Scam letter(s) from Elvira Ivanova to Christian (Switzerland)

Letter 1
My love you that think that I did not try to call in embassy? Certainly I wished to call to the consul and to tell all history! But the chief of customs to me has told that if I shall call to somebody it me at once will transfer polices! I at all do not know that to me now to do! My love me again have released on a floor of hour! My dear I do not know that to me to do! My position catastrophic! I cannot sleep at all! To me have told that 7 years of prison can threaten me! I do not know that to me to do! I have given the chief of customs 1500 usd that money which at me were! It now has still given me chance till evening of Monday my dear! If I shall not give still money that it me will transfer polices and I will have greater problems! I understand that you can not trust me, but my dear I do not know that to me to do in this situation! I am lost! I wish to be more likely with you!
Letter 2
My love Christian!!!! My lovely Christian… I even do not know from what to begin my letter … I was very excited and even nervous at the airport…. But I was very happy that in some hours I shall be with you! I was worried so much. I was sittng and looking to clock. I was waiting time of flight soooo much. My love Christian , when at the airport have announced my flight I was very happy!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe that after some hours I will be with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was happy soooo so much. When workers of customs house have begun examine my luggage I could not think about anything They have said me to open my bag. I have opened also and they have find there a gift from grandmother, which she sent specially for you. After that they have allocated me in a room. Through a floor of hour other people came there and have said to me that it is cultural value of Russia and that it cannot be taken out from the country. It is an icon was at the grandmother always. To my grandmother it was passed by its mother and its mother its mother. When I have said to my grandmother about you , I have said that at last to find the happiness and she presented this icon me. She said that it now should be in my family. You understand my Dearest Christian that this passed an icon the grandmother to us with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Dear Christian the workers of customs house explained that now I am threatened with the criminal liability. I did not understand in the beginning that occurs. I began to cry and spoke them that I din’t anything bad and that I don’t know anything. They have said that if on me will get criminal businesses that I never I can take off abroad. YOU UNDERSTAND Tony THAT I CAN NOT BE With YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I start to understand I had hysterics. I can not understand why the gift of grandmother cannot be taken out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I began to cry and to implore them to release me. I have explained that I am going to future husband! I could not calm down I was crieng all time!!! The chief of customs house has regretted me and has said that he can help me and close eyes if tomorrow I will give 2000 $. But I have explained him that at me such money for me. He has said that I have equally day to decide this problem. My love Christian, my future husband, my everything…. if I will not give him 2000 $ that I can not more take off abroad any more and I am threatened with the criminal liability and that I can lose freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do You understand it my lovely )))))??????????????????? It is so terrible Christian!!!!!!!!!! I do not know what to do????????????????????????????? My love, if I tomorrow will not give to the chief of customs house 2000 $ that to me it will be very only terrbless for me . My Dear, my everything…Christian please help …………. I implore of you my lovely Christian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except for you nobody can help to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are my my hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My love, you my angel! Do not leave me one, I ask you. I need in your support. I so love you, my prince. I promise you, that we will be together, I will use the best efforts for our meeting. I ask you, do not leave me during such difficult moment! We shall stand all tests and we shall be together! I love you, and only YOU My dearest Christian me have allowed to leave at two hours. I all this time shall be in Internet - cafe. Dear mine Christian please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Christian…………………………………. I believe you….please…. Now our meeting and our future are in your hands……………………… There was one step before our meeting…………………………… And…honey, do you remember, that we w talking, that we should support , trust and care about each other…My love, now I need so much your help and support…You are my love and my friend… Please, help me, you – us… Your love Elvira!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 3
My love of thanks you for your help!
Now I shall go to receive your money and as soon as I shall receive your money that I at once I shall follow tickets!
I shall write to you later!
