Letter(s) from Anastasia Zhurov to Klak (Belgium)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Farid,
How are you?
I am very glad, that I can see your fine letter again. To me It is pleasant, that I can learn your thoughts. I already feel necessity in Your letters. Mine dear Farid, from the moment of our acquaintance mine The life has changed. All thanks to you. Because each your letter Delivers me a lot of pleasure. After all each our message gives to us To learn it is more about each other. And me it is very pleasant. I think you
You feel too most.
I did not write to you because I did not have an Internet. I am very glad,
That now I can see your letter. It has lifted my mood. All
This time I thought of you. Thought of, how you there... Now from mine
Hearts as if the stone has fallen. And I have not much calmed down, that from you is
The letter.
I do not know how to use these sites which you have sent me.
My name Lubov. I spoke it to you earlier. Why you ask?
Dear Farid, you after all know already many about me. But I think you
You wish to know more. You after all wish to present a full picture of mine
Lives. Probably it is interesting to you, as there passes my day.
Usually I wake up in 7 o'clock in the morning. As you know now warmly and on
To mornings I jogging to be vigorous. It still supports mine
The form. Then I take a shower, I make toilet and I go for work in
Kindergarten. By the way at me educational group of 15 children. Children
Now it is not enough, because very few people wishes to live in village.
Many leave
From village in a city. In group for which I look age from 5 to 6
At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, at us a dinner. This time of silent hour for children. With 5 to 7
O'clock in the evening parents come and take away fine children. I
I come home from work to 6-7 o'clock in the evening. I very much like mine
Work. There is such expression: children it is life flowers. I love children and
It completely agree with this expression. And itself very much I wish to have children.
I hope, that I can be mother. I dream of having
The child. The boy and the girl. It is valid happiness for me. I
I understand all gravity and responsibility. Once I even wished to take
The child from a children's shelter. I am ready to accept not the child. But me
Have not allowed to make it. Have told, that it is necessary to have a full family,
Is at the child there should be a daddy, mum. And I the lonely girl. And at
Me it has turned out nothing. Then to me it was sad... But I believed, that
I will meet the destiny.
As I wish to tell, that on days off I do a cosiness of the house and I am engaged
Washing. Sometimes to me comes on a visit Yuliya. And we together sit
We communicate we drink tea. As sometimes we look Tv. You remember Yuliya. I to you
Spoke about it. It the good friend. She knows about you. I to it told.
She from the beginning did not believe, that I could find such good man
Through the Internet. But now it is very glad for me. It transferred to you
Greetings. I will send it from you mutual regards.
Mine dear Farid, now you know more about my daily occurrence.
But me every day... It would be desirable to communicate with you more and more.
My Farid, me it was very lonely earlier. I all nature
Felt, that I lonely. But my familiar girl has helped me...
Now I have you. Now I do not feel lonely. By the way it
Has answered mine email. You remember in the last letter I spoke to you,
That wrote to it. And she has answered me. It was very interesting to me to learn,
That she thinks of ours with you relations. It is very glad, that I
Has got acquainted with the decent person. But she has advised not
To hurry up. And to listen to my heart. My heart will prompt, as to me
To arrive further. I with it agree. She has written the main thing that I was
It is happy. She also has shared with me one news. It
Has written, that it is now pregnant. I am very glad for it. After all her life
Now develops so perfectly. It with the favourite person. It
Will have the child... And as she has told its favourite is glad to it. I
It is sincerely happy for it. I wish its of good luck.
I know, that I too will be happy. For me never played a role
Condition of the person. I said to you, that for me the main thing that is at
The person in soul. I want, that my choice has fallen to the simple person.
Which could understand me and to which I could trust. I know, that
Money in this world means. And the man is necessary not that it
Provided me. Its main thing warmly, care, respect for me. Money -
It only means for residing. After all the main thing in relations it
Mutual understanding. If it is all is, in a family the happiness will reign.
How you think? I think, you agree with my thoughts.
The family for me is a husband, the wife, children. Which love and respect the friend
The friend. Which will be always ready to help. Which know, that the such
Difficulty also are ready to overcome any difficulty by common efforts. You
You understand me? You know, what such difficulty? You always
You overcome difficulties? Probably I too seriously approach to it.
But I so think. What representation at you about a family?
I think time will show on how many we seriously we approach each other.
You understand, that we are divided by distance. And only at aspiration
We will be to be lucky enough together. I am assured, that you that
The person who will make me happy. And I could make
Happy you. It only the beginning of our relations. And me it is now important
The nobility... On how many you are serious in the intentions? Probably we
Let's pass to new level of dialogue. But it is necessary to know, ours relations
To each other. I to you have told my relation.
I have written you that is at me in heart. My thoughts that us
Waits in the future. I hope, that you will answer me very soon. And I can
To learn your opinion.
Your gentle Lubov
Kiss for you in your lips. =)

