Scam letter(s) from Elena Ilina to Goodman (India)

Letter 1
I looked your profile and I really liked it.
You can send me your photos and tell about you?
I shall be glad, if you to answer me and we get acquainted
My email:
Letter 2
Hello Goodman! I am glad, that today have received news from you, I thank you that have written to me. The truth I never in a life communicated with the person which I to not see in a real life, I mean the Internet. In the beginning I shall tell a little about myself. I hope, you will understand all that I shall write to you. My name is Natalya (but my girlfriends name me Natasha). I'm 28 years old. I work in fitness club of our city as the instructor. For me it is good work. I very much like walks on fresh air, I like the nature. I like sea, it is pleasant to me to float, in the summer I very often bathe and I sunbathe on coast of our remarkable river. I like a life, I m optimist and I believe, that all us are expected with the fine future. I trust in the God and destiny and I wait for the happiness. I trust in family and in love and I search for the person to whom I could give all heat of my heart and to be with it always together. I wish to divide with it grief and pleasure. I clever enough, strong spirit and magnanimous, I concern kind to people and I wait from people of the similar relations. My ideal man that which I shall love it also which will love me. He is the person to whom the reliable family and fair relations is necessary. Send me photo please!!! I do not know why, but it is pleasant to me to write to you this letter. I want that you have answered it as soon as possible. Write to me about itself, I wish to know about you as much as possible. Ask me about that that you interests, and I with pleasure shall answer your questions. I do not know that expects us, but we shall look ahead with hope and a smile.
Natalya!!! P.S. I wish to set to you some questions, I hope, that you will answer them. You are free? It is very important for me because I search only for serious relationship and I do not wish to stir to another's relationship. You had relationship with other girls? If yes, as long they last? In advance words of gratitude for answers to my questions.
Letter 3
Hi Goodman!! It's your real name? Tell to me your real name!!! Again pleasantly for me to receive from you the letter. Probably our correspondence will make our relations more close. I at once want to warn you, that I search only for serious relations, instead of time entertainment. Therefore please it is not necessary to play with me and to deceive me because it will be very hurt me. Earlier my heart has been broken also I only recently was restored after that. Sorry if I have put you in error. Now I am in Russia, however already now I should be in your country. My boss suggested me work as abroad as fitnes trainer and I agreed. However during last moment foreign partners refused from the contract and my trip was cancelled. I hope, that you are not disappointed!!! So, I was born to Cheboksary and I continue to live here. I know that when at me the favourite person will appear, I shall come to him in any place in the world. I believe, that good people can live in any place, is especial when they like each other. I shall try to write about myself those things which could be to you interesting. And if you will want something to ask me, I with pleasure shall answer you. If me ask, I have only two choices: to answer the truth or to not answer. I shall never lie to you and I shall fairly answer all your questions. In exchange I want that you too were fair with me. I can overlook to answer some your questions. I ask you to not take offence at me. I understand, that it is much more convenient to speak by phone. I would like to hear your voice, however now telephone conversations are impossible. I lost phone recently. I do not know, when I can buy new phone. I to save money for purchase Nokia N95. You like this phone?? So, I shall try to tell to you about the especial qualities also. Only that you knew that from me to expect.:-) Hope I has not frightened you of it. I the kind, good woman, not bad look, I care of the body. I like to dream. One of my hopes - to live in full family somewhere in a good place, to have reliable friends and that we were not disturbed with strange things like a political and economic situation, etc.:-) I want family in which all members will live the friend for the friend. I like open people which do not hide the truth. I am patient enough, but if something will annoy me, I can be very much indignant. My friends speak about me: " It is very difficult to wake a kind sleeping bear but if you have made it, it is better to you to run ".:-) In the life I seldom become angry, but I became angry when I ex-boyfriend deceived me, he had *** with my girlfriend. You at all do not imagine as it was hard for me when I to learn the truth. But about it I shall write to you later. As to all other world there are 2 sides: my family and all other world. I like to be ready to any unexpectedness and to create stability in the house. I always try to create the happy house and I really wish to have beautiful family:-) for the sake of which I would live with that who will divide with me all pleasures of a life and will support in any situation. I very much like to travel. Earlier I with mum travelled across all Russia when the prices for tickets were not such expensive. Sometimes we have a rest with friends about city on lake. I spend summer with friends. It is very interesting, at us very beautiful