I love you! My love does not suffice me on tickets 340 euro but you can send me in roubles to me even will so better! As soon as I shall receive your money that I at once I shall buy tickets! My love of thanks you for your help my dear! I have received your money my love! I have now come to the airport and wished to buy the ticket! To me have told that today there is a flight up to Zurich Airport with change through Domodedovo in Moscow And I shall be in Zurich Airport in March, 19th 2010 08:20! But me have told that would wash the ticket economic a class and that I have lost 50 % from cost tickets and to me have returned only half of cost from my ticket! I now do not have 340 euro it approximately 13660 roubles! Please my love would send me this sum as soon as possible that I have had time to buy tickets and at last that to take off to you! I love you! I shall wait for your letter! My love as you do not understand that without cashes I cannot take off to you! You understand it? If I shall not show 1500 usd that me never will plant aboard the plane!
My love as you cannot understand it? My love you understand that I cannot take off if I shall not show 1500 usd at customs! As soon as I to arrive to you I at once I shall give your money at the airport! My love I to not spend your money to me it shall be necessary to show only them at customs and I at once shall give you at the airport! My love Christian I is happy to see your answer!
How are you? How are your day my love?
All of you have correctly understood my love! I shall take off tomorrow in the evening and I shall be in Zurich airport on Wednesday 08.20 mornings!
My love I hope that you can meet me at the airport?
I love you! My love Christian I very much also is very happy that at last that tomorrow we we shall be together! I cannot believe to the at all to happiness my love that already tomorrow we together we shall fall asleep and we shall borrow with you in love! We very long waited for this day my love! I tomorrow shall take off from Kazan in the evening and I shall be in March, 17th 2010 08:20, Zurich Airport! I hope that you can meet me with the airport! I have collected all my things my love! Whether I at all do not know I can fall asleep at night today! I know that it will be last day when I to fall asleep one!
Already tomorrow my love I shall be in your embraces! My girlfriends spent me and have wished our of good luck my dear! I love you! Your love Elvira!
Letter 4

My love Christian I is happy to see your letters!
How are you? How are your day?
I today called to you but you had an answering machine!
My dear I has collected almost all my things and in 3 days we we shall be together my love!
As you also asked I to you I send a photo of my parents!
I love you! My sweetest prince Christian ! How are you my dearest love? I’m so happy to get letter from you, because you are my sunshine. At me since morning was bad mood and only you could please me. I already begin to miss under your letters and when you can’t image yourself, how many times I think about you. I already wait your letters with impatience. I to not think, that such may take place and it is very pleasant for me also I thinks to you too. It is very pleasant for me, that you understand me and able to listen to me. The understanding is very main thing between people when they want to have serious attitudes. If people are not able to listen each other and also do not understand, at them any future is not present. I am very glad, that at us very much all well my gentle. I want to tell you many thanks for that that you at me are, for that that we have found each other and now more and more and we learn more and we get used each other. My honey I on you very much missed and very much grieved. I adore you..... My sweet I very much want to be fast with you. I do dream about this day when we shall be together. I ask the god that he has more soon approached this day, day when at me and at you will begin happy life and we shall be without mind from each other. I dream of it every night! I present myself as we meet for the first time, when we search each other in crowd eyes in airport. We feel affinity each other, our hearts are beaten promptly from that that we very much close we are. And when we find each other eyes, we is prompt we run on a meeting and my eyes are full tears, these are tears of happiness. We are thrown each other in embraces and our lips merge in a long and deep kiss.....O, my love, I can’t wait that times…You are my love.. My sweet dream! I here now the song of “Nana” the name this song “Lonley” and you know, I feel myself so strange! My soul cry and fly simultaneously! My soul fly because I love you, and my soul cry because I’m so far from you.. My love, this is so painfully to be so far! I hope, I dream about this, we will be together soon! Please, promise me that all will be ok! I kiss you my love and take care, honey! Your baby Elvira!
