Scam letter(s) from Ksenia to Mark (UK)

Letter 1
Greetings Marc! I am grateful to you, that you have answered my message. I have very attentively read your questionnaire on a site, it wanted to me to get acquainted with you. For me it is the first experience of acquaintance to the man through the Internet, therefore I worry a little. I always had respect for British for the worthy relation to women and for their gallantry. It very much is pleasant to me.
I wish to tell about myself shortly. My name Kseniya, but my friends name me Ksenya if you want too name me Ksenya. To me of 38 years. I was born on May, 10th. I live in the central part of Russia. You probably had a question why in the questionnaire I have specified my site Britain, instead of Russia. Initially I have specified, that I live in Russia, tried to get acquainted with some men, itself showed the initiative, wrote messages to the man, but he did not answer, I have written one more message to it, he has answered me, that I live very far and does not see sense with me to get acquainted. Then I have decided to change my site in my questionnaire and have specified, that I from Britain. Then I have found you and have written you the message.
As you already probably have understood, I search for serious relations and would not like to waste time on friendly correspondence. To me and I want 38 years a family, calmness, well-being and consequently I search for the serious, reliable, mature man. Marc, what you appreciate in relations what you do not accept? That you see in the woman: the partner in everything, the girlfriend, the mistress, the mistress of the house, mother of your children? Marc, whether the distance between us is a problem for you? I send some the photos, I hope they like you :-) I hope that our dialogue on it does not come to an end, it will be long and pleasant for us!
Letter 2
Good afternoon Marc!
I with pleasure will answer any your questions. I understand on how many it important in development of our acquaintance.
In this letter I wish to tell about myself more in detail. I was born also all life I live in city Kstovo. My parents were usual workers at factory. I always well went to school, after have arrived in medical university. The student's life was cheerful, there has passed a lot of time, but I very well remember this time. During this period there were some significant events which have changed my life. When I studied on 4 course, I have got acquainted with the future husband for that moment. I have fallen in love, we have got married, a year later our son Michail was born.
At first all was remarkable, I was madly happy, this present female happiness seemed to me that: the loving husband, the son, a happy family. But my happiness was short. The husband has started to drink alcohol, did not spend the night at home, offended me. I suffered all it only for the sake of the son because I did not want that my son was brought up without the father. But once my patience has come to an end, when my husband has beaten me on eyes at the son. Then I have handed in the statement on divorce, and we have divorced. The husband has left to other woman and since then I any more do not support with it any relations. It is my sad life experience, but I about what I do not regret. On errors study also I will not repeat these errors.
Now my son already adult, to it of 18 years. At it the private life and already year he lives separately from me. I live one. I work as the children's stomatologist. My work to be near to my house, and I reach on foot for 20 minutes.
Marc, Tell more in detail about the life, about the family? What relations at you with relatives? Whether you have bad habits? Whether you own the house, or you rent the house, apartment? What is the time you in search of the woman on the Internet? I hope that my questions do not deliver you inconvenience.
I will wait for your prompt reply! Ksenya.
Letter 3
Good afternoon Marc! I am very glad to receive your letter and to learn about you.
Today I wish to tell to you about the hobbies as I conduct an active way of life. A lot of time I give to playing sports. I visit fitness club because I try to support myself in shape, to watch the figure. I ski in the winter, in the summer on a bicycle.
Marc you go in for sports? What kind of sports is more interesting to you? Probably I will not be original, having told that summer a favourite season. In the summer I as a rule receive a vacation on my work. I spent many vacation to sanatoria on Black sea, my organisation completely pays the tourist permit on the sea. Many pleasant and positive emotions I receive having a rest there. Marc you were on the sea? You like to travel? If yes, what travel was remembered to you most of all?
In free time from work I like to visit theatres, to read books. I very much like to read the Russian classics and love novels. From music I like modern Russian executors.
Tell to me as you spend a free time?
Also I like to cook food as my girlfriends speak, my dishes very tasty. Probably you heard about traditional Russian food, such as the Borsch, pelmeni. You would like to try my dishes? I love an order in the house and cleanliness, my parents since the childhood accustomed me to an order, and since then I adhere to these qualities.
Marc you love animals? You have pets? With me there lives my favourite cat Barsik. Very beautiful cat, we together 5 years :-)
As I have written above, I go in for sports and I have no bad habits. I never smoked and I will not smoke! But I consider normal if the man smokes. At supper with girlfriends I can drink a red wine glass, or on holidays.
