Scam Letter(s) from Elvira Brian to Eddie (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello Eddie!
I am glad that you have written to me!
I very much waited above the letter. I very modest girl, but I however dared to write to you and to me I wish to have with you acquaintance and to learn you, but I do not know how to begin it and how to start to tell about myself. I think that we can tell each other about ourselves, and learn each other. It will seems to me our dialogue pleasant. How you think? I did not write to people who are far from me, in other country earlier, but it became interesting to me and I have decided to write to you. In the following letter I will tell about myself a little! I would ask you about that that you answered my letters sincerely as I very much like sincerity and the truth!! I wish to send you my photo and I would like, that you have sent me yours!

I will look forward your letter!
Your new girlfriend Elvira.

Letter 2

Hello the new friend Eddie!
I have received today your letter, and I am happy, because I can have with you dialogue.
I so wish learn about you more. But I do not know from what to begin. I have
Noticed your profile, and it was pleasant to you? I hope, just as you to me! I would like to answer your questions which you wish to set to me!

I hope that my answers will be clear to you. I wish to tell about myself as much as possible. My name is Elvira, Me now 27 years and I live with mum. I was never married and had no children. Further you ask me why I do not get acquainted with men in the Country, I will answer you at once, I was born abroad in Germany, my mother Russian, her name Kseniya, and the father was the German by name of Stefen!

I till 10 years lived in Germany, I and studied there, but then when my father was lost in accident, mum could not be measured with loss as she very strongly loved it, and behind that we have moved back to a native city of mum, which name Bor.

Mum to me tells about the father much, I understand what remarkable and lovely people live abroad, mum speaks what not when did not feed such warmth and love to people, as to Jonsh. I got acquainted when seriously with young men from the country, yes I have friends, but they I only friends and have more, at me it is a lot of girlfriends a photo with which to you I will send!

I work in trading firm. I work there as the secretary, and I help to do the schedule of the chief and still different paper work. My work pleasant to me though sometimes it happens tiresome and same.

Recently I have decided to try to get acquainted in the Internet. It is interesting to me, what you would wish to learn about me? Ask me, and I am obligatory to answer you. I hope,

That you will send photos also.
I would like to receive more them.
I send you a photo.
I hope that tomorrow I again will receive your letter and yours
Photo. I will wait very much. You will not forget to write me the letter?
I hope, it was not present.
I very much wait...
Your new girlfriend Elvira.

Letter 3

Hello Eddie!
To me to see pleasant again your letter.
How do you feel? I hope that all is good. As your mood, when you
Have received my letter, has changed? I Hope that my photo to you was pleasant. Today I send you one more Photo! My darling I have found your profile on one site. Nearby from my city there is a city under the name Nizhni Novgorod.

I hope that my photos it is pleasant to you. You also will send me many a photo you? I hope that I will receive them tomorrow. I do not know why, but I, trust you. I do not know you, but I trust. I do not understand why. You know? I will tell more about me directly. My growth of 171 sm, weight about 48 kg. I, appreciate in people kindness, sincerity, honesty and the good relation to the near. It it to be pleasant to me in people and what you appreciate?

You like to prepare? I simply adore. The grandmother has learnt me and
Now I always and all do on kitchen itself or by means of mum. It to be pleasant to you, when the woman is able to prepare? You love what dishes? What women are pleasant to you? To me, for
Example, men who are kind are pleasant, sincere and do not deceive. Which will love me just as I it. How you think, you can be it? Or not?

I think that we will soon know it. When we study each other better.
Than you have been occupied today? I hope, when you receive my letter,
It warms you and does your day better.
I hope, which in All of you is good. I will wait for your letter
Tomorrow. I hope that I will receive answers to all questions
And many your photos.
Yours faithfully, Elvira.

Letter 4

Hello Dear Eddie!
Eddie your letter again does me happy. You in a condition to make, a smile on my person. I forget at once about everything, and I think only of you. How you today? Successfully? I hope what yes.

Eddie I would like to learn about your family. What can speak you to me?
At you it is a lot of relatives? Where your parents? My family consists of mine mum, to it of 61 years, her name is Kseniya, and washing the grandmother, her name is Elvira. It is my small family.

Eddie why you have decided to search for love in
The Internet? I, for example, have tried to find the person in a city earlier, but nothing has appeared. All of them like to drink alcohol a lot of. I do not love it. I have not met anybody

Here also have decided to learn about you more. I wish to meet such person which would understand me. Who can support me and to whom I will be necessary. And I will always love such man, and I will be only with it. The nearest city big from me is Nizhni Novgorod. I very much like to receive from you letters.

Eddie I do not think that age - the important factor. How you consider? I like to enjoy love, passion, tenderness, I like to see happiness

Enamoured people. And I will make all for the sake of it. And you
Eddie? I, do not love quarrel. I think that all can be solved in common.
How you think? Eddie you would like to receive my photos? I have decided to send today again to you a photo me.
I send you an air kiss, and I hope that it does your day
The successful. I hope that I will soon receive the answer.
You will be
To write to me at once how will receive my letter?
Yours Elvira...

Letter 5

Hello my dear Eddie!!!!!
Eddie, my darling at last I have received the long-awaited letter from you. I go mad in without a message of you. I become quiet reading again your first letters to me. Longer we succeed to inform more serious which I consider relations between us if there is a reason for this purpose or not. I try to pull to the reasons more, instead I only express this fact. For this reason it is important for me, that will wait for us in the future when the romantic coquette of the first meeting leaves. I should take steady calculation of the decision if we wish to remain together. If we do not wish to remain always then as long it will be. This decision the essential. It will be accompanied by actually irreversible changes in your life and mine also. I will not list all connected problems with it. You know them directly. I should like to make such the decision purposely, but not under an impulse of feelings to be cleared by the first sharp sensations each other.

Eddie, one more thing which you should understand, - that I expect more in our relations than only romantic night! For the first time I fall in love with the person. I can tell about it not scared to be understood the wrong both thrown dirt contempt and disgust in me. It is first time when I feel reciprocity in which I I see the main distinction from my previous love which has remained without the answer once or that the teenager was enamoured. As you know, that you will not be the first the partner I have. Certainly, it is experiment for both of us, and it is the beginning, attempt of the beginning of a new life is faster has got rid of stock structures. There is something big in our relations, and it is love. If one not enamoured then why it requires all it? And why we could not try this experiment before with other partners even receiving such chance. You see that only you very important and expensive to me. I am absent and admire with you infinitely. I imagine only you as the person, I can live rest of my life with you. My darling a difference in time at 2 o'clock that is for example at us at you only 10.00 and now you can learn 12.00 that from us in how many I wrote the letter. I am in Russia of 600 km from Moscow.

I wish to embrace you and then to go together where eyes hope to untwist grief. Not be sad, washing the favourite. Enter in full of dreams about to what you feel similarly. Allow it to be only dreams, but them to inspire. You will see. Also remember, that I - always with you thinking of you and anxiety on you.

I miss you.
Yours Elvira.


I devote you one more poem...
You one in the world, you are necessary for me.
You one in the world, my destiny.
You one in the world, my dream.
You one in the world, my star.
You one in the world, my pleasure.
You one in the world, my life.
You one in the world, my love.
You one in the world... Mine.
You one in the world, I love you!
Eddie I am absent without you! "



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