Letter 5
My love I send you a copy of my visa! Now you can see that I am fair with you and I love you most of all on the ground! My love Christian I is happy to see your letter my dear! How you? How your day? My love Christian at me very good news! I today was in agency and to me have told that my visa will be ready tomorrow! As soon as it will be ready I shall send you a copy! I wrote to you that my tickets will cost 683 euro it there will be approximately 28500 roubles! I very much hope that this week we we can be together my love! I love you! I shall write to you later! Hello my LOVE Christian! I am very happy to receive your letter today! My love Christian to me have told that my visa should be ready already and I shall send you a copy! In me all burns also my heart is torn off from a ******, I feel fear and excitement, pleasure and happiness, LOVE also the MELANCHOLY on a body run of a shiver and there is a feeling when it would be desirable to throw all and to be with you, Even minute, in the second, the moment, but I wish to be a line! I am assured of my feelings, and I speak, that I LOVE YOU! When I lay down a dream I, sometimes long I cannot to fall asleep, and I think of you. I press close to a pillow, and I represent, which I press close to you, and at once it becomes pleasant for me. It is probable, what I speak, can seem strange? But I LOVE YOU, and I wait, when we shall be together! I solve it, having executed all the night long in reflections. I am assured concerning 10000000000000000000 % that I and you this only thing the whole! I very much wish to be with you! I speak you, thanks, that you support me, I see, that you do limiting which we were together, I know that your attitude to me seriously. You which the man I know the most remarkable and I love! Today, I thought of us, our feelings of the first meeting and the first kiss. I represented, as you go nearby, hold my waist. We go, we eat ice-cream, we laugh. I have gone and thought, that everything is fast, than it there will be also, we should go nearby to be together and to love each other always! You I should give me to understand value of a life, to create family and to understand LOVE! You for me unique and FAVOURITE prince in this world and me cannot live without you! I am happy, that you understand me and the help of all! You my ideal the man and I LOVE YOU! And now it has come time me to go! I shall wait yours after the letter! ok! I have understood aaua the decision! I now have understood all!
I have understood that I the silly woman which all life live in illusion! You know even if I do not have money but I have pride, honesty and respect!
If I knew that all will be so that I never would began to sign the contract with agency and I would not have any problems!
I consider what make the person on the present happy can only LOVE instead of money! I do not understand you! If you do not trust me that why you have sent me of money for documents my dear? My dear Christian I absolutely do not understand you! And here money when business concerns about our love?
As you can compare love to money!
Christian if you have made such decision that why you have sent me of money for documents? Why? I absolutely do not understand you!
Christian also what to me now to do? My love you understand that when I for the first time was in agency to me have told that if to take off from Moscow that tickets up to your country will be aaoaaeaa from Moscow and consequently I thought that I shall go to Moscow by train! But today I have learned the price of hotels in Moscow and payment of road from hotel and up to the airport and have been strongly surprised by the sum and consequently to me have told that to me will be better to take off with Kazan! You understand it? Christian you know how many in Russia Elvira? In Russia their millions!!!!!! I once again speak you that I the fair girl and I today have visited branch of the western union and have told it your history! They have told that they for the first time hear this history and such cannot be! But I you of what I do not accuse! You can act as you want! My conscience is pure! Christian you know how many in Russia Elvira? In Russia their millions!!!!!! I once again speak you that I the fair girl and I today have visited branch of the western union and have told it your history! They have told that they for the first time hear this history and such cannot be! But I you of what I do not accuse! You can act as you want! My conscience is pure! I at all do not understand about what you to me write! On any black list scammers I cannot be!
You write to me full bosh! It cannot be! My dear I see your letter and I understand nothing! You had what problem?
About what black nieneie scammers you write to me? I understand nothing! My dear Christian I am happy to see your prompt reply! I am happy that you can to help me with payment of my documents!
My Russia Yoshkar-Ola Pavlenko 9-29 address I wrote to you that my parents went to circus but I did not go together with them! I shall wait your answer my love! Yours Elvira!
Letter 6
My dear Christian I am happy to see your prompt reply! Yes you are right my dear Christian that I not could to find money for mine do a bit of travelling to you!
