Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Kirillova to Anthony (UK)

Letter 1
Good day Anthony!
It is very big and nice surprise for me to see your message today in my mail box. Let me be honest with you.....I was waiting for your message, but wasn't sure if you would really reply. You made me happy, thank you for this.
I Hope that our further correspondence will be kind, sincere and honest. I think we CAN become very good friends and even more... if you don't mind of course...:-) Before we start our correspondence I want you to know that I'm very serious about relationship, with serious intentions. I mean I am not here for fun (however I love have fun :), but not with relationship) I don't want to play games with anybody and I hate people who do it. I really think that such bad people prevent us, honest people, to find their second halves and to be happy with them. Let me be sincere and honest with you from the very beginning. And I do hope that you will do the same.
I want to promise you that if you read this message till the end, you will know a lot about me and I am sure you will find a lot of useful information for yourself :) Let me start.. First of all, I must say that I'm a single and simple Russian woman. Yes, Russian. I think first question, which you would like me to ask is: "Why do I have wrong country in my profile!" I can explain this with no problems. This is just a mistake there, which can't be fixed. I tried to put my country when I registered there, but with no success. Why? I have no idea! Maybe you can explain this? Yes, this can be really bad news..........BUT!! There are some GOOD NEWS!!! I know that real love has no distance! And I have a very good example on this...but about this next time.... So...why I am here? Do you know that we are looking for totally different things? Surprised? Yes, we are! We (women) looking for men.....but you (men) looking for women.... :)))) Everything else is very simple.... I am woman, who wants to find a real gentleman who will love me, take care about me and who will be the most important man for me in the whole world. Do you know any? Ask the mirror :))) So, some common things about me... My name is Yuliya!
In my 30 (my birthdate is 07-07-1979) I am very easy going,
down to earth woman, who loves this world :) I enjoy spending my time
with my friends my family and my 2 amazing cats, who I love very much. Do you like pets? So...I work in shop and sell kitchen accessories and
souveniers. I have never been married and have no kids, but the same
time I am one of the happiest people you will ever meet. I live alone separetly from my parents. I love spending time with the people that matter the most. I think I am fun to be with and enjoy new experiences. My friends say that I am open minded, confident and definitely a good listener. Looking for a matured man that is primarily loving and caring. What
did mirror told you? Is that you? :))))) We'll see! :)
I hope all I have written has given you an insight about what sort of person I am.
You you know much more :)
My dear, I would be very glad if you reply me back with some information about you. If you read this
message till the end, medal for patience is guaranteed :)) I hope you
have a lot to tell me about yourself, of course, if you are interested
in women like me. But can you make me a favour? Answer me one simple question ok? What is the main priority for you in relationship? Thanks for spending your jewerly time for reading my letter till the end, I apprecite this a lot and promise you that you will never regret about this :)
I want to ask you answer me anyway, not depending on your decision
about us, just let me now that you receive my message! OK? Take care! Have a nice day!
See ya, Yuliya!
P.S. forgot to tell are some of my pictures.
Letter 2
Hello my darling Anthony!
We have a very difficult task!
