Scam letter(s) from Anna Saulenko to Sven (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello Sven!
Thanks for the letter! I did not think that you will answer me so quickly. My name is Anna. I badly understand the Swedish language. I know English language is better. This letter shows you, that I not live in the Sweden. It is a mistake. I live in Russia. I wrote, that I live in Russia, but it was said anyhow, that I'm from the Sweden, therefore not to be surprised. I live in Russia. The matter is that acquaintance on the Internet now is popular all over the world. I have noticed
your profile. Mikael, you live in the Sweden and this is a good place to live!
Sweden is the country of freedom. I've never been to the Sweden however, but I know about your country much. Each person has the right to a good life and you have enough freedom to have a worthy life. Everyone has equal opportunities. In the Sweden I think more opportunities for a good life. There where I now live is not the best place to live and create a family. But even in such country I can do a good living. I like to work, I have family values and I want to have the best life with a good man, the man who I shall love and who will love me as well. I think that women here are good enough to be the wife of the Swedishman.
I am the woman who appreciates love, fidelity, honesty. I am not spoiled by easy and carefree life.
I saw your profile on the Internet and you have drawn my attention. We can know each other better. I also want to draw your attention by my
letter and that's why today I won't write much to you. I only willl tell now, that I'm of 28 years. My height is 168 centimeters (5 ’ 6 "). My weight is 55 kg (123 pounds).
I hope, that you understand, that I want to create a family, I want to live in the Sweden and to have the best life. I achieved in life much, I have got used to go up to the end in achieving the purpose. I have verything in this life except for family and true love. I am searching for love now. I am not a poor woman. I belong to the middle class in Russia. I have a good work and I have enough money for living here.
I hope, you can see my pictures. With hope, Anna.
Letter 2
Sven, franckly speaking I knew that you will write me! I felt it! It really brings me pleasure, that I have received the answer for my letter!
I want to tell at once, that I also have written to two more other men. However they have not written back yet. Probably later they will write me. I hope, that you are not against I wrote not only to you. I can't speak about it. You wrote me first and that's why I will concern your letter especially closely!
Also I entered into the last Friday on a site. That from me would demand money what to continue to use the site. I have not wanted and have cancelled mine profile.
My first letter to you was short. I do not know if I can write you much. I do not know what tell you. Our dialogue on mutual questions and answers will be probable. Besides I want you to tell me about your life!
Sven, I want to know if you understand my purposes of our acquaintance? I want to explain you the purposes of my acquaintance. I'm now 28 years it's a good age to create a family. I have not been married before. And I do not have children. I am searching for my soulmate. I want to marry
to an man from Sweden. I want to live in Sweden and I want to have a happy family. In the Sweden I can give more to my family and children. For this reason I want to live and work in the Sweden. Sweden is a beautiful country.
I want to believe that your purposes are the same and you also want to be married to a human being. I hope, that you also search for love and happiness. I shall hope, that both of us want to live a worthy life in love and happiness. It was about my purposes and I probably should speak now about me. I shall write only the truth about me.
I do not think, that there is any sense to tell a lie. Are you agree with me? Both of us search for love. I want, that my love was strong, pure, true and up to the end of my life!
The Internet featureless and I shall hope only for your honesty and I shall trust you. I in general have got used to trust people. I do not trust the Internet however, but I heard many happy histories about other people. Those people spoke, that they found each other in distance of several thousand miles and fell in love. Now they are happy and live together. My work allows me to use a computer and I found time to read about it.
I want to tell you so many things! Please excuse me if I won't be able to tell you much today. We will have still time to speak! Before us still it is a lot of time to learn each other! Today I had a lot of work. We will soon have meeting and I should prepare the report.
By the way! I told you nothing about my work. I work in a company "Permneftegazopererabotka". Our company is engaged in sale of gas to consumers. I work as the head of a department on sale of production. I am on this post for 1,5 years! My work gives me good money. I have worthy living. I work, I got tired at work. I receive fair money for the work. Sven, tell me about your work. Are you pleased with your work? It is important to like the work.
I live in the city of Perm. My city is on distance of 1300 km to the east from Moscow. My city is located on the river Kama. The population Perm about one million people.
Today I want to send you picture. Later I will send you more pictures. I have also a computer at home and there are more pictures. My home computer is not connected to the Internet and that's why I can send you my pictures only from work. I will take measures to send you more of my pictures. OK? And I want to see your pictures also!
Well, I will wait for your next letter. You probably already have many
questions for me? Write soon! Have a nice Day! Anna.
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