Letter 2

Hello my darling Farid,
How are you?
I am very glad, that I can read your letter now. It lets to me know,
That there is a person which values our dialogue. Also aspires to me.
Aspires to learn me more. You the letter give me a part of yours
Great soul. It is great and deep. But I hope, that to its smog
To cross. And to learn your heart. All it will be only if you to me
You will allow. Now I think, that you not against it.
You probably did not read my letter! Because I have written to you! That I not
I know how to be used sites which you to me has sent!
My favourite spirits it Letual.
I work 5 days in a week. Sometimes I work and during week-end.
What is the time in day I work... I too spoke it to you.
My village from Moscow is on distance about 750 kilometres.
To me said, that at me the allocated line the Internet.
I do not have driving licence. I to go I am not able.
My dear Farid, I cannot call to you. I do not have phone. Mine
Phone is broken. I also hope, once to hear your voice. I want
To talk to you. But now it is not possible. I asked phone at
The acquaintances. But they do not give phone. At many my familiar girls
There are husbands. And it will be not decently... If I call from them
How there is your day? I'm fine. Today children in a kindergarten
Me have pleased. Today we with children to draw. And one child
To draw me. To me it was very pleasant. But most of all pleases me that,
That in my life there is you.
My darling Farid, me happens sadly. Simply children on work not
Obey or very much I get tired for a day. From it it becomes very heavy in
soul. But now I have you. And when to me it is sad. I think of you.
You remember in the last letter I wrote, that I will talk to the aunt about
To you. I have told to the aunt that I have got acquainted with you through
The Internet. That you very good person. She has looked at me.
"Has fallen in love, what?" - also has laughed. To me very much it be not become dexterous in that
The moment I have reddened. Then she has added: "it is fine, Lubov. Your life...
Listen to the heart. "I began to answer nothing to it. But I am glad, that
The aunt supports us with you.
Darling Farid as it is pleasant to realise, that the loneliness has left mine
Heart. The empty place in my heart was filled with you. You are far from me. And
Us divides millions kilometres. But it not a barrier to us. I
I feel you. I feel yours soul. It such warm. And I to feeling, as
You share heat. You give it to me. And I with kindliness accept
It. And never I will let out from the heart. My heart never
Will cool down. The most terrible for me it if you cease once
To me to write. This most terrible. Also I hope it never will occur.
After all you have now similar feelings to me. You after all will not cease
To me to write?
As it would be desirable to look in your eyes in a reality. But you are far... And
I need to look at your photo. I specially went in a city
Cheboksary also unpacked your photo. Now I carry your photo with myself.
One your photo at me in a jacket in an internal pocket. Still is
Photo on a table at my bed. Now even when I will wake up I can
To see you.
My darling Farid, I am very glad, that on my course of life
You have met. For you I soul is opened. And feelings which are at
Me to you. These are very strong and great feelings. You are worthy me. You
That man which is worthy to be with me. Because from you I can
To receive all love and care. I can trust you. You happened in circus?
And there there are acrobats. If to me have now suggested to rise over
Dome of circus and to keep only for your hand... I would not be frightened,
Because I know, that you will not release me. Because you value
My gentle Farid, we with you communicate not so much. But for me it
The finest, that was in my life. And you for me very much dear
The person. I constantly think of you. And I think, that you that
The person with which I would like to construct relations. I am ready to be with
You and to build with you relations.
Darling Farid, your feelings to me as very strong. Probably you
You think, why this girl so to you concerns? But you could
To open for me your heart. And I could understand what you the person. You
Very opened. Probably our lives differ from each other. But that,
That is between us fastens us. Also allows to us force to go further
Together. We with you are divided physically. But mine soul always with you. And
I feel yours soul. It at me in a breast. I feel, that you here with
Me. I even have dreams with you. Where we together. You dreamt me a little
Time. I did not speak to you. Because was afraid, that you will not understand me.
I was afraid of misunderstanding. But now I know, that these dreams this that fine,
That waits for us in the future. To me dreamt, as we with you walk on
To avenue, we hold each other for hands. And me it was very pleasant. It was
The very first dream. It was when you have sent for the first time me a photo. I
Has seen you... And at night you have dreamt me. Last night you have again come
To me in a dream. As if... I sat in front of the TV. And here from a room
There is you and attract me to go to sleep. And I have simply risen and have gone. All
It was as in a reality. To me it is very pleasant, that I have you. All,
That I write you it not simply words. It that is at me in
Heart for you. But I know, that you it can feel all. And
To you it will be really pleasant that we with you of a steel so
Are close.
My gentle Farid, is possible we not so we communicate much. But I think,
That we should not stop that now is between us.
We should not stop only on acquaintance through the Internet. After all
We wished to have serious relations. Also I hope, that you as
You will support my idea to go further. You wish to move further to ours
Relations? I ask tell. After all it is our lives. And we should build ours
The future. Not separately, and already together. One I it cannot solve all.
We need to make this decision together. On it I wish to know yours
Opinion. Only it is necessary to approach to all to it with all gravity. You
You understand? It is necessary to think well.
I have written you the letter on those feelings which at me are. Also I want
To have more than the Internet acquaintance to you.
I hope, that your answer will come very soon.
Your gentle Lubov

