Scam Letter(s) from Elena Drobysheva to Eddie (UK)

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Letter 1

Hi! Have a good day! I am glad that you have written to me. I hope that I can interest you not less than you me. I slightly studied your profile and has decided necessarily to write to you. I hope that you have time to send me some messages. We can get acquainted and learn more about each other. I shall tell you about myself. My name is Marina. I'm 27 years old. My b-day on May, 29, 1982. I am not married and I live with my parents. I haven't children. But I love children. In the future I would like to have not less than 2 children... I work as the seller in shop of cosmetics. I like sports and active rest. I love to travel and to be in different places, but my work does not allow me to make it frequently. I have many friends. We sometimes spend time together. We play in the pool and go bowling. I search in the person for love and comprehension. The relevant value to have fairness, as well as you to consider. I do not like when to me lie and do not want to speak the truth. Even if I already to know this truth. As most woman, in life I consider family! I hope that my letter not frighten you. Today i send you a pictures, so you know my person. I want to ask you also to send me a picture of you if you can and inform me please of some information about you: What do you do for entertainment? What is your character? What qualities do you love in women? I also shall inform you more about myself in the following e-mail! I shall wait for your reply.

Your friend Marina.

Letter 2

Hi Eddie! I am pleased to receive your message.
I think, that you read my profile and saw that I have serious intentions to get acquainted with the good person for relations. I shall try to tell a little about my character. I don't know how to start... I think, that I very romantic person. I like communicate with people, it is pleasant to me good humour. I very much appreciate such qualities in people, as fidelity and honesty. I believe in love, and I think it very valuable thing which needs to be protected. I adore, when to me give compliments and is ready to listen to them indefinitely. For me it is necessary, that around me there was a cleanliness and the order, I frequently am engaged cleaning. Also I like prepare for a meal, various tasty things. I dream of romantic relations! But probably all women dream to get acquainted with good man to have with him beautiful romantic relations. But often such relations come to an end very quickly! I have no intention to spend myself on such relations. I have not met such man to whom I would decide to give myself and the life! But I would like to find such man... I think that career - not the most important purpose in a life of the woman! The strong family, the loving husband and healthy children are the most important purposes for the woman! Tell please what woman you dream to meet in your life? Excuse Eddie, that I ask you to discuss such frank thing with the person whom you know couple of days. But it interests me. I have shortly written to you my outlooks on life if to you there will be it interesting, That we can discuss these themes in more detail then. I shall wait for your e-mail.

Yours faithfully Marina.

Letter 3

Hi Eddie. I am glad to receive again your message! Every day we start to learn each other better. Your e-mail - very interesting thing for me! Recently the boredom has lodged in my soul, there are no joyful events! Your letters for me now as a sun beam! Eddie, thanks, that you wrote to me some answers to my questions. Your letters gradually help to learn you.
Tell to me more in detail about the family. You have many relatives?
What relations at you with them? As frequently you gather? In my family very much close relations. I to you already Informed, that I live with mum and the daddy. We live in a cosy apartment, where there are three inhabited rooms, and as kitchen, a balcony and a bathroom. I have a room. I the only child in the family. A name of my father Aleksey, him 51 years old and he work as the builder. My mother Elena, her 48 years old. Now she does not work some years and Is engaged in housekeeping. We love each other, sometimes we are chosen for city for an entertainment. In the summer we go on a beach and on fishing with father. During the winter period of time we go for a drive on skates and a ski. This good time for me! In private life I have emptiness. My last relations were one year ago. We loved each other! But he has deceived me and has broken my heart! He had sex with another girl! After that I thought, that never I will find the man of the dream! I at all did not search for such man! But now I am ready to relations! It is very difficult to find the suitable man at this time! Therefore I have addressed to the Internet! I heard many histories in which girls found men of the dream in the Internet. I hope, that I can find the man who will love me, to appreciate and understand! His work and a financial situation is not important for me! I wish to find the man who is able to appreciate the woman and to concern with love to her! I shall be ready to give myself all without the rest to such person and I think, that the main advantage of the woman is fidelity and skill To make family happy, without quarrels and conflicts. On it I I finish the letter. Eddie, write to me the ideas that I Has told to you. I look forward to your reply.

Yours Marina.

