Scam letter(s) from Marina Leningradskaya to Stan (Kuwait)

Letter 1
Hello my dearest and sweetest, the one and only, the most desirable man in the whole world, Stan!
today in the morning the pigeon were knocking at my window... i wondered what the matter was and then i have found out that it was just knocking... and you, know here in my country it is such a belief that if a pigeon is sitting near your window, it means that you will receive a letter... and how happy i were to find out that there is a letter from you, Stan, waiting for me in my e-mail box...
honey, Stan, from the day we met here in the Internet, i felt that you are the man i was looking for, that you would hold my heart in your hands! and now i see that you are not only holding my heart in your hands, you are also owning me... really.. you may not believe me, but it is true... you completely own me and every part of me!!!
when i am thinking of you my heart is so full of love and passion for you that i can hardly contain myself... and it is so difficult to breath!!!
Stan, the picture you resend me was taken the last summer.
Stan, i am sending you the scanned copy of my domestic passport.
Stan, do not worry about my present job, i am sure that i will be able to solve all the problems with this. i do not know how much i will stay there with you. i will stay till you get tired of me. :))
hahahaha :))))
Stan, as for my parents they will be happy by knowing that i am happy.
Stan, i will be waiting for the money to come, as i understand i have your full name and that will be enough to get the money!... right? so, i will be waiting for the money to come on Monday. as soon as i get it i will let you know...
Stan, thanks for giving the information you gave me about you.
Stan, i am thinking about spending every minute of every day with you and hold you so close to me.. i am sure that when we meet i will hold you so tight that it will be hard to breath both for you and me... and it will seem that i will never let you go...
"never never let you go, you are the one i am searching for. flesh of my flesh, **** of my **** Love’s carving it in the stone"....
Stan, whenever you think of me, please know that no matter how many miles separate us or how much of our lives comes between us, you are and always will be the love of my life! i thank for God everynight for letting me meet you and for falling in love with me because i know that it would never be as perfect any other way. i love you with all that i am...
love always, yours Marina
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