Scam letter(s) from Illiana Fox to Sang (Thailand)

Letter 1
i have went to the embassy but they can help me they just told me that i have to pay my bills i own the hotel before they can help out and as for removing from aff am just a standard member am not Gold member am real girl am even shy of asking you for help but i just have let you know my plight i need you help me back home today honey pls how i wish you are here to know what am going through you will have know what am talking about but anyway let explain to you in summary. As you already know .I`m single never married.I`m the only child of my late Parents.My Father and mother are both dead and I had lost contact with other members of the family even before the departure of my parents.My father past away a couple of years ago when i was 3.I grew up partly in the Ireland and speak little dutch...with my grandma but before my dad used to own some companies here.
After my parents' death i finds out that my father left some fund with a security company here in Nigeria Africa.I bought a round trip ticket to Africa nigeria because i had to come to Africa to get hold of the fund.But right now the whole news is getting really bad for me.When i got here I met with the management of the security company where my father's money is being held.I was told and it also proven officially to me that the fund has not reach it maturity level.
The fund can not be released to me until it reaches it maturity which is still going to take some time.After some few weeks with no success, I decided to leave.i intended I must come back later to get hold of the fund at it maturity.After get the fund in the nearest future I am planning to settle down anywhere in the world so far i find my love there and also to start my own business and find my love. Someone who can assist , advice, guide and support me in establishing my own business. Someone who will be my love and my world. Hope you could be the one. I am willing to get the **** out of here now before my return ticket got expired ......but unfortunately i cant just leave cuz the hotel where i lodged has all my paper with ticket seized cuz i overstayed and i dont have more penny to pay for the overstay.......
so the hotel managerment doesnt want me to walk away with the bill i owe.......
but despite all my cry and pleading to them they still resisted.....
have been keeping this to me for long but this time i got no choice than to disclose my plight to you cuz its only you i could confide on after the death of my parents........please i just need to get outahere as fast as possible before my ticket expires.........
i just need you to help me out with the bills of the hotel so i could get my papers and rush to the airport to set for my flight home........
all i need to pay is 700usd to get all this done and i would really appreciate if you could help me outahere...........and we sort things out when i come home to meet you...
please help me send the money through westernunion to the hotel information below
thanks for wiping away my tears
please send through westernunion click on to get any agent around closest to you to recall you again send the money through this information
reciever's name: jessica stephanie wilson
city: lagos
state :lagos
country: Nigeria
amount :700usd
question behalf
answer:hotel bill
please send all the information needed to pick up the money into my email like:
mtcn(control number)
sender's full name
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