district. All year I wait summer. Wood, guitar, tent, unless it is not fine?! I like to go to a cinema. I like to listen to classical music, is especial Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. And what music is pleasant to you? Sometimes I like to listen to modern music. Now I live with mum. Her name is Elena, she very interesting person. I always to share with her grief and pleasure. She will always give me advice. I do not know that I would do without such fine mum. You would see as she learns children! In her lessons main this understanding. Mine the daddy was the good person, I very much on him miss. He left in other world many years back, I think you of me understand. You can tell your phone number that I could call to you?? I can buy a telephone card and call about public phone))))) it is Interesting to you, what voice at you. I finish the letter. Wow!!! I never thought, that I can write so much about myself. I hope, that I have not tired you. Write to me again as soon as possible. I shall be glad to read any things which are connected about your life. You should not hesitate, I shall always understand you!!! Natalya! P.S. I hope, that it was interesting to you to read my letter:-) and if you not against, I shall set to you some questions. It is interesting to you to communicate with me? How it is a lot of girls to you writes? I wish to communicate only with one person. Only with you. It is very interesting to me to communicate with you and to learn about you more.
Letter 4

Hello my friend Goodman! Thanks for your new letter if it is fair, I very much waited for it. I was afraid, that you will not write to me. It is very pleasant for me to receive from you letters, and with each letter I learn about you more and more. With each new letter we all become closer and more close to each other. Now we know more about each other. I hope you feel it. I today hurried up in the Internet of cafe to see your new letter and to write to you about me. I hope, that I write clearly enough and clearly about myself. I shall answer all your questions. If I shall not answer a question, it means, that I have not understood this question, do not take offence and write it even more clearly for me.. I think, you understand, that the basic purpose of all my life in finding my second half from which I can pass all difficulties in a life. Together to take pleasure, a birth of children to bring up them, to surround with their care, to see their happy childhood, I dream of it!!! I think, that you understand me and our vital purposes are similar. I at heart hope, that our hearts will meet. Will not live in other country difficultly for me if near to me there will be a person whom I love. I have finished institute 5 years ago. The students was fine time. Well you know, sessions, do not sleep night, anxiety and when day of examination comes, heart simply jumps out from a ******. I think, that you too have passed it. I very much liked to study. When I studied, I was engaged fitness. And now, after the ending institute, I work as the instructor on fitness. This work helps me to be always in the good form. But the best result of my work is to see as the client varies. The person in the good physical form feels like more confidently and it is joyful for understanding, that you have helped him with it. This work gives me the income approximately 300-350 $ in one month. Yes, I know, that Russia in a bad economic situation in comparison with other countries. We live with mum not richly, but is amicable. I not so small, but frequently address to mum for advice. It is fine, when in family there is a mutual understanding. I always dreamed to create such family. I would like to have two or three children. I in family the only child, therefore parents gave all love to me. I very much like honesty and decency. If I shall create family the main thing in relations with the husband will be full trust to each other. I think, that it is a pledge of strong family. I want to tell little bit more about my life. I wake up in the morning at 7 o'clock, I prepare for a breakfast. In the mornings I eat a sandwich and I drink coffee. Then I go for work. I go by the bus. Sometimes at a stop it is too much people and I cannot enter the bus, I should go on foot. In general I love walks, but I love slow walks when it is not necessary to hurry up, cross anywhere familiar streets, to go to girlfriends, to sit, drink to tea, to talk. It is pleasant to me is in a society of good friends. It is possible to solve many problems with them, well to spend. It is always pleasant to surprise friends to look at their reaction. How I shall live without friends? I work from 8 mornings till 5 evenings, but employment pass in the certain time interval and, hence, in an operating time I have sometimes free time. I always liked to work and irrespective of my mood I should be spread on 100 . Work made with love brings pleasure to people. For me it is always pleasant to see smiles of our visitors. In the evening I go to the Internet of cafe to see a mail, but sometimes at me it is impossible to make it, therefore, if I cannot write to you within one or two days, do not worry, I shall necessarily write to you when there will be an opportunity. Free days for me it is Saturday and Sunday. In the days off I like to esteem the book, to pass on city, to go at cinema. Besides in the days off I spend a lot of time for work on the house. I like to prepare. And my favourite dish - a pie from peaches, it very much is pleasant to me, if we shall meet, I shall