Eventually we are 2 people who are very far from each other, but we have a great wish to find our happiness even so far away! We'll do it! I was very excited to read everything you wrote me about yourself. Right now I know you much better! Let me be honest….I have already imagined how can we spend our days….me and you! This feeling is really amazing and I dream that when you read my message till the end and pass my test, we will have no more doubts about each other! Let me show you what man do I need… and your heart and your soul will tell you that I speak about you………or maybe not?! Personality! This is the main features which I am looking for in man! Everyone in this world has their own personality, but someone thinks this is not the main. There are women for whom it doesn't matter what personality their man has, they are interested in hot body, someone is interested in big wallet, they are ready to live with "cucumbers" but with rich and hot! This is not about me. I appreciate man first of all like person! I was educated by my family and my life to treat light and clean traits in people. So first of all…YOU HAVE TO BE A GOOD MAN to be with me! Let me be honest, I think you are :)) Humor! Sense of humor is very important for me! I don't like people who is always serious and when you try to have some laugh they are always sit with gloomy face! I need man who likes to laugh and enjoy fun times together with me! I have a joke for you. I won't say that you have to laugh reading it, but loot at yourself ,do you smile? or maybe not? Let me know if you found it funny: One man called ***** says 'I'm being circumcised tomorrow' his mate **** says 'I had that done when I was just a few days old!' ***** 'does it hurt?' **** 'Well I couldn't walk for a year'. Sensuality! I know when 2 people live together for a long time life can change. There can be good moments, but also bad. I need man who can understand me. Sometimes it can be very sad and I just need someone to understand me, support me in difficult situation and love me more during these periods than I need. I need this because I am very sensual and romantic. I will always support my man when he needs me, I will always listen to him and help with everything I can! There are people who thinks about their self's more than about their love. But I will love YOU more than you love me and I need man who will love ME more than yourself. Are you this man? Anthony, when I saw pictures which you sent me from places where you were I imagine us there together, how great could be a time which we could spend together there, but.... we need to be sure, yes? Do i believe inlove in 1st sight? yes! And now the most interesting part :))) TEST!!!!!!!!! Please be honest with your answers and you will see if we are similar :) Put yourself in the following situation: Imagine you live in a large block of flats. At half past two in the morning your doorbell rings. You go to the entryphone and ask who's there, and a slurred voice wants to know if a Mr Miller lives at this address. There is indeed a Mr Miller living in the building. What would you be most likely to say? 'Have another drink. It might help you hit the right buzzer.'
"Are you mad, or what - waking up complete strangers in the middle of the night?"
'Mr Miller's buzzer is the one above mine.'
'Sorry, but I am not Mr. Miller. But I realize that it's hard to see the buzzers in the dark."
(My answer is 3) If someone contradicts you when you know that you are right, how do you usually react? I get annoyed about their 'know-it-all' attitude, but keep quiet.
Winning arguments isn't that important to me.
I try to convince the other person that I'm right.
I'll make it clear who's right.
(my answer is 3) Do you believe that people are essentially good-natured?
Yes, always.
I try.
I sometimes find it difficult to believe in that.
Not really. My good faith has been tested too many times.
(My answer is 1) My darling Anthony!
I am sure we will not have the same answers on all questions, but we don't need this. Now you can see what person I am and you can know me much better! I think you will understand for yourself if we are match. This test will just show how positive you and open minded. I truly believe that we are match and I would be very happy if we can create a nice, happy, open and very honest relationship with each other! I will wait for your answer impatiently!
Take care, my dear and have a nice day! Your, Yuliya!
Letter 3
Hello my darling Anthony! Did you know that Baobab seed lies in the ground 5 years with no signs of life and then grows for 1 year into the BIG tree? Much time I was alone and I didn't know if I would ever find my one and only man! I think that "waiting" time is over! I found you! You know, I am sitting now and thinking: "How much Kristina was right that love had no age and distance!" I am proud of her and I truly believe that we can repeat their struggle and be happy like Kristina with Allan. The only question is if you are ready for changes? This night was not very sleepy for me. I thought about test which I gave you and thought, what if you are not like me? What if you would say to that man who wanted to know if Mr. Miller lives there: "'Have another drink. It might help you hit the right buzzer." That would killed me…not physically, but morally.. But you didn't! And I proud of you! I was thinking yesterday night…… how would be great