friend Ekaterina

Letter 5

I wish to learn why you have not answered me my questions? Or you did not read my letter? I wish to tell to you, that I DO NOT LOVE WHEN PLAY WITH me, With my FEELINGS, I WISH to HAVE SERIOUS RELATIONS and if you do not answer my questions our dialogue is senseless. You understand that I speak to you? If after that letter you do not answer again my questions our dialogue to end.

Letter 6

Hello dear Jose.
It will be possible to name I you so? I did not speak for a long time already such words to anybody. I began to be convinced more and more, that I have already attachment to you and already I look forward your letters.
Today I had a day off. And I have decided to spend it with advantage.
Ah yes, I talked yesterday to my parents and now I will inform you, Jose, their reaction to our acquaintance. They were very glad, when I it have told that have got acquainted with you. That they represented about you more, I unpacked yesterday all your letters and have shown to them. They at me do not know English language, therefore I had to them to translate. At first they have treated with distrust you because they it is perfect you do not know. After I have told about you it more in detail, they have supported me and asked to transfer to you from them "Hello".
I have a remarkable acquaintance and my employee on work Natalya. To it of 28 years and we with it are on friendly terms from school, we together shared the same desk. It the most reliable familiar girl, with it I can share the most secret thoughts. Only to it I I can tell about all complexities of the life. It very fair person and always will help me with a difficult situation. I too am always ready to help it, it would seem to me without friends a life difficult and very difficult. And you have such friends on whom always it is possible to rely and which will not deny assistance to you a difficult minute?
Write to me very interestingly.
As I want that you have sent me the new photo. Ok?
It seems to me, that with each letter between us there is something more than friendship. We start to trust more each other, we become more frank, you agree with me? I think, that our souls approach. But while I one also search the partner in life. I wish to continue with you relations, and I believe, that all can be very good. I wish you good mood.
I will wait about impatience your letter, and to miss on you.
Yours Ekaterina

Letter 7

Hello Jose.
How your mood?
Today at us cloudy weather, it will be possible then a rain.
Today I had a difficult night, the bad dream has dreamt me, I do not know why but at me any presentiment, that day will be heavy. I hope that it is not connected with you. I very much value our dialogue and very much I hope, that you will not deceive me. We should trust each other because without trust it is impossible to live. Also it is a basis of feelings. You agree with me?
I thank you for that so serious and kind person. Every day I in hope to receive from you the new letter and I any more do not feel such lonely. By the way, I always think, what you do when receive my letters? You at first look at a photo or read my letter?
I send again you the photos and I hope, that it is pleasant to you to receive my new photos. Today I wished to put the photos to the letter from a camera, but I during long time could not find USB - a cable, therefore I had to send a photo which is available for me on the computer.
In a life often happens, that the destiny does not regret people that they were somewhere nearby, it is possible us unites, and it gives us new emotions which we did not test till now. "No distance of a place or a time interval can reduce friendship of two people". I think, that this phrase takes place between us!? You agree with me?
Sometimes the Internet is better than the validity because people can receive knowledge about each other creates trust and honesty and as result, to prepare an initial step for long-term relations. Always probably to stop to send messages if thoughts do not coincide. But I think, that at all of us it to turn out. You agree with me? Also if our acquaintance occurred in a reality, somewhere in the street I probably would not dare to approach to you because in a reality I modest, but thanks to the Internet I become more open and consequently I have cleaned modesty and have typed forces to write you the first letter.
And all I wish to tell, that it is pleasant to me to get acquainted with such fine man who understands me also which loves me. I wish to tell, that on the life experience and I yet did not meet such men. To me it is pleasant, that we friends and that our dialogue develops all more strongly every day.
To me is not suffered to receive any more your new letter, and I will look forward it.