Letter 4

Hi my dear! I now read yours e-mail, and it was interesting to me to find out your opinion that I spoke you in my last message. Our exchange of opinions is interesting to me and I think, that now I can make some opinion on what your character.
Eddie, I send you a new pictures. I hope you liked it. Eddie, also send some pictures if you can. Dear, I would like to find out, how you like to spend the free time. I very cheerful person also think out Various entertainments for itself and the friends. To me to like to help them to make life interesting. It can be different things: Dances, cinema, parties or entertainments on the nature. But if to speak frankly in the last these entertainments give time I have less than pleasure. I frequently dream of romantic evening with the favourite person, it can be a supper or simply walk . I think, that in it there is a lot of charm. You the romantic person Eddie whether you think, sometimes, of such things? You like cosy evenings with the family? I very much love holidays when all family gathers, behind one table. It is very cosy and comfortable for me. And how you like to carry out holidays dear? What for you makes a cosiness and rest? Tell to me please about it Eddie. Eddie, excuse me for a question: whether there is at you now any woman? I think, that you are good, as the man and To like many women. Because at me good taste, and you to like me. What your private life now, Please tell about it. Probably you have to me any frank questions? I shall answer them. Write to me more in detail about the feelings and desires, to me to like to read, when you tell about yourself, I am ready To listen about it. I wait for your messages.

My embraces. Yours Marina.

Letter 5

Hi my lovely! How are you today? Good i hope! It was pleasant to me read your message and thanks for your words Eddie!
In my life there was only one man and everything, now I have only you.
Today i send you other pictures, probably, you have already studied a former photos also they have bored already to you. One of these pictures has been made several months ago when I with friends went to an ice palace to skate. In this picture I at the left. I have received other picture from friends only today. This picture has been made in club to which I went several days ago with friends. I hope, pictures will give you again good emotions. Today my work has been finished earlier, and I plan to prepare Tasty supper for my parents. My mum is sick and I have solved To do it for it. Dear, what foodstuffs is Favourite for you? That you prefer! Sweets, a fish, meat? Inform me on it? I am able to cook not bad food. You can To be convinced of it in the future. I would like to prepare for you, Your favourite foodstuffs. Our people speak so . The Way to a man - lays through his stomach. Therefore Eddie - I shall submit Your heart by means of my culinary abilities . LOL I hope to hear from you soon. Take care!

I wait for your messages.
My kisses.
Yours Marina.

Letter 6

Hi my darling Eddie. I am glad to see yours E-mail. It was pleasant to me to learn, that you support idea to meet and too some days wish me to see and be with me. I think, that in following messages we can discuss in more detail our meeting and establish convenient time and a place, to do it.
I wish to tell you dear, that for me it is very pleasant to know, that there is a person who waits for me and wishes to hold in the hands. Ideas on it very much excite me. Therefore, thanks you Eddie That you have allowed me to feel it. Tell to me Eddie, what you have ideas and imaginations about that day when you will meet me? I have a plenty of ideas, how we can spend together these days. Also I shall prepare for you for some surprises and I think, that you will be very happy with me. I shall inform you Eddie, about some ideas in following messages. But you should know, that when you will be in my hands you can not soon get out of my embraces. I now shall not write that I am measured to do with you, but believe, you will long remember it.

Now I finish the letter.
I wait for your messages.
My gentle kisses.
Yours Marina.

Letter 7

Hi my lovely! It is pleasant for me to read your words. I am glad to learn , that you are ready to accept me in the house. Thank, that you trust me , my dear. Eddie, I want to tell to you that in the past the message I wanted to check, as far as seriously you treat to me . Forgive for this lovely, but you should understand me. For me was it is very important to know, whether you will agree to accept me in the the house whether or not. If you insisted, that we met somewhere in hotel or in the other place, - that to me should to think, what not you want to play host to me because you have the wife or or you not it is serious enough to me, and you want to meet me for an entertainment. It check - was small precaution. I heard, that many people get acquainted to have only sex with the new person, though in the structure inform, that have serious intentions. Now I am sure in you Eddie, and I am glad, that you appeared really that the person whom I want to meet!
Loved, I with big pleasure, I shall carry out at you some days. These days I shall reach in agency of travel and to receive the information for that , to reach to you the next month. I shall inform you for detail about it in the following e-mail. I wait your messages. I of you adore mine dear Eddie! My kisses!!!

Yours Marina.



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