I also would like to learn your bad habits, write to me about it in the following letter. With impatience I will wait your letter, do not forget to answer my questions!
Letter 4

Greetings Marc! What's up? As there has passed day? I am glad, that you have not forgotten about me and have written to me. I am happy that with each letter I learn you better, our acquaintance to become more and more interesting, important for us.
If you remember, I wrote to you that I work as the stomatologist. I work from Monday till Friday. During week-end I have a rest. My working day begins in 9.00 mornings and comes to an end at 18.00 with a lunch break. There are cases when I need to work and during week-end.
I work as the children's stomatologist 12 years and it is second my work. After I have finished university I long time could not find work on a speciality and I worked as the nurse in hospital.
My work quite suits me, I have the average salary for Russia. I receive about 16.000 roubles if in transfer into euro it about 400 euros. My salary suffices me for my life, likely for you it is small money, but for Russia it is the average salary, because a standard of living not high and the prices rather low.
Marc tell to me in more details about the work, about that as you work, what is the time you spend on the work? You consider the work interesting?
I wish to tell that I write only to you, I have no other men for acquaintance. Tell, you write letters only to me? I hope that you will answer my questions sincerely, also set the questions, with pleasure I will answer them.
I wait for your following letter.
I embrace, Ksenya.
Letter 5
My greetings Marc!
I will call to you when I will have time. I hope that today at me it to turn out to call to you and you will be glad to hear my voice. I will be very glad to hear your voice.
For the first time I write you "mine" as I feel that our relations develop. You become for me more the loved one, with each letter I learn about you more and more. I want that further our correspondence proceeded both our feelings and liking became more and more pleasantly.
Today was enough simple day on work. Clients was very little. Half of working hours I "had a rest", all free time we talked to the girlfriend. Her name Nalalia. It close enough girlfriend for me and we work for a long time together.
We are close and often we discuss private life. At Natalia private life has developed well, she lives with the husband, two adult children. A high-grade, happy family. I am glad that at my girlfriend all in a life develops successfully, and I sincerely trust that at me also all will be good. I much have gone through in a life, a lot of bad, but certainly there were also happy moments, but nevertheless I trust that the present happiness ahead.
She has asked what changes me in private life. I told that has decided to try to get acquainted recently through the Internet with the man for serious relations. Because recently I often hear as many Russian women find to myself men abroad and connect the life with the foreigner, creating happy families.
I have told to it about you, that our correspondence is very important for me, that we gradually get acquainted and become closer each other. I have understood that all those qualities which I appreciate in the man, have seen in you.
My girlfriend was sincerely glad for me, and has wished my of good luck. Marc, whether you have close friends with whom could share details of the private life? Whether see you in me all those qualities which you appreciate in the woman? I hope that you will answer my questions and will tell.
I will wait for your letter, I embrace, Ksenya.
Letter 6
Greetings my darling Marc!
Marc, today I have made for you the miniquestionnaire about the qualities, I think, that it considerably will help us to learn better each other. I hope that will be pleasant to read you it. At a partner choice, I...
I will make the decision independently. Our relations will be more successful, if I...
It is ready to trust the partner from the very beginning. If I am enamoured...
I will wait it is a little before to start talking about tell to me about it.
I think of you really much, and I miss. Sometimes I dream that you near to me and I would like to take a walk with you, to talk, kiss and embrace. I hope that once my dreams will be a reality.
Yours Ksenya.
Letter 7
Greetings my sweet Marc!
I am glad to receive your letter. It is pleasant to realise that I am interesting to you also you test to me liking. I have spent long time without man's attention. After divorce with the husband I did not have serious relations with men. And now I hope that with you dialogue will outgrow ours in serious relations and will not be limited only email to messages.
Marc wished to tell today about itself something new. But has thought and has understood, that I have much enough told to you details of the last life, about that as I live now. But I spoke to you about how I see the future very little.
I would like to see the future with you. Now I really understand that you that man with whom I would wish to connect the life. If you remember, I in the first letter wrote, that I search only for serious relations. For myself I can confidently tell that is ready to take the first step and admit to you, that for me it is serious. Whether you are ready to reciprocate? Whether you are ready to pass to a new stage of our relations? We adult people, and I would like to know your sights about our relations more particularly.
Probably I have a little hurried, and you have questions on details of my life, I with pleasure will answer them. Sincerely I hope, that you will answer positively. And our relations will not be limited only email.
Gently I embrace...
Yours Ksenya.
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