Scam letter(s) from Alina Ranneva to Mark (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my new Friend !!! How are you ? I hope you fine. I am very happy to receive your letter. It is very pleasant for me that you turn up your attention to my profile. I have never search men via Internet, and now I try to find my future destiny here, because I can not live without good and careful man beside me. All right I shall tell you about in late. And now I shall tell you about me. My name is Alina. I am 26 years old. I was born on the 2 of February in 1982 year. I am a Aquarius on mark of the zodiac. I was born in Moscow, I lived there five years. Then my parents decided to live in Kazan. Then I lived there and studied there. After ended the school. I entered on the economic Faculty in Kazan. state University and ended it very well. I met my husband there, with which divorced three years ago. Perhaps we were very young. I was 20 years old and my husband was 21. We often quarreled and abused to each other and so we decided don't to pull out nerves. We had not child, we lived only both. And so at me anything also has not developed in private life, since time I decided never connection my life with Russian men. And now I still hope to find my latter half on all peace who knows where is my fate my be !? All in life happens also good luck and sorrow ... So I always hope for one more chance in my life! I very like such men which are loyally to there lover which are ready to help in difficult minute, which are always will understand and will support and the trust is very important. It is impossible to build any relations without it ! Are you agree with me ? I want to listen your opinion about it. If you can to send me any photos I shall glad to receive it. I want to see you very much. I shall send you my photos which helped to made my friend Katya. Sorry for my English and please you are free to ask anything you like. Be sure, I'll try answer to you. Sorry let me finished my letter. I shall wait for you answer with impatience !!! Your new friend Alina !!!
Letter 2
Hello my friend !!! I am very happy to get your letter again. At me directly oppress it is pleased when I got letters from you. I hope that I liked the fancy you too. How are you ? What did you do today ? It would be very interesting to me to learn you more close! I already told you, that I ended economic faculty of the Kazan. state university. But my life composed so that I am saleswoman in book shop. I live with my parents my mother and my father in three rooms flat. I have not any sisters and brothers, I am the only child in my family. My parents stayed on pension not long ago. My mother worked as a baker on the plant bakery and father was a driver on instrumental factory. And now they rest at home, and in summer they had rested on country house. Some words about me. My height is 170 centimeters (5'7), my weight is 52 kilograms. My eyes is blue . I don't have any bad habits: I don't smoke, I don't drink hard drinks and, of course, I don't use any drugs. I can afford myself to drink some soft grape vine or some beers in a good company. On Saturdays my friends and I usually go to discos, to the cinema or theatre or just to the cafes and bars. It's just a rest after a hard week of work. My hobbies I am doing aerobics and go to the fitness club. I try to do that every evening but unfortunately I don't have much time for it now. My favorite anima is dog because I have a dog, and his bred is Rottweiler. Name of my dog is Roksana. I like her very much ! My favorite color is white, blue and yellow. My favorite smell is the small of jasmine. I liked film " The brotherhood of the rings " very much. And I liked good slow weaken full music. I don't like Jazz, Rock, Rap. My favorite music group is " Roxette " and I like good old band " Abba ". This group was very popular. And what is music you like ? Do you like dancing. I liked dancing very much as slow music as quick music. I liked easy clothes, but I hated variegated clothes. I prefer simple skirt, blouse, jacket. I like to travel very much. But I have never been in other countries. I have never been outside of Russia ! But I dreamed since childhood of will went in other country ! It is very wonderful countries. There are another people in other countries, are not ? It is interest, are the people kind or wicked, hospitable or not ? People in Russia are very hospitable ! And specks that Russia is kind soul ! Whom am I looking for my live? I am looking for a man who can be not only a good husband, but faithful and understanding friend as well. Which would trust me, never humiliated, offended, stretched the hand when to me it is bad. I want to have a happy family. Tell me about you please ! Where are you work ? Do you have any children ? Do you have serious relations with other girls ? Or not ? I very much would like to learn you more close ! If you want to earn me you can answer any questions about me ! Well ? That all for now please write me and tell me please more about you !!! Your new friend Alina !!!