Letter 3

Hello my darling Farid,
How are you?
How mood? At me good mood because you have written to me
The letter. Kisses for you in Lips!
I am very strongly glad, that from you the message has come. Because yours
The letter pleases my heart. I feel those pleasant feelings which are
At you in heart for me.
You are very far from me. But you could subdue me. You could win
All my love and respect for you. You are worthy those fine feelings,
Which are at me.
My darling Farid, I will send regards Yuliya and your aunt. They will be
glad I listen.
My favourite Farid, I very much wish to be with you. You would like
To meet me in a reality?
My darling Farid, I wish to tell, something very important! I love you
Farid! And I am ready to give for you the life. It is ready to share all,
That is at me in heart. Only you are worthy my love. I was afraid
To you to admit the feelings earlier. Because I was afraid, that you
You will not understand me. Was afraid, that you will laugh over me. But I love
You. I really feel to you. Now I cannot
To hold it in itself. Now I wish to tell all it to you. I do not know, how
You will concern to that I now write to you... For me it
Really important. Here now I want, that you have given me the most fair
The answer. You love me? I very much hope, that our feelings are mutual. And you
You will be in earnest about my feelings. If you is frivolous,
You will destroy all our feelings. Darling Farid, you understand? I have entrusted
To you the heart, but you should protect my love to you. I know, that
You are worthy me. On it I trust you all myself.
I am assured, that all life I searched for you. I listen to the
Heart. And I precisely understand, that it speaks to me. Also I wish to transfer all
My feelings to you. I live you. I have presented the life to you. At you
Now their two - your and my. To me it is very sad, because you are far from
Me and between us distance. During such moments I sit down the computer and
I start to read Your letters. And what to you speaks your heart? You
Listened to it?
My darling Farid, our relations are valid now. And we should not
To stop on it. If we have mutual feelings. That we should
To move further. We should go on a meeting each other. After all only
So we can get happiness. You agree? Also it is necessary to do
Following steps to relations. You wish to move further? You want
To have something more serious with me?
My gentle Farid, I look at your photo. Also I dream of, that
To meet you in a reality. Our meeting it would be the happiest
The moment in my life. What do you think of it?
For me you the best man. For me there is nobody better
You! To me it is not important, that others think of you. I am assured, that you
The best man in this World and I love you.
I would like to be with you. To live with you all life. To be a number
Always. Every day, every minute, and not to depart from you. To feel
Always warm your heart. Not through email. It would be ridiculous. And
Something more serious. Favourite my Farid, thoughts on you not
Leave me. I wish to feel your love. I wish to feel taste
Your kiss on my lips, I wish to embrace you and to hear, how
Your heart fights. I want, that you heard, how my heart fades
At your kiss. It so is fine. And you all it want? You
You dream of it? I think you have similar fine dreams.
My darling Farid, you everything of what I think. When I wake up in the morning,
I go to wash, when I on work or watch TV. When
I talk to the acquaintances. I think of you all 24 hours a day.
I cannot cease to think of you. You on always in mine soul.
Favourite Farid, I wish, that You have written me everything, that you think about
Our feelings and our relations. It is very important. I am assured, that you
The man to whom I can devote the life.
My darling Farid as it is a pity, that we were not born in one city. Not
We live nearby. Then it would be not necessary to write these letters. I am simple
Has come to you and has told that is at me in heart for you. But I
I write you this letter that you have understood what at me to you feelings.
Has felt at least not much my love to you. I never thought, that I
I can to grow fond and so here. But it happens also I is very glad, that I
Has grown fond of you. After all you are worthy me.
I very much wish to devote to you every instant to the life.
Darling Farid, I really very strongly Love you. Now I
I will send you the letter and I will wait Your answer. I ask you! The
Farid, write me everything, that you think of my feelings to you.
It really is very important.
I hope, that you will write me the answer in the near future.
Yours Lubov. KISSSS for you in your gentle lips.
PS: I wait Your answer. Know and remember, that I very strongly love you Farid.

