Scam Letter(s) from Mila Kairova to Sunil (Kuwait)

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Letter 1

Thank you for your letter.Thank you for your trust. It is very important for me. I trust you as well and I hope that we will be together soon.Answering on your question. Yes I will buy some flowers. You know I like roses very much and I would like you to present me some flowers one day when we are together! Of course I will buy some food but I would like to spend this money on something that can stay with me for a long time to remeber about you. I was going to buy a dress and when I come to you I will wear it. I am sure that you will like it, Do you like red coloour? I like it very much!!! I am glad that your meeting was good. I worried about it very much,Speaking about the visa, First of all I will make the passport and then when you send me the money on the visa I will know all the information about it still now I can tell you that. The visa will be dome in some days. I will be able to stay in your country for 90 days without any problems.I wanted to ask you if I am able to stay in your house I I will have to make reservation in hotel? Also I have not a good news for you about the money. It is a shame for me to ask you for money but I have founf out that the plaine usualy goes from Kiev and other cities with international airport so I will have to get to the city bu bus. I have founf out about the cost and it is cost about 100$... Can you tell me from what city are you going to take the tickets so I will find out how can I get there!!!
I kiss you and I am waitign for your answer

Letter 2

Thank you for your letter. I still think that it will be good to meet at leats for a month.Anyway there are two ways. The first one I will come to you and my visa is finished we will go the embassy there and to make it longer. And the second way I will make it from here. They will close this visa and will open the news one for 3 mothes.To make that I have to give them 200$ you want to know ,y opinion I think that it is better to make in your country for free then here for 200$ but itb is your money and yu can do what you want. They can make in the same day I pay then so it is not a problem. So think about me and let;'s meet at last. I am having holidays now so I don't want to spend this time sitting at home......

Letter 3

Thank you for your answer.It will take some days to arrange everything so I hope that you can send me not only 200$ for this visa but some money on the train tickets to Kiev and the plain tickets to you. I think that we shouldn't wais any time now... We were waiting for too long....
I kiss you and I hope to talk with you on the phone abd discuus everything.



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