Letter 3
Hello my darling !!! How are you ? I am very glad to get your letter ! I is very pleasant to get your cordial letters, it warms up my heart and I am very glad, that I had meet with you ! I want to tell you very important thing in this letter. Maybe you know, that now there are many deceivers and swindle in Internet. Just so, I do not want any games with you in our relations. I want full trust in our relations. I liked you very much and I don't want to lose you. So I ask you very much to don't play with me. There is no nothing, sense to betray yours trust, because I don't begin to sacrifice myself, I don't want to get in the prison ! I want good warm relations and retrain good end what do you think about it, my darling ? Do you agree with me ? I know, that now it is very difficult to trust for people, but believe me, please. What for I shell betray you. I have parents and I don't want to look some criminal girl in your eyes. I don't want to lose friends, I want warm relations between ourselves. Are you agree with me, my darling ? I want to find those man, who is always love me, who is always trust me, who is never deceive me. This man, no must to offend me. I want that he help me in difficult minutes. I want to make family, I want to acquire children ! Do you want have any children ? I want to acquire boy and girl very much ! And what do you want to acquire ? I want to become best, fine and beloveds mother for my children. I want to become beloveds wife for, my darling husband. I am very young ! I am only 27 years old ! I want to have wonderful and romantic future ! I want live Russia, because the life in Russia is so difficult and though we got used to it sometimes I feel so unsafe and tired from everything. I love one person so much and wanted to give him everything, to make him happy. But he was so unfaithful and cheated. It is a problem of many men in Russia, they drink too much and then are unfaithful to their wives. I see that you are a very good, honest person. And I am so happy I was able to meet you. You are just my treasure. I know it is not a very modest question, but can you please, tell me about your relations. Sorry for asking. But if it is not pleasant for you to talk About this, let's close this topic. Now I am romantic and pensive and the strong man's shoulder beside is necessary for me. I would like to enjoy life to the fullest. Life is short and every minute of it is worth living and enjoying. Also, I like to think and I have many dreams ... One of the dreams is to meet a wonderful man who will be my best friend and love, with whom I can share the rest of my life through good and difficult times. I hope, that you will become this man for me. I dream of a meeting with decent and kind foreign man and to remove to his country. I know that international marriage is special kind of marriage when the confluence of different cultures and languages is held. It's rather sad to part with parents and friends. I know that on removing to another country I will have to change many outlooks and life style. Write me about it, please my darling ! What do you think about it ? I want to earn your opinion very much ! I'll finish this letter. Write me soon and take care. Your friend Alina !!!
Letter 4

Hello my darling !!! How are you now ? I am fine and so happy read letter from you! Oh, how I was glad to get letter from you today! I hope that all is very good. I have some difficult day today, and I got tired very much. But I'm interested to know so what you wrote to me today. I waited this moment when I can to go and to get tour warm letter. But it is my fourth letter, but I seem that I know you many years and very long, with early childhood ! May be you see that I am nice to you, I am unit difference to you ? It was very interesting to me mix with you, to earn each other ! Dear tell me please about your childhood, I very much would like to learn what from you there was a childhood! My childhood, I think was very interesting in all world ! It was best years in my life for me ! There were not any problems, any cares, only gladness and pleasure ! I am very liked to walk wit my friends in the park. We went to swim in summer. We very glad to go in the forest to skate to ski, to play in snowball in the winter ! In the childhood I with the girlfriends very much liked to take a walk, were very naughty, climbed on roofs, for what very strongly abused us. Then were together taught at one school and on it our ways have gone away. All have run up who where who in university to study who for medical college have left - other city. But all the same we very much like to gather, talk, about the one who as lives, etc. I very much love the friends and I do not want them to lose. I am very liked to care for homeless animals: cats, dogs, birds. My friends and I got and helped homeless animals. We fed, cared for there and then we gave animals in good hands. I till now can not to see for homeless animals, to me becomes not on itself, I am very pity theirs and sometimes I help to animals, but I have no enough financial means ! I want to give back my childhood !!! My childhood was very care free and happy time !!! By the way my children dream was so to met with boy in other country I hope that my dream will realized ! Dear, I think that I wrote all what I wanted and I want to rest now. Write me more quickly ! Well, that’s all for today. E-mail me as soon as possible and I'm be looking forward to your reply. Your friend Alina !!!
Letter 5
Hello my dear !!! How are you? I was glad to receive your e-mail! We've been knowing each other for so little but it seems to me that I know you for a long time. I think it’s so because we understand each other. You should know that you are really important for me. It seems that you are interested in me as well and it’s nice to feel that because you know it’s wonderful to feel that somewhere there lives a man who think about me. Sorry that I tell you about that but I just want you to know about that. What are you doing now? I'm interested in everything that happens to you, I want to know about everything. I in free time from work I am engaged in domestic affairs to knit to look the TV, to read magazines, very much I like to go shopping with the girlfriend. In days off we gather all company and we go to cinema, theatres. It very much is pleasant to us! By the way what do you like from foodstuffs? From the Mexican dishes I prefer: the Mexican vegetable soup, chops in a grill, burrito, cakes with almonds ... In us in Russia from the foodstuffs are very popular: borsch, schi, pancakes, pel'menis, a potato, macaroni etc. Try Russian pel'menis, very much it is pleasant to you! To me very much like this food !!! Well, that’s all for today. Write me soon and take care. Kiss, take care, Alina !!!