Letter 4

Hello my favourite Alfredo,
How are you? I hope, that at you all is good.
My favourite Alfredo, I am very glad, that now I can read yours
The fine letter. I am glad, that it is filled such by the fine
Feelings to me. I would like to fly. I would like to soar up simply in
The sky. To sink in caress of your gentle embraces and kisses. I would like
To feel all it. Only you are capable to give me all it.
My darling Alfredo, I love you. Also I wish to meet you. The visa -
It is the document for a trip? I will write to my acquaintance on the Internet. I will ask
, As it could go abroad. She should know it after all has left.
Favourite Alfredo, you wish to arrive the first to me. Allow I the first
I will arrive to you. Concede to me... Be the man. I wish to arrive there where
You. There where do you live. Well? It is Belgium? Or other country?
My gentle Alfredo, thanks that you wish to care of a trip.
To me will give inione in a kindergarten for the summer.
At me is not present a microphone. I am not able to use it.
Darling Alfredo, I am not able to use JustVoip or Paltalk. You after all
You know, that very badly I use the Internet and the computer.
My favourite Alfredo, I wrote to you when I wash birthday. You
Has forgotten? My birthday on August, 5th.
My address: Russia, village Krasniy Yar, street Krasnay, the house 13.
My name is Lubov, my surname Usacheva.
My darling Alfredo, the last letter I have opened to you the feelings.
I wanted, that you knew. Knew, that at me is in heart for you.
Probably we communicated very little. Also there can be you have thought... That I
I hasten. But I precisely know, that I love you. I do not doubt that I
I will be happy with you. Because during our dialogue. I have understood
What you the person. Favourite Alfredo, I hope, that you have understood all, that
Is at me in heart.
My prince Alfredo, I name you so. Because you, my prince. And I
Your princess. I seriously concern our feelings and our dialogue.
But actually I wish to feel more. I wish to feel
Your love in a reality. After all letters it is pleasant, but it very much
It is not enough for loving heart. You understand? Now when I have opened to you.
I would like to feel your love in a reality.
It would be desirable, that you spent a hand on my hair, gently held mine
Hand. We well would spend time with you together... And you embraced
Me. I very much would want all it in a reality. But so it is a pity... That we not
Together. We, at present, cannot feel all it.
My darling Alfredo, is such fine feelings when you love.
When you feel, that there is a person which to you dear. Which one
The letter fills yours soul with tenderness and love. And this person
You. You to me very much dear. As I spoke. I very much am afraid to lose contact
With you. Thoughts on it even knees force to give away.
My gentle prince Alfredo, time moves... Time is not necessary on
Place. But there is no hour for a day that I did not think of you.
This afternoon after work I did a house cosiness. I have started to wipe a dust with
The TV. I have looked at hours. I have reflected that we communicate
Sufficient time to do any conclusions. I love you. But force
Our feelings we can feel only at our meeting. Through letters
It is impossible to transfer all sensations. To me thoughts on that come to a head,
That we with you together. That you with me. I have presented, as I at
You houses I do a cosiness. Though I also do not know your house. But I would like for
Us with you to do a house cosiness. But the most important thing what to do a cosiness
Any more for itself. And for us. There will be no two separate people, you and
Me. We already will be the loving each other pair. You understand? You not
Frighten my thoughts?
You are very far from me. And I wish to feel your kisses on mine
Lips. I know, that you too very much wish to feel, as I you
Kisses. Also believe I will do it very gently. With all love! And
It is ready to be given to you entirely. You as if my guiding
Star. Behind which I am ready to go. And to go looking on what. Therefore
That with you I will be happy. With you I will be the happiest woman
On a planet. I know it precisely.
Favourite Alfredo, I very strongly love you. And your image constantly
At me in a head. I represent you. And at me on the face appears
I wish to tell to you, that I in heart have fine feelings to
To you. I have written a verse for you about my feelings. I want, that you it
Has read. Also has told the opinion.
I will not betray and I will not offend.
I will wait, and I will wait.
Me at times I hate.
In you as in a mirror I am looked.
In dreams with you it is constant.
I know, there will be we together.
I will wait that minute desired,
And together for hands we will go.
I wish to live long, precisely knowing,
That one you I love.
Now with grief I understand:
You as light, in a window I wait.
My prince Alfredo, you can be it will to you not clearly and silly. At
Transfer the rhyme is lost. There are many word-combinations which it is impossible with
Accuracy to translate into other language. But I wrote for you. After all you for
Me such native. You favourite and unique.
Darling Alfredo, I will finish this letter. I hope everything, that I write
In this letter will cause in you only pleasant feelings.
I wish you all the most good. Write to me on faster. I wait for yours
The sweet letter.
Your gentle girl Lubov

