Scam Letter(s) from Inna Vlasova to Warren (Sweden)

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Letter 1


It's so great to know that you are interested in me because I'm interested in you too! So, this will be great to get to know you a little bit better and who knows, maybe you are one and forever! So, here is a letter with some information about me. I'm 28 years old and I will be 29 in September. I live in Lugansk, Ukraine and I work here. I'm easy going person, optimistic and cheerful, and I like to communicate with people. I can talk about anything and am open-minded. I think it is extremely interesting to have relation with a man living in another country with a mentality that is deferent from mine. I am good listener and I know how to support people in difficult situations, I like to help people and to see how my help make them happier! I think I am kind woman.

I am looking for serious relations, I want to love and to be loved! Men in Ukraine can't be gentle and caring, they don't know how to treat woman right and I heard that foreign men are real gentlemen who know how to make woman happy! I think every person wants to feel love and to have a great family with children and big house. I want to be a good housewife and to have healthy and cheerful children. I want my children to be raised in love, care, happiness and respect in family. What do you think about this? Do you think you can be a good father? Do you want to be happy with a woman who will love you with all her heart and will do the best to keep this love fire burning?

I don't want to lose my chance to be happy in relations, I think we should try, why not? So, if you are interested and want to continue the communication I'd like to know more about you. Hope you will answer me!! This is my e-mail:

Have a nice day!
Marisha ;)

Letter 2

Hello dear Warren!!

Thank you very much for your letter, it will be interesting for me to continue communication with you, to discover you step by step! Thanks for telling me about you, it was very interesting to read your letter. I think it is important for us to know more about each other, to share our thoughts and emotions. It will be very nice if we can become friends or even more :)) You see, I am looking for serious relations, I feel that I am ready to have family and children and I want to find man who will love me as I am and will want to create a family with me. I had relations in the past, but they didn't work out, I understood that Ukrainian men can't be good husbands and fathers. That is why I am looking for my man abroad. Unfortunately I don't know English that is why I need some help in translation of my letters, I hope it is not a problem for you? And besides, it is never late to start learning it!

I work as a shop-assistant in the sport shop. You see, I am a very active girl and I like doing different kinds of sports and outdoor games such as volleyball and so on. I like to spend my free time in the fresh air for example under hot sun somewhere near seaside. I try to spend each my summer vacation at the seaside in the Crimea. Do you know anything about the Crimea? Where did you spend your latest vacation? I send you a photo made in the Crimea a year ago. Thank you so much for your photos, I like you! You are really attractive man, I will be glad to receive more photos of you ;)

I live in Lugansk now, but my hometown is Alchevsk, it is situated not far from Lugansk. My parents live in Alchevsk and I rent a flat in Lugansk. I like this flat a lot, it is small but cozy, this is the place where I can spend my free time reading a book or just relax while listening to music. I think my flat is a fortress where I can hide from all the world and forget about all troubles. I only need a beloved man to stay in this fortress together, who will be my support and who will protect our fortress of love from all difficulties and problems! I need to have caring and gentle man who will love me and I will love him also! I will give him all love I have in my heart. I am looking for MY man! May it will be you? I hope we will be at least good friends ;)

Bye and have a nice day!!
I am looking forward for your letter!


Letter 3

Hi dear Warren!

Thanks for your letter, you know, it is important for me to get your answer. Reading your letters again and again I find out more and more things that can unite us and I like it. We have a lot of things that can make us closer, haven't we? I am looking for the same in relations, in family, so together we have better chances to make our dream come true :)

So, I will write you more about me, we need to know each other better for better communication, right? I like cooking, I adore Ukrainian cuisine. When I have more free time than usually, I like to cook something very tasty, for example cake or cookies, or maybe some new salad. My favourite dish is apple pie, I make it by the recipe of my grand mother, this pie is traditional dessert in our family. Everyone who have ever tried my apple pie says it is delicious! Maybe one day you will also try it, I am sure you will say the same :)

I like to feel comfortable in my flat so I always decorate it by different small trifles, home plants and I always keep my home clean. How home can be comfortable if it is dirty and dusted? I think it is impossible! I like to see a lot of home plants in the flat I rent, they make my home nice and green. I have a dream to have big garden and to have there a lot of different flowers and fruit trees. I like not only home plants, I also like to have fresh flowers, I buy them in flower shop and put in vase. I like to read different kind of books - from psychological and philosophical to usual detectives and romantic novel. I like documental films, it is always interesting for me to find out something new about our planet, about nature, scientific invasions and so on.