necessarily feed you with this dish. It is impossible to explain words as it is tasty, it needs to be tried. In the days off I wash the house, I love when houses only. I do not like, when things are scattered, on shelfs a dust, in a basket ***** clothes, in a bowl ***** utensils. You agree with me? Now when we know each other, we should trust each other because without trust to live it is impossible. I earlier too trusted the person, but he has deceived me. I want to tell to you about it. I madly loved the person, but he only pretended, that loved me. Actually he laughed at my feelings. Was even so, that he made to me an an appointment, promised to come, but did not do it. We sometimes quarreled that he did not come in the evening, at us in city not easy, and I worried for him. And he, the bad person, was absent on one day or two, spoke, that at him affairs and that he loves me. And then I have learned through his friends, that he well spent time with my girlfriend, he did not like to work and frequently borrowed from me money, promised to give, but never gave. I forgave him all because loved him. I even hid it from mum. Some time back I have seen him in the street with my girlfriend. They kissed. I do not remember as have come home. I cried all the night long. Later I have learned, that they many times had ***!!! I very for a long time had depression. But I began to work and forget this bad person a lot of. After that case I have decided, that I shall never deceive in love people, I shall never sneer and play on feelings of other people, I have decided, that all this not for me. I shall not go through one more such moment in my life. I any more do not trust the Russian men. They think only of that as though to take a walk with other woman and to drink. I any more do not want so to risk and destroy the life. I want to be simply happy and to live as the normal person. After that I have decided to find second half with the help of the Internet, and I have found you, we have written each other. It very much is pleasant to me. I want to be the happy man with one and to lead with him all life. This person should be more senior than me that he could learn much me and my future children. I wait for understanding from this person, I think, that this most important, and, certainly, the big love and care of me and of our future family. I shall try to make this person happy, but without his help, without his love and understanding it will make very difficultly. I want to test once again such feeling as love. I very much hope for it. Therefore I have written to you, I think you will understand my words. I want to learn your opinion concerning all it. I ask that you have told to me as you will spend days, than you are engaged, what do in the days off? Tell to me about friends, about relatives. I with impatience wait for your letter. Your letter for me as a beam of the sun among the dark sky. Your friend from Russia Natalya!!!
Letter 5
Hello Goodman! I already a lot of time spoke nobody such words. I more increasing also it is more convinced, that at me feelings to you wake up and I wait for your letters with Impatience. Your letters treat my soul. :-) There can be I represent a fairy tale, but I feel very well about you and me, I hope, that you feel too most, I think, that you place in words less, than you think actually only because words, probably, do not transfer all our ideas. Certainly, I know, that for the sake of love I shall go to any place in this world. :-), finally I think, that in Russia there is almost nothing, that holds me here. Really, if to think, what connects the person and the country? Friends, but the present friends will be are happy for me if I shall find the present love. The family, yes, but crossing to other country will not break my communication with mum. Work, maybe, but not for me. I do not think, that I can have problems with work in other country with my specialization and formation. I really live for the sake of the person who will be pleased to me and which will surprise me also. :-) I dream as we could spend together time and take pleasure in it. I really want, that I lived for my only thing of the man which will love me as I it. Today has begun with bad morning weather, bad mood and only an idea, that I shall see your letter warms me this day. I wish to tell to you a little about my childhood. Mother and the father very much loved me and have brought up strictly enough. But when my father has died, all cares by my formation have remained to mum. And I am grateful to it for that that it has brought up me. I had many friends with whom I played in a court yard of our house. It were carefree years, we lived, we did not have those problems which have appeared when I have grown. I went to school on well and perfectly. I always remember my first teacher (Tatyana Andreeva), it have opened for us a lot of new and interesting. I am infinitely grateful to it for that feeling of human kindness which it has transferred all to us. And even now we communicate, meet and we talk. I also love pets and consequently I have my my loved dog "Rex"! And today I send a photo with it. It seems to Me, that with each letter between us there is that that greater than friendship. We start to trust each other more, we become more frank, you agree with me? I think our showers approach. I wish to continue attitudes with you and I hope, that all will be very good. I wish you good mood all these days, and do not forget me. I shall wait your letter with impatience and to miss on you!!!!! Yours Natalya!!!
