Letter(s) from Ekaterina Semeeva to Bernd (Germany)

Letter 1

Hello from Ukraine)

First of all I want to say how I was happy to get your letter.For me it's so interesting to read it,because I think that you are really interested in me and serious relations.So I can't say this about Ukrainian men((It's not very pleasant to say about it,but I think that it's very serious topic.First of all I want to say that I am there to build a strong family and I am there because in my native country I really don't see a man with whom I can build it.I have many thoughts about my IDEAL family,but about it later.Now i want to say why I am there,on this syte!I think that you heard a lot of informations about other Ukrainian women about our male part of Ukraine.Yes and all things are true.They can't appreciate what they have.And this is not only words.I had a boyfriend there and I understood that he want to be with several women((Very sad(((And I desides to try this one.Maybe my IDEAL MAN is you)Who knows))
It's +380663763570.Hope to hear your voice!
Nowadays I have another plans,today I was in the University and I am studing now very hardly,because I have last year of studying.All the day I was reading and writing....))))And nobody can say who won't let me study all this previoust monthes))))HA HA hA)))But I hope that my knowledge will help me.What do you think?
So I think it's time to finish my letter.Hope you will write me also something interesting about yourself)How is your life now,for example?

Yours Diana

Letter 2

Hello dear Bernd

Thank you for showing interest in me)As you know,my name is Diana.I am 23 years old.I live in small town in the Western part of Ukraine.I am sorry that I wrote that I live in Poland.I wrote this because when I tried to registrate from Ukraine it was impossible.I hope it's not a big problem for you,because I live in Western Part of Ukraine near the border of Poland)It's now very big,but rather beautiful.In this town I spent all my life.I grow there,there I was going to school and now I am studying in the University.The name of it is PRILUTSKE.I think that I will have rather interesting profession in future.I am studying an interior design.From the childhood it was very interesting for me to design how furnute should stay in the house.I am sorry if i make some mistakes in my story,maybe my English is not perfect,but I studied it several years at school and I can write you and read everything,what you will answer me)My English is also rather good to speak with you on the phone,if we will continue our correspondance.
So I can also say that I am writing you from Internet caffe,because I don't have an opportunity to do it from home.But I am working on the part -time job,that's why I think very soon this can be possible for me.
Now I want to say you something about my life.Firat of all I need to say that I live with my parents in flat,whom i love a lot and whom I respect much.I don't think that it's a new for you,because I think that every person should love and respect people,who gave them life.I am not along in my family,I also have my elder sister,but she doesn't live with us,because is get married and live with her new family.She is on 5 years elder then me.
I really don't know what to write more?Or maybe about my hobbies.As for me,I like to go in to sport.When I have spare time,I like to visit swimming-pool.I always go there with my female friends)Sometimes it can be very funny.Sometimes in the free evenings we go to the caffe and talking about evrything)))I hope you understand me)))So and what bout you?Do you have hobbies?Please tell me more about your life)It will be very interesting for me to know more about you.
Also I want to add that I am looking for serious reltions there,so that's why I want to ask you if you don't looking for this one,please tell me about it and we can be just friends)

I don't want to bother you,Bernd,that's why I think that it will be enough.Also send you my photo,hope you will like it.I understand that I am not model,but I think that I am rather smart)