Letter 6
Hello my dear !!! How are you? I'm fine. I'm very glad that you wrote to me a big letter, and that you explain me all situation. What is weather do you have? In childhood I have very afraid cold weather. But now this is ok with me. Because I'm a big girl. LOL. It's so interesting, we live in same world but have so different time and weather, we talk on different language. I think that in the past we had time then all people talk on same language. Do you religious? And what is you religion. I'm not so religious, but I trust in God. I'm Christian orthodox. I don't know how much different we have between Catholics and orthodox. Sometimes I visit a church. But not often. I love to talk about religion but we will have time for this, if you want of course. You told me that I can ask you some questions. I write to you some and write my answer to it. 1) What is your full name? My full name Alina Ranneva. 2) What is your favorite ice cream flavor? I like vanilla ice-cream. 3) What is your favorite scent? My favorite scent is jasmine. 4) Who is your favorite musician? My favorite musician Eric Clapton and Roxette. 5) What is the best movie you've ever seen (do you like thriller movies?) My favorite movie is " Meet Joe Black " and " Brave heart ", I like thriller movie " Seven " and etc. 6) Do you like spicy food? I like spicy food. 7) Would you enjoy a multi-day hiking trip? I enjoy traveling. 8) What do you like best about me? You intelligent and caring man. 9) Where do you see us in the future? While I don't know but I want create a strong family! 10) Although we have only e-mailed each other, I can't help myself falling in love with you. Are you falling in love with me? Sometimes I think Why I don't meet you early. 11) If you had one wish, what would it be? My wish!? My wish is very simple I want to be happy! I will wait for you letter as soon as you promise me. Sweet kiss warm hug !!! Your dear Alina !!!
Letter 7
Hello my dear!!! How are you now? I am fine and so happy read letter from you! Oh, how I was glad to get letter from you today! You make me my day! Your letters are like sun! it warm me so much! As I wrote I am fine today! I woke up today at 7 Am, have a breakfast, then I went to my work and writing letter to you! Yesterday I met my girlfriend, she is my best girlfriend. I did not see her for 2 months, 4 months ago she flied to USA, she married on good man from Las Vegas. Now she come to Russia to visit her family and friends. We spoke with her about many things, and when I told her that I found good man, she was so happy for me. She could not believe me that I found you via Internet. I thought about you today, I imagined myself that I come to you, you meet me in the airport with bouquets of roses, and I was so lucky to see you face! And you will kiss me first time, it will be so unforgettable time for me. Do you want to see me? You know that we’ll be able know each other better if we meet. Well, sorry if you don’t like this idea I’ll not speak about that. As for me I really want to come to you! What do you think? What’s going on there? What’s new? How’s your weather? What have you been doing today? For me everything is important and so you are free to ask me about everything as well. Well, I have to go now. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day and take care. Kiss and hug, Alina !!!
Letter 8
Hello my love !!! How are you today? I am fine and so glad to get letter from you now! I got your letter in the morning and when I read all that you wrote me, I was glad about all this things. When I got your letter today in the morning, I went to my aunt, who work in the travel company. I come back from her about hour ago. When I come to my aunt, she was so glad to see me (we did not see a long time). I asked her about prices for tickets and visa. She explain me about everything. She checked the cost of the airline tickets. Price of ticket to you is 1345 $ - 1389 $ - 1415 $ US dollars ... and then already will be too expensive. The price of plan depend on quality and comfort of place. I need in round-trip tickets, it's a kind of a guarantee for my government. By the way, my aunt send to you her hi, and she want to tell you to care about me, and she asked me tell you do not worry about my tickets and visa (and other documents). She will help me at all, and I'm so happy about it. So, you must tell me, can I order this tickets? I will need visa to you country. Such trips cannot involve employment, and the length of stay may be up to one year. So, about visa, this type of visa (with documents + foreign passport) will cost 8800 RUS rubles (approximately 300 US $). To order my visa will take 6 - 8 days, but I believe that my aunt can help me to get it faster. Dear I think that we'll be decide how much I stay with you together. But I will take vacation, it will be only two months. if all be Ok then I can forget my job and stay with you. I shall write dear, all flight to you hardly later. My aunt while learns all. For you it is good? So, I need 1350 $ US dollars for all my trip to you, my aunt told me that it is very cheap for us, because very soon prices will go up, and all things will cost more expensive. I asked her about how I can book my tickets, she told me that she will help me with this tickets. Tell me about all that I wrote you. Please, don’t worry about my visa I can afford to pay for that by myself but I’m afraid it’ll be too expensive for me to buy tickets, so I hope that you’ll not refuse to help me with the money for airline tickets for me. I must be sure that you’ll help me. What do you think? I think that it’s a good idea to come to you as only than we’ll know each other better. I imagined several times us walking in the park, my arm in you arm, we are walking and walking and there’s no one around us who’s happier than me. Isn’t it fantastic? Well that’s all for today. Take care for me. Sweet kiss warm hug! Love, your Alina !!!
Letter 9
Hello my love !!! How are you my dearest??? I hope that at you all well. That is very a pity to me that I till now have not received from you the letter but you are possible was simply very much borrowed and consequently could not write to me. Dear I in each days began to think only of you and about our meeting and I very much hope for that that we already very soon shall meet you. I now would give all that even for one instant to be with you beside but unfortunately it is impossible. I very much ask you please make all that we have met you as soon as possible. Well? I very much love you and except for you nobody is necessary for me. On it I shall finish the letter and with the big impatience I shall wait from you the letter. Always only yours love Alina!!!
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