I at all do not know whence to me to take such money!
I wrote to you that are necessary for me 550 usd for my trip to you my dear Christian, but I do not have any bank account! I have very good news for you Christian, I was at the travel agency … and I know now all information, which I need for travel to you. I need for going to you following: 1) visa
2) medicine insurance;
3) passport
4) tickets They will prepare all my documents approximately a week … but if I will not make tourist visa, I will need more time, may be some monthes … Also travel agency guaranties full design of documents … and 100 % getting visa.
If I will not get visa or other document, agency will return me money. That's why I think, that it will be better to use travel agency … They told me, that they will arrange my travel as tour, because it will be more easy and sooner to make documents and to get visa … In other way, it is impossibly to get visa. That's why I will make tourist visa, it will be the best, then we can change status of tourist visa.
It will be availablo 6 monthes, but I can stay in your country continuously I can only 90 days.
In this time we can change status of visa and I can stay with you forever! 1)115 $ tourist visa
2)140$ medicine insurance
3)155 $ passport
4) Tickets to me while has told to me it is necessary to prepare in the beginning all documents only then
They I can find to me the cheapest tickets!
5)80 $ services of travel agency
6)60 $ tickets to go to Moscow by train. Flight to Moscow only from Moscow. But now I do not have money even for tourist visa. I do not know, how much time I will need to save up so much money.
I asked today my mother, father and my girlfriend. I wanted to borrow money from them.. certainly, I would return them this money, because I would want to work then in your country, to be useful for our family.
But they do not have so much money … .i even do not know, what to do. I am so upset all day because of this. I thought, where can I get so muh? But I could not find an answer … but I still believe, that everything will be ok and we will be together ….
Soon we can enjoy of sweetness of our lips and warmth of our gentle embraces … To be honest, I was at the shock, and now I do not know, what to do. But I really need you so much … I can tell safely to every body in this world, that I need you sooo much … Every time, when I go to bed, I have dreams only about you … I close my eyes and I see us together … I want to be close to you and enjoy of our relationship.
But it is not possible.
I really like so much our community … but we should go farther and to develop our feelings … I will you honestly, I already think sometimes to collect all my things and small baggage.. and to go on foot to you … in different weather … collecting all my power … But I want to meet you so soon!!!!!! And I cannot do anything with this. My heart forces to move and to take some decisions … I know, that we have much distance … when I think about this, I feel so big pain in my heart … May be it is love and I love you????? I even do not know, what to think … Christian, please, answer me as soon as possible …. I know, that we will be together so badly … Yours forever, Elvira.
Letter 7
Dearest Christian How are you my sweet love?? today is St. Valentines day and I hope that you will be my Valentine! I really feel that you are good and kind person, and I feel tenderness in my heart to you... you know, I have many dreams, and one of my dreams is be with my man in yacht, spend with you all my time, dancing, swimming, have romantic time. Yes, it is dream, but I hope one day it will be real. May be I’m romantic so… may be you want have this time? You know, I find the poem and I hope you like it! Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you,
Tomorrow I’ll miss you,
Remember I’ll always be true,
And when while I’m away,
I’ll write home every day,
And I’ll send all my loving to you.
I’ll pretend I’m kissing,
The lips I’m missing,
And hope that my dreams will come true,
And when while I’m away,
I write home every day,
And I’ll send all my loving to you.
All my loving, I’ll send to you,
All my loving, darling I’ll be true.
Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you,
Tomorrow I’ll miss you,
Remember, I’ll always be true,
And when while I’m away,
I’ll write home every day,
And I’ll send all my loving to you.
All my loving, I’ll send to you,
All my loving, darling, I’ll be true,
All my loving, I will send to you. This poem can show you what I feel in my heart!!!! My sweetheart, may be I can't show you in my letters how much I love you, we are far from each other, but when we would be together I will make you happy!