Tell me more about yourself, what dreams do you have and what goals do you have in life? My biggest dream and goal is to create a family, to find my love, my man and to be happy with him in marriage. I want to feel strong shoulder which protect and defend me. It is my goal in life and I want it to become true very soon.

Can you be a strong shoulder for me? Write me, I will be waiting for your answer!

Take care,

Letter 4

Hi my dearest Warren!

Thank you very much for your letter! I am very happy each time I receive your letter! It is great that we become closer and closer to each other and you know, sometimes it seems to me that I can think just like you do it, i can feel just like you feel and I don't have any other explanation for this fact except that we are two people with the same souls :) Maybe our souls were connected with each other in previous life? Who knows ;) Thank you so much for that wonderful photos of your flowers, I like them so much! I know only to one reason why this flowers blossoms each year - you love flowers and they love you! I read in one magazine that scientists proved - flowers can hear! They can feel and they react on all emotions of person.

I like our communication, I can see that you are very serious man. I like it, I find this quality very important in man. I feel that you are responsible and reliable and that I can trust you without doubts. I was searching for a man like you so long that I almost lose the hope! And I can hardly belive I have found the man of my dreams! I have very special feelings about you, I don't know how to name this feelings but I suppose that Cupid made his shoot and the arrow hit me right in my heart! It is some kind of strong chemistry between us and I want it to go further. I want our relations to be more and more passionate with each day!

Darling, I need to tell you now one thing, I want you to read my letter seriously because it is important for us. I told you earlier that I use the help of translation company to write you my letters. I do it because I don't know anything in English, I don't know how to read or write or talk! I pay for this service all the time we were corresponding and the trouble is that I don't have any ability to do it now. I tried to translate letters by myself but it impossible, I can't understand anything in the dictionary and how to translate words. I can't communicate with you without the service of translation company. I want to ask you for one thing. Please, help me with translation service, we need to stay in touch! I feel that you are the man of my life and I want to develop our relations but I can't do it without your help! We should not to lose the only chance to be happy together in our life! I know how it is to be alone, to sleep alone in cold bed and to wake up in the lonely flat. I don't want to be lonely anymore, I want to be with you and to make you happy! Please, help me to do it! You will see that it wasn't for nothing, you will learn how loving and passionate can I be. I need your help in order not to lose our chance to be happy!

Please, take it serious! I am waiting for your respond with great impatience!

Your Marisha

Letter 5

Dear Mr. Warren,

This is translation company "Exter Logos". Our company is a rapidly growing and extending start-up translation company. We actively conquer the market of translation from English to Russian language and from Russian to English language. We translate documents, wide subject range texts, strictly specialized literature and art literature, technical instructions and just different kinds of texts.

Our customers are private and legal persons, corporate clients. Working with us, you will be confident in the quality of the made translations because high quality services have always been on the top of our company values and beliefs. By providing our services we aim at achieving customer satisfaction, constant service improvement and maximizing benefits for both client and our company.

We are writing to you because one of our client Miss Marina Antonova asked us to write you. She used our service for corresponding with you but now she doesn't have any possibility to pay for translation. If you want to continue communication with Miss Marina you can help her with expenses for translation. We hope you are satisfied with the quality of our work.

This is the price-list for our translation service:

- translation of one letter from English to Russian
(includes printing of this letter) - 5$

- translation of one letter from Russian to English
(includes printing of this letter) - 5$

- printing of one photo - 3$

- scanning of one photo - 3$

- translation of phone conversation (per 10 minutes) - 7$

Special offer - unlimited translation including unlimited number of send and received photos and 8 free, 10-minutes each, phone calls per month :

- unlimited translation for one month - 230$

- unlimited translation for two months - 390$

You can make your transfer using such ways as Western Union, Money Gram, Unistream.

This is all necessary information about Miss Marina which you will need for money transfer:

Full name: Marina Antonova
The city: Lugansk
The address: Alexeeva str, 18\176
The country: Ukraine
Zip code: 90863

Miss Marina will need to know your full name, country you live in, the sum of payment and Money Transfer Control Number for receiving your transfer. We want to assure you that only Miss Marina can receive your transfer with her own Id and nobody else.

Contact us if you have any questions concerning our work.
Thank you for your time.

Best regards,
Anna Mosejchuk, manager of "Exter Logos" company



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