Letter 5

Hello My darling Alfredo,
How your mood? How Your day? I hope, that all is very good.
Today there was a bad weather, the wind blew. In the street there was not enough sun. Plus
Strongly tired on work. In general put was not so.
I am very glad, that you like my verses.
My darling Alfredo, washing the familiar girl has written to me. She has told, that
To learn about a trip. It is necessary to go to the tourist
Agency. She has left abroad through travel agency. It
Has told, that so will be faster and is easier. I am going to go there tomorrow.
You have correctly written my date of birth.
My address: Russia, republic Mari El, Zvenigovsky area, village
Krasniy Yar, street Krasnay, the house 13. A post code: 425112
Darling Alfredo, it as that is strange that my passport is necessary to you.
I learn about a trip....
You that do not read my letters.... I spoke to you... My favourite
Spirits Letual.
The size of my footwear 37
The size of a dress 42-43
My favourite Alfredo, thanks for phone. But it is not necessary. We will meet.
And it will not be necessary for us phone and sim-sarta.
My darling Alfredo, I will transfer you thanks. But it is not necessary to send
Anything through mail. Because I do not trust mail.
Thanks for your letter, favourite Alfredo! I am very glad, that I can
To read your letter. It has lifted my mood. So it is pleasant to feel
Your love and care. Your letters give me forces by a life. From time to time
Simply I re-read Your letters. I read words of love and I represent, as
You speak it to me in a reality. My darling Alfredo, I wish to hear
All these words in a reality. I am glad, that we will meet you also you
You will speak me these words. So it is pleasant to think of it.
To represent, as you will whisper me these words about all passion.
Our meeting is a new stage of relations.
As soon as has come home at once has laid down in a bed. Now I a little
Has had a rest and write to you the letter. I will write you the letter and
again I will lay down
To sleep. My gentle prince Alfredo, I am glad, that we love each other. We
We aspire to each other. So we will be happy. Our meeting
Will make us with you happy. I am glad, that we with you will be in most
The near future together. We can feel love each other. We
We can enjoy each moment of our life together.
My darling Alfredo, I wish to be only with You! After all only with you I
I will be happy! With you my heart will be is in a cradle most
Gentle hands. My heart is filled by pure and light love. To me not
It is necessary anything except possibility to be near to You, favourite
Alfredo. Also all will be fast it. We can soon feel all ours
Love. In a reality all will be much more pleasant.
My love Alfredo when we will meet I I can feel warmth
Your body, tenderness of your hands to smell, be in yours
Embraces to feel taste of your passionate kiss. Every day I
To smog to fall asleep and rise from a bed near to you and to feel
Happiness in you. We can relax in our hands and with
Gratitude to accept this gift of destiny. I have in view of ours
Meeting. I know, that together we will be happy. It you to me for a long time already
Has shown the feelings to me. Now it is necessary to meet only.
Our meeting "not far off". After all so?
I love you Alfredo! My prince Alfredo, ours with you the relation the friend
To the friend... Like fire and air. If there is no air there is no also fire. So
And we. If there is no you that there is no also I. And together we supplement each other. And
We do our lives full of love and happiness. I will be with you. And then in
Our lives all definitely will exchange. It was necessary to live earlier and
To think of the blessing. And now in our hands there will be our lives. I
It is completely ready to it. Also it is glad, that you also seriously concern to
To it. And our lives will unite in a single whole.
Ours with you the general aspiration to a meeting will help us to be together. All about
Than we dream will be in a reality. Favourite Alfredo, when we only
Have got acquainted... We even could not present, that at us with you
Will be so all well. After all now it is necessary to meet only. To be
Together. Our main enemy is distance. But we will win it. And it
Will incline a head before our feelings. =)
I very much wish to write more now. I do not wish to lay down late to sleep.
Because tomorrow early to rise for work.
I wish you all the best.
I hope, that You will write to me to the near future. And your sweet
Words will pass a gentle, velvet song on my heart.
With love Yours Lubov
PS: I send you a photo. I hope, that you too will send me the
New photos.