I boat the present for you for this day, and you would get it when we will meet! I save it until that time!!!!! I love you and you are in my burning heart. I all this time waiting your letters. As I write this letter, send my love to you, Remember, that I’ll always be in love with you.
Treasure this few words till we’re together Keep all my love forever.
I’ll be coming home again to you love,
Until the day I do love. I kiss you my love, please, write me soon.... your baby Elvira
Letter 8
Hello Christian!!!!!!!!
It is very pleasant for me, that I also am interesting to you.
I am happy to see your letter. We learn about the friend the friend more.
We are widely separate, and letters from us only rally.
I to you to not tell about work. I work as the seller The medical goods in one of drugstores of this fine city.
The drugstore to be nearby to my house. And it is very convenient for me, As it is not necessary to overcome greater distances every day.
15 minutes are necessary for me to reach a drugstore.
My working day begins at 10 o'clock and to last within 8 hours.
In the working days in me the free time - is not enough. I work 5 days in a week.
On Saturday and revival I have rest from work. My very silent work.
Assortment of the medical goods in this very big drugstore.
I can dissuade any medicines of the person or preparations against various illnesses.
I have wide experience in it. Basically, many medicines buy against a flu.
And many people address to me for the help, and I am always happy to help.
Now I to search for other work above a speciality. I have finished institute on a Speciality Marketing.
And now it is difficult to find work above this speciality.
Therefore I to work as the seller in a drugstore. To me my work - more and more And to become more boring and I, to want to be taken a measure more serious, Prestigious work.
In Russia it is a lot of people - unemployeds, also it is a problem - one of Main.
But now the economy of Russia develops and adjustable. Also alcohol of a problem In our country influences a national economy. It is a lot of influences of problems Development of the country.
It is very interesting to me about a life in your country.
How your work moves forward? In you work is more interesting. All from us study About each other it is more.
With each letter I have more and more become interested in you.
It is fine, which we can so that to inform. We understand each other, and I Happy to it. With impatience I shall wait your letter Christian!
With ideas concerning you yours elvira!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 9
Hello Christian!!!!!!!! I have good feeling to write to me. You show the big interest to me and to me it is very pleasant. It is fine, as I also have become interested in you. I to wish to create serious attitudes with the good person. And it is very important for me in a life. For me in a life the main thing is family and my future husband. I think that each person dreams both happy family and the big love! I think that people always should find the happiness. I think that for happiness there should be no barrier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You agree with me Christian????????????? I am happy, that we learn about the friend the friend more. I wish to tell to you about my parents. They remarkable people. Wash the father call Sergey. My father works as the engineer In the big building company. He is a cheerful person with greater feeling Humour. Possibly you already know that in Russia many people use alcohol, but my father fortunately does not drink much. It can drink on on holidays And when it has a rest with friends, but it is very rare and in the moderate quantities. But unfortunately my daddy smokes much. And it knows, that it awfully influences health, but it cannot wean. A name of my mother Svetlana. My mother works as the bookkeeper In the same company in which my daddy works. My mum very diligent person and it Does houses much. I always help with these affairs of my mother. In the future as the wife I would like to be similar to the mum! My mum very kind and understanding person! I can tell that my mum my best friend! I do not have from it any secrets and I always to it tell all! It can always take me advice! I very much love parents. I try to be independent of them. I to wish To create family. And I dream of the big love. I also wish to help mine To parents in the future. It is very pleasant to tell for me to you about my parents. I very much love the Parents and the sister. I still have a senior sister. It two years ago has got acquainted on the Internet with the man from Israel and now it lives to Israel. Now it is happy!!!!!!!!!!!! They are very dear people for me. It will be very interesting to me to learn about your relatives. And by an example of the sister I too have decided to find the assistant to soul in the Internet! It is very interesting to me! I think that for happiness and the future love of the person does not exist any barrier! I hope, that I have not tired you the letter and that you will be and to write to me further!
Letter 10
Hello christian!
how are you?
it's me Elvira from elenasmodels!
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