Scam Letter(s) from Julia Mashtaler to Stan (Kuwait)

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Letter 1

hello dear Stan!!!

Thank you very much for your letter and chat today!!! swety, i wish you good luck in your meeting and really hope it will be good!!!

dear Stan, will wait news from you tomorrow..please at once when you decide smth with travel agency let me know..ok? honey, i hardly can belive then so little time left and we will be together!!!I am so happy about it!!and what about my dearest Stan?

Sweety, you know, today i also will go i have told you my friend have birthday and i don't know what present should i give her...really hope I will find smth good!!!

dear Stan, you still didn't tell me what souvenir do you want me to bring you from Ukraine?you know, that i cook very good..i was thinking to cook some special cake for our meeting..but don't know will i b let with it to the plane...can you tell me please will it be possible..ok, dear?

ok..dear Stan,..I will return work now
wait for your answer as soon as possible
send you million of kisses
sincerely yours

Letter 2

sweety, i have already gave you phone number of my friend..we work together. so, i write you it once is +380996207251. so, please call me today till 5 PM...i really hope that you will manager to reach this number..just if not..i really dont know what should we do then...

you know, i have told about this problem to my boss...asked her know, she is grown woman and she treat me like daughter)so, you proposed me following know, that at my work i have computer...also we have microphone...may be you and me will create yahoo messenger and you will call em to messenger...what do you think about such proposition?i have already created is, please also created yahoo messenger..them add me and we will try to talk over microphone..what do you think about such proposition?

dear Stan...did you contact travel agency once more?what did you decide? with every new day we have little and little time left before meeting and we start to make all documents as soon as possible!!do you agree with me, dear Stan?

tell me please how are you this day?how is your work and health?by the way, did you already take day off when i come?i really hope that you will be bale to meet me in the airport!!!you know, i dream too much to see you first when come to your country..dream to hug you..feel your strong hands on my shoulders and feel your kiss on my lips!!!

please answer me as soon as possible!
send you million of kisses
sincerely yours



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