to see you in real life and with my eyes see your smile! How would be great to come from the airplane and see your happy face waiting for me in the airport with armful of flowers? How would be great to feel your touch and hear all that sweet words which you write me? But I thought if you can give that all to me…… When my lovely sister Kristina found her love I looked at her and couldn't understand how is that possible? I didn't believe…… But TODAY I understand her more than ever…I think I found that man who I want to meet with, who I want to come to…who I want to spend my days…and prove to me….prove to you…prove to everyone…that we CAN BE HAPPY and WE WILL!!! Days are leaving away…..but we are still alone…why??? Do we deserve this? I think we deserve to BE HAPPY! There was so much things in your life and in mine, good and bad...but it doesn't matter! We are here right now, writing to each other….this is not vain…do you agree? Anthony, let me be honest with you… I promised you to be honest and I will always be… It is very difficult for me to write you this message. Why? Because I really have no idea what will you say to me when I ask you: "Anthony, would you accept me to come to you?" I dream that your answer will be "YES!" and you will make me the most happy woman in this world! And when I come……I promise you that YOU WILL BE THE HAPPIEST MAN IN THIS WORLD WITH ME!!! I can't write anymore………. I worry too much about all of this and I would better wait for your answer to calm down :) You became very important person for me, Anthony, but I just need to know who am I for you!? I think I won't sleep tonight at all :))) and wait for your mail impatiently! Have a great day! Sincerely, Yuliya
Letter 4

Hello my darling Anthony! I remember myself when I entered college and pass my exams. I didn't know if I passed them or not and here is I am coming to see the results……my heart is beating fast…my palms are dump…I am worrying very much because I think that my life depends on entering the college…..I am coming to the board with results……….there are hundreds names there……I am looking for my name….HERE IT IS! I DID IT! :) Feelings which I have felt 2 minutes ago, when I was coming here, can't compare even with my feelings when I entered the college. My heart… have been beaten so fast like never before….My head……Dizziness like I am in space and there is no Gravity….Worrying…..I can't explain it with any words! I read your message…….. I can't believe my eyes!!! Anthony, do you know what have you done? You have just made me THE HAPPIEST woman in the world! I thought when I read your message I will calm down and will feel myself very quiet. But….my heart is still beating very fast…how can I name this feeling? Do you know? My sweetheart, we will have a lot of time to learn each other more and more..deeper and deeper… but the main we have done!!! I know we are SOULMATES, do you agree? I know that you are VERY NICE person who I want to be with and share my life with! Anthony, I have a lot to tell you about me today! I think this will be interesting for you to know! But before this I have to tell you something… I have bad news…. I don't have wings…. I live thousands kilometers away from you and I can't just fly to you even today and show you all my feelings….. But there are some good news…. We live in 21 century and nothing is impossible!!! Tomorrow the first thing for me will be ask for vocation from my boss. Let me be honest….I hope this vocation will be for all my life….Second thing, I will go to the travel agency to find out how can I come to you as soon as possible…and third…I will run here to tell you everything :)) But now I have to tell you something…. I don't know how will you look at this, but I promised you to be always honest! You already known that the main trait for me in person is personality. I have to tell you some more things about my personality and if you are not frightened this means that you will be the happiest man in the world with me… I can be very different… There is the "Sensitive Yuliya," who is very compassionate and understanding, who gives all that she can to help others… then there is "The Wild Yuliya, who is so spontaneously embarks on incredible adventures in life… and then, the "Creative Yuliya" who loves to build things and create unique but simple solutions to pressing problems… then there is the "Spiritual Yuliya, who contrary to her ****** and sensual mind, is deeply committed to serving The Lord… and then there is the "Hilarious Yuliya," whose quick wit and humor will keep you howling in laughter… and then, there is the "Simple, Loving Yuliya," who just wants to enjoy a stable, fulfilling life with a wonderful man…YOU! My dear Anthony, I want you to know that I absolutely and without any doubt…. ADORE YOU! Your care, attention and affection have brought me alive again… you are a truly remarkable man!!! I can only imagine just how exquisite that wonderful moment will be when I shall be blessed to, "feel the warmth of your touch…" and…. to be able to look in your eyes on a very special day when we see each other for the first time! Here I am Anthony…
If you can love me like who I am, I am here for you… from my tips of fingers..till the deepest part of my soul.. I will wait for your letter so impatiently… Your, Yuliya. P.S. I truly believe that tomorrow will the one of most important days and we will make this true!!!