Letter 8

Hello my friend Jose.
How are you? How your mood? I hope at you all as remarkably as at me.
I am very glad to receive from you the new letter. I do not know why, but every day I would like to receive from you the letter. I would like to learn that you have written to me in the new letter as you have answered my questions. If you have questions to me I will answer you with pleasure them. You do not hesitate to set to me them. Ok?
During our dialogue my friends say to me, that I became absolutely another, that I became more thoughtful and happy, is possible they are right. What do you feel to me?
We are far apart, But we find mutual understanding between the friend the friend. Though I already thought, that dialogue through the Internet, it is completely not similar to real dialogue. And it prevents to understand each other more strongly!!! What do you think of it Jose? I think of more and more seeing you not only on a photo.
You to like me and I think, that our relations can be deeper. I do not know how to explain it words. I simply feel it. Your letters do my mood high. To me it becomes joyful on a soul. I wish to ask you to write me your address, probably, I will write you the letter. You too can write me the letter on my home address: Russia, republic Mari El, Krasnogorski, street Stroitelei, the house 16, apartment 12. The postal index 425091.
I do not know why, but me pulls to you, after all we are familiar not enough time. You can probably answer on my question and to explain me it?
I think it is time to finish the letter. I wish you good mood.
I wait for your answer my friend Jose.
Yours Ekaterina

Letter 9

Hello my dear Jose!
I very much was delighted to your answer.
How are you? What mood at you Jose? I'm fine, and at you my dear? I think, that became more frank and we start to trust each other and I think, that you do not play my feelings. Because the trust is the base in building of relations!!! And you Jose as think? After all friends should trust each other and support a difficult minute, tell to me about all your affairs and difficulties. Friends always help with Russia to the friend if to it it is heavy. But the world not bar none also exist as also bad people who use you. I simply hate such people, because because of them on light occurs angrily. I think, that at you in the country the same. But my heart prompts, that you kind and good and consequently I completely trust you, and I think, that you are fair with me.
I wish to answer your questions. I am valid for a photo. Also you speak about a meeting. But I wish to tell to you, that you have early started to speak about a meeting and that is necessary for us more time. You agree with me?
I consider, that we have found with you common language. I can Jose discuss with you the most various themes. I can talk to you about various themes. I receive huge pleasure from dialogue with friends and interesting people. Communicating with the interesting person you can a lot of useful learn.
My days pass boringly and monotonously, I like to create a house cosiness, house well-being because what mood much depends on it so in the house and as are located to you in the house in a family.
I very much like to look after colours. I houses grow up some flowers and I look after them. My favourite flowers it is dark blue tulips. It is very difficult to look after them, therefore behind them special careful leaving is gentle. You have plants or flowers which you look after?
I try to think of you as much as possible. I think, that you think of me too. Because I think between people the most important trust and mutual understanding. My dear I will try to write to you every day, but I ask that you too wrote to me every day because it is very interesting to me to communicate with you, Jose, Dialogue is an advance in our relations with you Jose!!!
I will wait for your letter. Poste restante.
Do not forget about me, Ekaterina
P.S. Photos send to me please still. Ok?

Letter 10

Hello my sweet Jose
How are you? How your mood?
My dear I simply do not find to myself a place without you because you for me became an overall objective in this life. You my star which shine in the sky and to which I go, and I know, that very soon I will with you. I do not have not enough person with whom I can connect all life. With that person with whom we will be together. And I know, who is this person. It you Jose!
My dear today the dream in which I saw you has dreamt me. At first I have appeared at the airport, I stood passed customs and suddenly have ahead seen you. You have approached to me and have strong embraced me, and then we have kissed. Then we have gone by the car to you home, we were met by your native. Behind a cup of tea you have acquainted me with native, we talked and joked. There has already come evening and all have gone home, and we have gone to observe a sunset on a beach.
At midnight we have come back home to you and after long embraces and kisses have gone to your bedroom to be engaged... I will not speak than, I think, that you will guess.
Soon I have woken up, I am final was disappointed a little, when I have understood, that it was only a dream. It was so is similar to a reality, I as if felt you... It was so perfectly. My heart fights more strongly with happiness at thought on it. My dear I very much would hope that it was a prophetic dream and that all that has dreamt me will come true. My dear Jose you liked my dream? I wish to learn your opinion, what you think of it?
With each your letter it seems to me, that we all become closer. With each your new letter I learn about you more and more, our distance becomes for us not a barrier. I want that you told to me about the feelings more and more. Wrote about that as you spend the day, than you were engaged, more more in detail. I start to think of you, my thoughts only about you more and more. You have given me a new push and aim in my life.
I very much would like to see this dream again or to see continuation of this dream. I hope, that I will dream about you again today, for the sake of it I am ready to sleep all the day long but that it was executed.
Yours Ekaterina