Letter 6
Hello dear Goodman!!!! I am very glad to receive yours letter. I hope that you correctly understand my letters. I so am happy that you all the day long in my ideas. I am glad to read your letter again. How your business? How mood? I hope that at you all well. I ask the God that you were healthy and happy. Today at us solar weather and it is class. I wish to tell to you that my heart has started to fight more often when I think of you. I wish to feel you, your smile, your hands. I so require tenderness and care and I do not think that I ask much. I search for pure love and romanticism in attitudes. I so am happy when all beautifully gently, perfectly and romantically!!! I wish to have the family, the favorite person beside, to feel care and constant support a difficult minute, I aspire to what to aspire each person in the life. I was almost happy in the past, but my trust has broken my heart. I should trust the person with whom I shall live all life. To trust its each word, gesture, a kind, a smile. Now in the world it is a lot of meanness and a deceit, but it is necessary to trust people who surround us. I do not speak you, that it is necessary to trust each person, necessary to know well the person to be in it assured. I know you not long, but I can tell, that you the fair and open person, it very much is pleasant to me and gives hope that I can love and be favorite!!! My mum always speaks me, that I should be opened. I have told to it, that our attitudes develop successfully and it is happy for us. It hopes, that I at last have found the favorite person and have created family. We far apart. But it does not stir to our dialogue. Though, I already thought, that through internet dialogue suffices for full mutual understanding. What do you think of it? I would like to see you not only in a photo, but I do not know as it to make, because we very much far apart. You like me, and I think, that our attitudes can be deeper. I do not know as to explain it words, I simply feel, that your letters Lift to me mood. To me it becomes joyful on a shower. I shall wait your letters and to hope, that you will soon write to me. I think, that we shall meet you soon. I would like to arrive to you and to meet you, to look as you live. I want it because I start to understand, that between us there is that that greater than friendship, I think that this any high feeling. You too feel it? I think of you much every day! I wish to spend with you time personally, I wish to see your eyes and a smile, it will deliver to me infinite pleasure. I want that you were happy and to divide it happiness with you. I wish to know, what does you happy? I shall try everything, that in my forces what to give you happiness. Please, give me chance to make it!!! Give me chance to love and be favorite. I wait for your letter, and I promise, that I shall think of you every minute. About love your friend, Natalya!!!
Letter 7
Hello my dear Goodman!!! I am very glad to receive again news from you. I feel as with each letter you all become closer for me. I am tired to live Here without the favorite person, and you unique who warms to me a soul, give me force to live. You see, that we became much closer, than ever before. You cannot present yourself that for me mean. You mean much. You will probably ask me: why? I do not know. But I really know, that you for me became very close person. I never met such fine soul as yours. If you have opened soul for me any more do not close it never. I am madly glad to open the soul for you. I give you the heart. I thought of you last night. Now I Completely I trust to you, you became for me the close person to whom I can open the heart. I speak you all this yours faithfully, I am not going to deceive you and to play on your feelings, and I hope, that you also will be fair under the attitude to me. I like to read your letters. My heart starts to fight more often when I see your letter in my mail box. I re-read its line behind a line some times. You see, I become dependent on you somewhat. I do not want, that my feelings have frightened you. Excuse me, if I too emotional. You probably did not expect it from me? But something has changed a way of my life recently, and I believe that it you. I think of you each hour and every minute. I know, that there can be I hopeless romantic, but I really believe, that our meeting through the Internet - the best event which could happen with us. I wish you the best day! Natalya!!!