Letter 6

Ciao il mio caro Alfredo,
Come stai? Spero che tu stia bene. Grazie per la vostra lettera e la sua parole d'amore.
Sono molto lieto di leggere le tue parole d'amore. Lei e molto gentile e l'uomo pensieroso. Sono sicuro, perche ti amo. Quindi sono sicuro che le tue parole sono l'amore vero, io credo che tu e la fiducia, perche l'amore non puo esistere senza fiducia. So che sei d'accordo con me, perche sei un adulto e capire tutto. Sono stato veramente male, perche tu sei via. Solo vostre lettere fare il mio stato d'animo migliore.
Il mio preferito Alfredo, mangio verdura e frutta. e vitamine ottenere abbastanza.
il mio principe Alfredo, voglio parlare con te. ma non ho opzioni.
Comprendere questo! Non ho telefono. se si invia il telefono. egli puo perdere l'ufficio postale. , O di furto. Non voglio che questo accada.
Riesci a capire questo?
Mio caro Alfredo, curo abbigliamento molto seriamente. e sto molto meglio comprare i vestiti. Mi fido di te. ma sarebbe meglio se fossi venuto da te e ti diventano le cose di cui parli ... bene ... Ma come e possibile ora?
Favorite Alfredo, sono andato in citta e imparato a conoscere il viaggio per voi. La mia cattiva notizia. Purtroppo il costo del viaggio per molto. Non ho un sacco di soldi per pagare tutto il viaggio per voi. Favorite Alfredo, Pensavo di aver abbastanza soldi e mi arrivera il piu presto possibile, ma la realta e stata brutale. Ora vi diro tutto quello che ho imparato oggi in compagnia turistica.
Pieno di viaggio ti costa 1071 euro, l'esecuzione di tutti i documenti e di 7-10 giorni lavorativi. Caro Alfredo, Sono scioccato da questo importo. Si tratta di un sacco di soldi per me. Favorite Alfredo cosa fare? Il mio stipendio e di 145 euro al mese e nel mio paese e un buon stipendio per gli insegnanti nella scuola dell'infanzia. E quasi tutti i soldi spesi per il cibo, servizi pubblici. Sono ancora solo circa 50 euro per spese personali. e salvare in un mese per 50 euro. Se lo facciamo ci incontreremo solo dopo un anno e 10 mesi. Penso che questo sia troppo lungo. Non che non, non voglio aspettare cosi a lungo.
Favorite Alfredo, che cosa devo fare?
Ho spiegato nel dettaglio che cosa e incluso nel prezzo del viaggio.
costi di passaporto 120 euro. poi come ho gia detto sara bisogno di un visto, lei e di 55 euro. Cute Alfredo ancora pagare viaggi e agenzie di viaggi sono 190 euro. un sacco di soldi. e un altro, deve pagare-assicurazione. che per qualsiasi pregiudizio che potrebbe pagare l'assicurazione. e sempre adesso. cosi ho spiegato l'agenzia di viaggi. Le spese di assicurazione 100 euro. in modo che prendera contatto con il consolato del suo paese, e non devono pagare per la raccolta. che costa 40 euro. e la cosa che e costoso e il biglietto.
costa 566 euro. e tutto molto costoso.
Caro Alfredo, il mio amore per te ogni giorno di piu. ma quello che ho imparato oggi ... tagli semplicemente il coltello che tutto quello che ho per te. questi sono tutti atti a distruggere tutto cio che e tra noi.
Il mio amore Alfredo, ti prego perdonami per la domanda. Forse sembrera molto arrogante e stupido e sono stato molto a disagio a chiedere il vostro aiuto. Pero non so cosa fare. Favorite Alfredo, posso sperare per il vostro aiuto? sei l'uomo per il quale ho potuto mettere nella vostra vita?
Purtroppo, la mia Patria, la Russia paese povero. Ho pensato che avrei potuto venire da te senza il vostro aiuto. Ma la realta era molto crudele! Ho pensato che viaggio a voi piu conveniente.
Ora e tutto nelle tue mani e sulla vostra decisione dipende il nostro futuro comune.
Caro Alfredo, ora ti aspettero per la risposta. Mi auguro che si prendano la decisione giusta e ci incontreremo in realta!
Ti prego, mio caro Alfredo, mi scrivi tutta la verita. Che cosa realmente pensi del nostro incontro. Io ti voglio molto bene mi piace e voglio essere con voi. Capisci che ora abbiamo solo soddisfare.
Spero che tu mi scriva presto.
Ti amo Alfredo!
Il tuo e solo tuo preferito Lubov