Letter 5
Good day my darling Anthony! Sometimes "stars" fall down from the sky. People are used to make wishes when they see that, but to be honest, I have never did that before. Yesterday when I come home I had a lot of thoughts. I came to the window…it was darkness outside…I was watching and dreaming….. Do you know what did I see? Yes! Suddenly "the star" fell down. I couldn't believe my eyes…Really! There was something inside me which told me that this is the SIGN! I made a wish… first time in my life… but only time can show if my wish will come true… Today was amazing day for me!!! Everything began with so brightly shining sum, which met me in the morning…people were smiling to me all day long..I couldn't believe that all this happens with me…so amazing feeling.. I came to my work….I didn't know how to tell my boss about my vocation, but I gathered my forces and came to him…I explained him my situation….Anthony, you can believe me or not, but my boss started to laugh…I was confused and even a little scared…but than he stoped and told me: "My little Yuliya, go forward to your happiness and be happy!!! You can take your vocation, but when you meet with him, send me a card :)!!!" Anthony, I have never seen my boss from this side. He was strict man, but today his mood was like mine…what is this? I have no idea! Anyway, my work day passed great! All clients was very polite and buy a lot!!! After that I have gone to the travel agency to find out if I am able to fly to you. I was so amazed that when I came there all of them were smiling too and even brought me a cup of tea :) (I suppose this is their job "to smile" :)) So, I had a conversation with very nice woman, she explained me about documents which I need to come to you. I was so happy to hear that this is possible! WOW! So, she told me that first of all I have to book passport to be able to travel. It can be made in less than one week and costs 150 euros. When I go it, I will book tickets to Moscow to visit embassy for interview and accepting a visa. Tickets to Moscow cost 100 euros. I will have to stay there for about 3-5 days, depends on how long will my visa be accepted. I will have to take a room in Moscow to live there for 3-5 days. She told me that it will costs about 150 euros. And then nothing will stop me to get a ticket and fly to you!!!! My sweet, I was so happy to hear all of this from her. I was so happy to hear that all of this is possible and can be made so quickly! Anthony, my sweet, will you help me with 400 euros? I am full of forces and ready to start everything even tomorrow…I want to be with you so much…. I must be honest and say that I was really quite anxious to arrive here this evening... to see if you had written back, my sweet Anthony! Receiving your letters is the highlight of my
day, believe me! I am absolutely crazy about you, darling…Maybe I may appear like a dreamer, so please forgive me, but I truly want to meet you darling... I am so frustrated at the moment by the physical distance between us at a time when it is so important that
you and I begin to spend a bit of time together. Hey... do you think you could tolerate a lifetime with a woman like me???? :))) You will never be bored I can guarantee you! :)) I obviously have been thinking about you and how we could ensure a wonderful and thrilling life together.... I was thinking... it will be important for each of us to clearly define our respective needs and share them with each other, so that we both know how we must respond to truly and completely fulfill each other. One of my major needs, in all honesty, is intense affection. I am
not speaking in the context of a ****** need because that too is an intense but different need for me as I am sure you suspect, but I do need to be hugged and kissed and touched on a regular, daily basis. I love " comfort contact " just knowing that you are next to me. It is part of just " feeling the warmth of your touch. " Anyway, I think that this would be a very healthy exercise for both of us, so I want you to be completely honest in defining your needs, that I must address and respond to. My sweetheart, Anthony, I will wait for your mail impatiently! I believe in us and believ in our happiness together! With soul heat, Yuliya
Letter 6
Hello my darling, Anthony! You have a great character trait: you know how to make woman HAPPY! :) This is trait, which I appreciate a lot and this is so important for both of us…because I KNOW HOW TO MAKE YOU HAPPY AND I WILL! I was thinking a lot yesterday…to be honest I started to think a lot much time ago, when I met you…..every day….more and more…. I wished so much that you are able to bring me to you and today I can't hide my gladness!!!