Letter 8
Hello Goodman! I think, that during our dialogue we have very much rallied and between us there were feelings, I think that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you, you have taken a place in my heart. On work I became inattentive, my girlfriends speak, that I have changed, ask: whether I have fallen in love? I do not know that it to answer, I never was such happy, all my friends and friends see it. And all this owing to you. I fly in clouds because I at last can trust in the person and feel, that to me too trust. I do not know as you will react to this letter, can will consider me imprudent. But I wrote to you, that I am very romantic and impressionable, and I think, that I LOVE YOU!!!!! I thought of our attitudes and our feelings. I always think of you and I can do nothing with it, I think that I am enamored. Yes, I love you! I spoke about it with mum and it thinks, that I shall be happy with you. I have told to mum, that you the man and that I completely trust the best to you. It speaks, that we should is better study each other. It very much loves me, it my native mum. I think, you understand me. It wishes me happiness and the big love. I think, that we should meet, we should look each other in eyes because the Internet does not reflect all emotions and sometimes happens difficultly to understand each other. We with you became very frank, and I think, that you wish to learn about my ****** experience. In Russia all men only also dream to drag the girl in bed. But I shall never be given the first comer to take pleasure. The love is a light and fine feeling, but many men represent it only as ***. I think that it incorrectly and I hope, that you agree with me. I wish to borrow in *** with that person whom I shall love and feel favorite. I shall give this person a soul and a body. We together shall study all depths of pleasure. Our passion will strengthen and supplement our love, and we shall enjoy the friend the friend all life. Today we with the girlfriend walked on city, have come into shops, all put I waited for your letter and at last I have waited. I I feel, what our hearts fight in one rhythm, and you feel it? I wait for your new letter, for me it is very important to know, whether you divide my feelings. Forever yours Natalya!
Letter 9
Hello my loved Goodman! You one of the best people with which I communicated ever in a life. Earlier I ignored the Internet-communications, in fact I could not think how much it can be bright and is delightful. Before the first letter to you something has changed in my consciousness and I have thought: why also is not present!? And now I am happy, that I have made it. And now I read your letters, they are full of hot emotions and sympathies to me, I start to understand, that my life without you means nothing, because I love you, I think, that during our correspondence very much has changed and between us there were feelings, I think, that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you, very much I miss on you, you are in my heart. I always think of our future meeting. Now I feel, that you my second half. I wish to be with you most of all on this planet. I was lonely in this huge world, but now I have found you. I wish to tell to you, that my feelings and words about you always contain love and respect, I always felt, that we trust each other and that our union to be carried out. Now I am assured of it on all of 100 %. You that person who is necessary to me. When I read your letter, I saw in it your sincerity under the attitude to me. Your letter for me has summed up which can be expressed in five words: I LOVE YOU mine Goodman!!! I talked to mum that I shall leave more likely, and it only was glad for me, mum has blessed us, it thinks, that I have found the happiness. Today I weigh day thought only of how we shall meet. I have very precisely presented as you will meet me at the airport as we shall find each other eyes and we shall rush into embraces each other. Today fine day, but me it is sad because you far from me. Between us of thousand kilometers, but I love you, you for ever in my ideas. I wait your letter, it is the extremely important for me. For ever yours Natalya!!!!!