Letter 7

Hello my favourite man Farid,
How are you?
At me all is normal, only I do not have not enough you. It would be desirable to be with
You. But I believe, that soon we with you will together. Also we will be
To feel all those fine feelings which at us with you is.
My prince Farid how there has passed your day? I hope, that all very much
Well. My day has passed normally. I was on work. Today I to children
Has included animated cartoons. The name "Tom and Jerry". I think you know these
Animated cartoons. It was pleasant to look at cheerful faces of children.
They much
Laughed. I am very glad, that could deliver to children such pleasure.
My gentle prince Farid, I am glad to come now from work and to see
Your letter, your thoughts, your feelings. It as if a drink of the fresh
Air. And I again would like to live. There was such pleasure in
Mine soul. Now I sit I write you the letter and I think of us with you. I want
Right now to appear in Your hands. To nestle on you, to hear, how
Your heart fights. And not to think. Here this happiness. I would be
It is happy, if all it was. I think, you want too most.
My darling Farid, I sometimes use the translator. But basically I
I write hands. I do not know all words. On it I use the translator. But in
That day I used the translator. Because it has been very upset.
Also could not write to you. Probably, something has confused. And on it you
Has received the letter in Italian.
I know English language. Also I can communicate on it. I do not know Italian
Language. Courses are not necessary to me.
My prince Farid, but what to us to do? I very much love you and I wish to be
With you. But I do not have means to arrive. I can count on you?
Favourite Farid, in as it would be fine to spend with you
Romantic evening. We with you sitting on a sofa, in the light of the TV...
Sat and looked a film. It would be possible to open a wine bottle. Wine
Has slightly drugged our heads. Having appeared with you in such conditions.
I do not know, that would be... But these thoughts very strongly Tickle my nerves.
To me even now hot became. Thoughts on you fill me strong
Heat. But I believe, that we with you can spend such evening. And not
One. And set of evenings together. We can feel love.
Which pierces through our bodies. Also leaves a fine trace in ours
Hearts. Favourite Farid, I wish to tell, that the happiness to be with you.
To be yours. I very much would like to have all it with you in a reality.
But when we will have all it?
My second half Farid, I love you. These three words
All life has concentrated. In these words the life flows a strong stream.
All thoughts which please and excite my heart - about you! Your love
It is opened only to me. It blows up all my subconsciousness on the small
Molecules. And during too time gives me inspiration to write to you these
Fine words. As if the life has woken up in me since that day, as ours
Feelings have been opened each other. Our love is stronger than any hurricanes.
It not to break. We as if two coast connected by the bridge. This bridge
Is called as love. Which will stand eternally. On it we will pass and
Let's connect our lives in a single whole.
I love you Farid. I Will constantly thank the God that it
Has presented to us love! After all this happiness to love you. To be favourite by you.
So it is pleasant to realise it. And to feel your love at me in heart.
But I know, that is fast our life will exchange even more. We will meet and
Then we on the present learn, that such happiness. After all so?
I wish to see sparks in your eyes from my touches. I want
To present you fine feeling of happiness. I will make you happy. You
You will for ever forget, that such grief, disappointment. Because in yours
Lives there will be I. I will not give you grief. And if you is upset I
I will lift your mood. And on your face again there will be a smile.
Distance which between us, hurts. And during too time, you
You give me the most improbable pleasure. To me it is really sick, therefore
That YOU are far from me. It does me sad. But me it is joyful, that
You love me. And we soon will together. Only thanks to your love,
Bent for of a life joins again on the maximum turns, leaving
Sad thoughts in the most distant corner of mine soul. You give me a life,
You give me air. I live for the sake of our future. I do not see another
Sense to live. And I know, that you precisely also love me. Also you wish to be
With me. I am right?
Probably I speak too romantically. Which I write all thoughts to you
This consequence of our love. You understand? Probably, something to you not
Clearly from everything, that I write. But the main thing, that you know.
You know, how
Strongly I love you. Also I wish to be with you.
Darling Farid, for a day I am very tired. And now I wish to lay down in
Bed. I wish you all the most good.
Yours Lubov
PS: I send you the photo. The new photos have gone to me please.

I have translated this letter.