My sweet, Anthony, I have to tell you that Kristina passed all these steps with Allan and I know what result is waiting for us! I am so happy! My darling, I know that very soon we will be together and finaly meet with each other, this is so great! I am so happy that you are able to help me with this amount… This means for us that… I will start to make my papers…I will make them….I will fly to you….we will meet with each other…and will be the happiest pair in this world! My sweetheart, as soon as you send me this amount, I will immediately go to the travel agency and start to make all papers! My papers will allow me to come to you for 3 months, darling, this is great! And if we decide (I hope we will) that I need to stay longer, or maybe forever, we can go to the immigration office together in your country, but this will be in future. This time I will make tourist visa, I will not need invitation or anything else from you, I will come like a tourist :) My darling, we have 2 money transfer systems here, they are Western Union and Money Gram.
You can use any of them, I think they are the similar, however Kristina with Allan used Money Gram. You can see which ones office closer to you and you can use that one, which you feel more comfortable. My darling, to send me this amount you will need to know my full name and address, here they are: First name: Yuliya
Last name: Ezhova
Country: Russia
City: Tsivilsk
Address: Sovetskaya street 112-15, 429901 My sweetheart, when you go to WU or MG and send me amount, I will need you to send me your full name, city where you sent money from and you will be given control number, which is necessary for me to receive your amount. That's all! I understand you about waiting, but what do you think about such offer? You can send me 150 euros for passport now, while it is making, you can save the rest, please let me know, anthony, what do you think? Yes, we are far and I can't show you everything I feel and think, but I hope that my mails can up your mood and when you read them there always be a smile on your face :)))) I feel myself that I am ready for this relationship, which we built in our mails now, but soon this will become reality! All your words are always in my heart, and I know that you are honest, tender, gentle and generous man! This is exactly what I am looking for! Oh, no, this is exactly what I WAS looking for, because I found this person, who I needed, this is you Anthony!
I don't know what are you doing now, but I dream, that you are snugged into your bed and dreaming! I just want wish that I was there, beside you, holding you in my arms, my head resting blissfully on your chest, our legs entwined... Actually, I can think of no greater emotional sensation for me, than each morning, to be able to simply take you in my arms, while you are beginning to awaken, and whisper some sweetie words in your ear, as I kiss your neck so tenderly, and you begin to become aroused!!!! Saying, "Good Morning, my love Anthony!" could become a very serious habit with me, darling!!!! Maybe, you and I should just be together, and I could practice these words…Every day, I have been just consumed by thoughts of you, darling… I really do not understand how you have managed to exert such tremendous influence over me but… I adore it!!! Such wonderful sensations, as I experience with you, have just never happened to me before in my life and the irony is that, we have not even held each other, nor embraced??? I have to think that an absolutely wonderful life is waiting for us together, but… we must be together!!! You know, so often during even frenetic days here at my work, I wonder what you are doing… what you are thinking… what you may be feeling??? I do believe that what is vital, my beloved Anthony, is that you and I need to be together, void of outside distractions and responsibilities. We need a to be immersed in a stimulating atmosphere and environment, wherein we can begin to intuitively "see within one another," moreover than just enjoying fun adventures and activities together. But we also need our "quiet time" as well, and also, I am certain, you will want your own, private time alone, just to be by yourself to think things through, about all that is happening. Otherwise, we can both fall into "emotional overload, with too much happening, too fast," for us to cope adequately. I mean, I would just love to be able to sit and chat quietly and seriously with you about stuff… even if you are lounging ***** in the bath tub at the time!!! I might even be able to carry on an intelligent conversation with you under such circumstances.... :)))) I am really, with all my heart, waiting when all these moments will become reality and we can deeply fall in love with each other! I think I am ready to try, what about you..............??? Take care my darling, I will wait for your answer impatiently! Sincerely, Yuliya
P.S. please don't forget to send me all information which I will need.
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