Letter 10
Hello my love Goodman! I so am glad, that you write to me, and each time is happy to see your letters in my box. You a ray of light in my heart. I have understood, that you are important for me as air and that I wish to be with you. Today the dream which was bright and beautiful has dreamed me: I sit at home, you enter into my room and I feel your aroma. You cautiously and gently place me on a sofa, my dress falls also your soft hands start to caress my ******. And our bodies merge in a single whole, and you compress me so strongly, our hearts start to fight in one rhythm. Then we start to make love. I want that the dream became the truth!!! I think, that you will not object, if I tomorrow shall go in Travel agency and I learn that is necessary to arrive to you. I wish to meet you as soon as possible!!! At me such strange feeling inside. I very much miss you. You so are necessary to me! That that I feel it not simply words. I constantly think of you. At me never was such earlier. I did not see you Never , but I cannot live without your letters. I wish to touch you, to feel heat and tenderness, to feel your love and that you have felt mine. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you it is not frightened by my revelation? It for me too is strange, but I swear, that my feelings to you the presents. I love you and when I think of you, I become the happiest. And I want that you felt too most. I wish to feel you all body, I wish to feel a gentle touch of your hands, to inhale aroma of your body, the nobility that I only yours, and you mine the man!!! I am full of desire, I want you, I wish to be your wife, your friend, your beloved and your dream. Understand, that you the man of my dream! I searched for you all life and now I have found you and I do not wish to lose. We shall be happy together and I shall make for this purpose all. I strong to overcome all difficulties. There is nothing, that can stop me. My love will overcome all! I shall overcome this long way to be with you. I do not ask much, I only wish to look in your eyes, to kiss your lips, to concern your body. My love will suffice us to two! You know song Bon Jove "Always"? It is a song about my feelings to you. What do you feel to me my favourite? It is very important for me! For me the truth, than sweet lie is better. Please, write to me about the feelings. And I think, that time has come to define details of my trip to you. I learn all about the visa and when I can arrive to you.
I shall write to you about it in last letter. With love Natalya!

Letter 11
Hi loved Goodman!! Again it is pleasant for me to receive your letter! I very much miss you. I very much love you! Without you to be very difficult for me. You my life, I want to embrace you so that to feel your heat, to study your eyes, to feel as you is happy. I am sure, that all will be good. And we shall be happy together. I frequently think of us and I try to imagine our joint life. Sometimes you seem to me, that near to me, I even feel you on distance. I feel, when you are glad and when long. When you are happy, I am happy together with you. I so strongly want to be with you and I search for ways of our meeting. Today I went to tourist agency and have studied, that I should have documents to arrive to you. First I should have all necessary documents: 1. The passport for travel abroad. 2. Two black-and-white photos, the size 5x5. 3. The filled questionnaire. 4. Documents, testifying, that I in Russia have work. 5. The documents confirming, that in Russia remain direct relatives. So, to arrive to you, I should make some documents and receive the visa. It demands some time to make these documents. Reception of these documents demands about three days! I shall make everything, that on me depends for reception of the visa. There is a visa of the Bride, but it not the best variant for me because we did not meet never and at us is not present any documents and the photos confirming our meeting. For us the Tourist visa ideally approaches. To us has very much carried! Mother works for my good girlfriend in tourist agency and she to us will help to issue the visa quickly. I thank destiny for this opportunity! Probably I can receive the visa within 4-6 days!!! People which go in your country should know the address of their place of residing. As we are going to be together, I need to know your exact home address and the address of the airport closest to your house. I ask you to send this information as soon as possible. When I arrive to you I can be in your country within 90 days because I have the visa the Tourist. I think, that this time suffices for us that we could define for us the general future. But there is one problem which very much upsets me: as to me will make the visa in the minimal terms, it will be necessary for me of more money to pay for the visa. I do not want to complain, but you know, that too small for this purpose and I cannot find my income 650 dollar USA to pay tourist agency for registration the visa. I so want to arrive to you and only money separate us from each other. I very much love you!!! Also I do not want to lose you. Nobody can help me with money. Certainly, I can ask mum, but she does not have such money though she very much wants to help us. I completely sincere with you, I hope, that you understand my situation, I so want to see you, but I can not make it because I do not have such money. I do not know, that I should do in this difficult situation. I do not want to cancel trip to you, however I have no decision for this problem. It is very a pity to me, dear Goodman if it upsets you. We should trust each other and overcome all difficulties. Only imagine what be already fast we can together! I very much love you! You are the best in my life! And our meeting could become the happiest day for us! Yours for ever Natalya
Letter 12
Goodman, I so worry about our meeting! I am full of feelings which wound never tested. I hope, that this present Feeling which I so long searched and at last there was you. We have found each other. I so am happy, that we together, I trust in our happiness. All my ideas only about future our meeting. I so wait for it. I know, that it will be very important for both of us. I feel, that we shall be very happy together. I represent the first moment of our meeting, certainly, I so worry! I am ready to arrive to you and I know that you also are ready to meet me at the airport. Today, when I slept, our first meeting has dreamed me: when I come to you, I start you to search, but I can not find. And suddenly I see you. You stands with a bouquet of red roses, during a next instant we run to each other. We embrace each other and passionately we kiss. At me in opinion of tear of happiness. Then we go to you home and we have a little a rest from a tiresome trip. In the evening we go to restaurant and at us a romantic supper at candles, we drink good wine and we dance slow dances all the evening long. After restaurant we walk on park, you embrace me that to me it was not cold. Your hands such warm and gentle. We together look at stars and gently we kiss each other. To us it becomes a little cold also we go to you home together to take a warm bath with foam. I do to you pleasant massage. And then I have woken up, I so did not wish to wake up, I wished to see the end of this dream. But I have not been disappointed, that have not watched to the end this dream. In fact I know, that it will be fast not in a dream, and in a reality. I have woken up in very good mood. I shall wait for your letter! Forever yours, Natalya!!!
