Scam letter(s) from Peace Obobhase to Thurold (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hi, i got ur mail and i am happy to hear from u and i have sent my pic and i wil like to hear from u agian here is my no if u don?t mind 0034618016085
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Name: Venera Imaykina
Age: 34
Name: Ludmila
Age: 22
Name: Tatyana
Age: 25
Name: Anna Afaneseva
Age: 30
Name: Linda Matheson
Age: 37
Name: Julia Alekseevna Bulanova
Age: 28
Name: Elena Tihvinskaya
Age: 23
Name: Natalia Demidova
Age: 29
Name: Jenny Gold
Age: 29
Name: Elizaveta
Age: 29
Name: Joy Smith
Age: 30
Name: Natalia Chernikova
Age: 24
Name: Joyce Bolt
Age: 33
Name: Irina Polikarpova
Age: 27
Name: Faith Serrano
Age: 36