Letter 11

Hello Jose,
How you feel yourself? What news at you for me?
I wished to dream about you again at this night, but unfortunately it has not occurred. I very much would like, that all it has appeared a reality in the near future, that you have not casually dreamt me.
Many thanks to you for your care and kindness which you show to me which I feel when I read your letters. At last that I have found the man with whom I am assured of the feelings. You do not represent as I waited for your letter. Every day I feel as you is necessary to me...
Sometimes I would like to embrace and kiss simply you, to touch your strong man's breast, but you are not present near to me, and I so would like it.
I also wish to answer your question. I have a house computer.
I think that have found such person whom I searched for a long time which is necessary to me which me will always understand, think of me.
And this person - you Jose!
You as if an angel who has gone down from heavens, but do not worry, I will tell to nobody your secret.
I miss you my dear Jose. And you on me miss?
I transfer "Hello" to you and all your native from me personally and from my parents!
I am grateful to destiny, that I have met you my FINE!
Accept and from me my most sincere wishes, my most sincere air kisses, and also my hot and ardent embraces.
I wish to tell to you, that I realise, that any man whom I met on the way, any could not give so much hope, how many have presented to me you for some short weeks. Only you could take a place in my heart. I never felt anything similar earlier, never was so is keen on the man, that all world has ceased to exist for me. I test inexpressible feeling which covers the person when its most treasured desire is carried out. There can be I dream little bit more, but I cannot give up to myself in it. At me in a shower any emptiness always reigned.
And then I have met you - and emptiness was replaced by set of the most different feelings and sensations. I feel to you Jose an inclination and very much I want that the friendship and trust between us has incorporated. You have woken in me feelings which as I considered for a long time have died... What do you feel to me?
Jose you as if fire. At first there was a spark but the flame has gradually inflamed in me, which all time inflames also it not probably to extinguish...
I wait your letter the darling.
I hope to receive from you new photos. Now you not near to me, but me so would be desirable to tell all these words, to transfer all feelings personally to you.
Yours forever Ekaterina

Letter 12

Hello my love Jose!
I am very glad to read your fine letter again! How you today? How your weather?
My dear at me is not present web cam, therefore I often send you the photos.
Today I did not work, I have decided to arrange to myself the off-schedule day off, small rest is necessary to me. I have written yesterday the statement, that to me to a distance the day off for today.
I helped the parents on the house, after all they already old, and my help is required to them. I very strongly love them, and to them in all I will help, after all they my parents. I talked to my parents, I told about you, about our relations, I showed your photos. I have told it, that you very good man whom I have very strongly grown fond. They are very happy for us, they want, that we were happy also they hope, that we will love each other, and we will create a good family. In the future they hope to see grandsons. :)
I would be happy to meet you Jose, I wish to be with you, to touch your body, to feel tenderness of your lips and warmth of your breath.
I think, that your kisses would dement me. I wish to bring to you only pleasure and to caress you. Each part of my body will belong only to you to one. To me there is a strange feeling, I do not understand, Probably, it because I did not test for a long time already love. I ask the God that you did not reject me.
I am infinitely happy, I am infinitely grateful to you that you could present to me these fine minutes of pleasure, these infinite minutes of pleasure. You have opened my windows for caress of the sun and a wind, only we together could overcome distance, and it does not dominate now over our feelings because even through distance we can feel each other. And the flame of two hearts lights up the extinct world, and I can see a flame of your strong feelings, and you can see now, how my grateful heart and that will not stand in this divine light flares. I require your love.
As send me the new photo. I will put it in an album in which all your photos are stored.
With love Ekaterina



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