Letter 13
My loved Goodman, my best and the most gentle!!! To Me it is very pleasant, that you think of me and send me letters which are filled by love and hot feelings. Your letters warm to me heart while you are not present a beside. I wish to tell, that you very close person for me, I think of you all these days. My love, I do not want that you were sad because put now it seems such long, and evening ieea does not come. For me now every day goes very slowly, each minute goes as one hour and each hour it seems eternity. This time which we spend far apart is very a pity to me. You, probably, represent as your beloved sits and waits for this fine moment when we for the first time shall look each other in eyes, we shall embrace and we shall kiss each other, I feel this all more strongly. I wait for the moment when you will try the first tasty supper prepared by me specially for you. We shall take pleasure in the moment of a joint supper, we shall talk, in our eyes there will be light and happiness. After evening when we shall lay down to sleep, we shall spend time extremely when two persons are in feelings and emotions each other, it is LOVE in the deepest sense. I would like it above all, that our happy life to light in our hearts the big fire which will not go out all our life. I wrote to you earlier, that I had a young man and I not the ******. I know as to be a number to the favourite person and to give to it the maximal pleasure. You will feel as your life will be filled with success. When I shall be near to you, be ready to a fantastic life which I shall give you, my favourite. You will bathe in my feelings!!!!! Yours, only yours Natalya!!!
Letter 14
Hello my favourite Goodman! Was very glad to receive one more your letter - real acknowledgement of that you not simply my best dream, and a reality. We shall with you together already absolutely soon. But I cannot transfer our separation, now, when I have you, I wish to be with you and to belong to you. If it will be interesting to you to talk to me on my native language, I, certainly, shall learn you to Russian with pleasure. I think from me the good teacher will turn out, and you will be the excellent pupil. I always spoke you, that I so respect with you, therefore I always spoke and I shall speak the ***** truth. I cannot suffer, when the close person says lies to me, I lose to it trust for ever. I am trustful enough. The trust this most precious that is in family, therefore I ask the God that all of us as much as possible trusted our life each other. I can tell to you fairly, that I do not know as, it is possible - to deceive the favourite person. Therefore trust me, I am not going to deceive you, I very much love you and I wish to arrive to you. I wish to become your wife, my love! There Is you and there is I. Recently you became very dear to me. I think of you, I dream of you, I want you. Sometimes I in despair from that understanding that you so am far from me. But despite of it you always with me, my favourite!!! Yours Natalya!
Letter 15
Hi Dear Goodman!!! I do not wish to hide the truth from you. I do not trust you. You ask so many information, it sets me thinking!!! On the Internet it is too much people who collect the information on other people. I do not want, that my bank account has been plundered.
Ps: You did not wish to speak me such trifle what is your name...
How I can trust you?
Letter 16
Remember: the clown never does harm to queen!!
And only the small dog similarly to you long to bark at big dogs!!
Your letter did not force me to have any feelings!!
Bye bye
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