Scam letter(s) from Elena Hopina to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
Good afternoon or evening?:-) For the start I like you to know my name is Julia. I was born on the 29-th of February in 1980. I have a mature soul and mind. I am divorced but do not have kids. My education is expert on merchandise and it is my work and I like it. Surely I will like to share a lot of things with you and would also want to know more abotu you:-) You can ask me about everything and I will answer you honestly. my greetings,
Letter 2
Good afternoon to you, dear Gavin. The afternoon is really good for me as we have excellent weather - warm and sunny and I had an excellent mood:-) Thank you for the letter and for the photos you sent, I like them:-) I guess I will start from the very beginning - I mean telling about myself - so I am 28 years old, live in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, have brown hair and hazel eyes, I am 168 sm in height. I work as an expert on merchandise in the firm which makes chocolate products. I live alone in the apartment, except my female cat called Lucya, she is white and very fluffy - Persian cat. We get along very good, I sometimes see myself in her - I am as soft and nice as her but when someone is trying to hurt me I will
attack:-) Joking, but well we both know how to guard ourselves - by the way once I was undergoing course of self defense, but fortunately never used this skill. As for my family - I have Mom and Dad who is not my biological father, as my Mom has separated with my biological Dad even not being married, when he got to know that she is pregnant - not very nice story, but well life has turned its face to my Mom as she decided that I am more important for her, then she met my step Dad and she was sincere and told her story and that she is pregnant and does not want to be a burden for him - but he fell in love with her so much that it was not important for him and he won my Mother's heart and they got married - that is how I have got my Dad:-) Unfortunately God has not gave them more kids - so I am the only child in my family, but I have the most wonderful parents in the world and I want the same - nothing less for my future family, they love each other and care about each other - looking at them I know that it is real unconditional love that is not fading, but growing more and more with years. That is what I look for, I want my future partner to understand that I will not stay in a relationship where there will be not trust, faith or will be lies. I have never been married, but I want it to be once and for whole life.
I want this relationship to be strong - with my partner I want to share anything - bad or good, share sad and happy moments, to be one whole. I think you will ask why I have not met him yet - actually I do not know, may be I was looking in a wrong direction. That is why I decided to look somewhere else, as I have a good example - my school mate is happily married with a man from Portugal. I look forward to getting to know you, Have a good evening and I will await for your letter impatiently, Julia.
Letter 3
Gavin, I am very happy to hear from you and very thankful to you for being so open in your speech to me and for sharing more of your life story with me. I was afraid that you would decide not to write me any more, because, as I don't have much experience, well, actually, no experience at all, in communicating such way with Internet. I am glad you want to continue with our communication. Also thank you for the new pictures you sent:-) You know, this is good you mentioned my English. I was also thinking I need to say this at once. No, unfortunately my English is very limited. I am using translation service as for me now it is very important to find my real man. I consider this not to be an obstacle for two people who may have feelings to each other. And I want to risk. Any way language can be learnt and seas can be overflew. So the question is: are you ready to meet obstacles and to overcome them? My attitude to a family is very serious, to my mind, there should be warm and cozy home, the reign of love and respect. Such atmosphere is necessary for bringing up children in harmony. I love children very much and look forward to having kids in future. For me love is very deep strong feeling and not everybody is able to experience it. It is wonderful and elevated, but it can ruin you if it is unrequited. I know how to treat my man, how to make him feel cared and secure emotionally with me and how to keep family together and my future family and my husband will be my first place priority and not some silly wishes and ambitions. In past I had several relationships but the men I dated were young and had wind in their minds - I staid friends after we parted with my ex, but I have learned that words are words and deeds are deeds - man here like to talk a lot about what they can do - and never do:-) and another problem is heavy drinking. Alcohol becomes the man's wife and I would never want such life for myself. If talking more about myself, I enjoy fresh air and any kind of activities in fresh air - either it is beach volleyball or just sitting on the bench and looking at stars in the evenings, also I am very romantic lady and like to make small presents and surprises, I like the person who is next to me feel always cared and loved and will do much for our happiness. Also I want to say that my writing English is very low and I use the translator to write my letters. I hope it is ok for you, as I am leaning English and hope soon to be at good level. May be there is anything you would like to ask me - feel free:-) I am open person and have nothing to hide, Very much looking forward to your letters, Julia.
Letter 4

Thank you for another lovely letter and for the photos!! They are wonderful! Dear Gavin, I really like how you react and reply to me - it seems like you are reading my thoughts and write the things that please me lot...with each letter I believe more strongly that we have many things in common...and it means something. As for the phone I don't have one at home, but you can call me at the firm that helps me to translate your letters - you can call there and we can talk with the interpreter:-) if it is ok with you please write to me. I am sincere and open and try to surround myself with people who are the same and have same qualities as I do - I am family orientated and have a huge desire to have a big family with kids and cozy house with small yard to plant some flowers with little bench to sit in the evening with my husband and watch the stars, I really want my parents to become grand parents as they want it more then anything... those are the simply things I dream of...I believe they are the same for you. I know that I will have to face the problem of a different city, country as if we will decide to be together either you or me will have to come to another place and I have been thinking of it before I have started the search over Internet outside Ukraine. My parents also know about it and support me - I have told them about you a little. They want me to be happy and have a nice life with a person I love and who loves me...Everybody wants it - am not I right? I have opened myself to you and if we will go further in our relationship I will follow you everywhere you will go. You know people say "with beloved man you will have heaven even in the poor forest cabin" - I am totally sure it is so. Please, dear, respond to me and tell me what you feel? With the very best wishes to wonderful you!
Letter 5
Hello, the most wonderful Gavin! Thank you for the letter and for your photos! How are you, my dear? I hope you are fine and everything is going well in your life! You know, I was thinking a lot about you and our correspondence. Every time when I read your letter I feel myself like a teenager who is going on her first rendezvous! I hope you don't laugh when you read my words, but this is true. I thought that I will never have theses feelings again.
But you have done that and now I want to tell you this words for the first time I think that I am falling in love with you and it feels strange... You have brought me back to life, have made me to sense all charm of life again! There were many different events in my life, sometimes bad, sometimes good, there were some moments when I was happy and was sad, but any way I was always an optimist and I believe in the bright future. Now there is no place for sadness in my life and you know, even it seems to me, it was never in my life. After our meeting in the net, it is like I have begun my life from the new page and all, what has happened with me before, looks now like a bad dream! I don't want to think and remember about the past, because I have met you and my life pulsates with new power! You have helped me to feel again all charm of life, to understand there is always a ray of sun in the end of "dark heading"! Now I believe in Destiny like never, because it has gave me you. Thank you, dear, for all this warmth that I feel from your letters. It's my luck to meet such wonderful and caring man, like you, my dear Gavin!
You know, I'm writing you this letter and I feel that my heart just about to jump from my ******, I know lady of my age should not be so open with her feelings like teenager and may be I should not be telling you about all of that....I hope that you will understand and it won't scare you away. Look forward to your response,
yours Julia.
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