Hello my darling Alfredo,
How are you? I hope, that at you all is good. Thanks for Yours
The letter and Your words of love.
It is very pleasant to me to read Your words of love. You very kind and
The careful man. I am assured of it, because I love you. And I
The truth is assured, that Your words of love, I trust you and I trust, therefore
That the love cannot be without trust. I know, that you agree with me,
Because you the adult person and all understand. Me it is valid
It is bad, because you are far. Only Your letters do mine
The mood is better.
Favourite mine Alfredo, I eat vegetables and fruit. Also I receive there is enough
Quantity of vitamins.
My prince Alfredo, I wish to speak with you. But I do not have possibility.
Understand it! I do not have phone. If you send phone. That it can
To lose on mail. Or it will steal. I do not want, that it happens. You can
It to understand?
My darling Alfredo, I am in earnest to clothes very much. And me on much better
Most to get clothes. I trust you. But it will be better if I
Has arrived to you and you have got those things about which you speak...
Well... But how it is possible now?
Favourite Alfredo, I went in a city and learnt about a trip to you. At me
Bad news. Much to our regret trip cost to you very much
The big. I do not have such big money to pay all trip to
To you. Favourite Alfredo, I thought, that I will have enough money and I
I will arrive to you to the near future, but the reality has appeared
The severe. Now I will explain you everything, that have learnt today in
To travel company. The full trip to You costs 1071 euro,
Registration of all documents makes 7-10 working days. The darling
Alfredo, I in a shock from such sum. These are very big money for
Me. Favourite Alfredo what to do? My wages make
145 euro in a month and in my village it is good wages
The tutor in a kindergarten. And almost all money leaves on products,
Payment of utilities. At me remains only nearby 50 euro on
Personal expenses. And to save in a month on 50 euros. We if so to do that we
You we will meet only in one year and 10 months. I think it
Too long. Not you, not I will not wait so much long. Favourite
Alfredo, what to me to do?
To me have in detail told, that is included into the trip price.
The passport for travel abroad costs 120 euro. Then as I already spoke is necessary
The visa, it costs 55 euros. The darling Alfredo, still it is necessary to pay
To travel agency and services tourist agency stand 190
Euro. These are the big money. And still it is necessary to pay the insurance
. That at any trauma to me could pay the insurance. It
Necessarily now. To me so have explained in travel agency.
The insurance costs 100 euros. As they will contact consulate
Your country, and there it is necessary to pay for gathering. Which 40 euros cost. And
Most, that is expensive it is the ticket. It costs 566 euros. It is all very much
The darling Alfredo, my love to you every day more and more. But that,
That I have learnt today... Simply knifes all that is at
Me to you. After all it is all can destroy all that is between us.
My love Alfredo, I ask you excuse for a question. It can will seem
Very impudent and silly and me it is very inconvenient to you to ask you
The help. But I do not know what to do. Favourite Alfredo, I can hope
On Your help? You that man on which I could put in lives?
Much to our regret my Native land, Russia the poor country. I thought, that
To smog to arrive to you without Your help. But the reality has appeared very much
The severe! I thought, that the trip to you costs more cheaply.
Now all in Your hands and from Your decision depends our general future.
The darling Alfredo, now I will wait Your answer. I hope, that you
You will make the correct decision and we will meet in a reality!
I ask you, favourite Alfredo, write me only the truth. That you
Really you think of our meeting. I very strongly love you and
I wish to be only with You. You understand, that to us now remain
Only to meet.
I hope, that you will write me all in the near future.
I Love you Alfredo!
Yours and only Your Favourite Lubov

Letter 8

Hello my darling Farid,
How are you? I hope all well. Thanks for Your letter, favourite
Farid. It is pleasant to me to read Your words of love. To me so it is lonely without you... I cannot easy live without you... I wish a meeting with you in a reality. You wish it?
I Love you and I wish to devote You the life? YOU wish it? You Love me are strong? The darling Farid, we speak for a long time about a meeting, but real actions are not present... Why?
In my head many different thoughts... And times I in despair also do not know, that to me to think...
If we Love each other, why between us distance? Why We have not met in a reality? Why?
You see a variant easier and reliable but why that you can not arrive so. After all our happiness depends on it. I understand, that there are many people which deceive. But unless you have not understood... I not the such! You should understand for a long time already, that I the real girl. It, that means we communicate any more the first day.
And you still doubt my reality?! You really love me?
I think, I would make the tourist visa. After all with it I too can arrive and marry you. And to remain with you.
The darling Farid, Will suffice... I cannot so to live any more...
Farid we WILL meet In the REALITY? We in general will meet or not? You wish our meeting or not?
Understand, I Love you. For the sake of You I am ready to leave the country, the friends and relatives. Because I trust You and I Love you Farid. You understand it?
To me said that do with Russian girls in other countries much. At us showed on TV transfer about it. I will tell to You Farid, that there spoke. On TV showed and told that foreign citizens invite in the countries of Russian girls. Russian girls come to them, then from girls take away all documents and force to work as the prostitute, then do with them different distortions... Or in general sell girls, as the goods... What will you tell on it?
But I trust You Farid and completely I trust, because I LOVE You! To love means to trust! You agree with It?
I really love you Farid and I wish to be with You. Only with YOU the darling Farid. I will be really happy! KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
But I ask You! Write me the truth! Farid we WILL meet In the REALITY? Will suffice to play for time... Letters do not reduce distance. You know it! We already adult People and You understand, that the distance can kill our love. You that achieve it?
The darling Farid, I think, that You do not wish to kill our Love. I hope and I believe, that You too really Love me!
Favourite Farid, excuse for mine words... Simply I wish the Truth!
At me not iron heart... I the WOMAN! Understand It! In my heart a pain because You are far from me.
Favourite Farid, I Ask You answer all my questions fairly. I wish to hear only the Truth!
Also I ask me to excuse, if I have very roughly written. Simply understand. To me very strongly it is sick, because between us distance. I cannot easy live without you Farid.
The lovely prince, I hope, that YOU will write the letter in the near future. Please do not vanish and do not take offence. Simply WRITE ALL TRUTH!
I wait your answer.
With the big Tenderness and Love Your darling Lubov