Scam Letter(s) from Olga Oskina to Gregor (Germany)

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Letter 1

i think of us... you are so kind in understanding me.. thank you for this ever so much..
of course you can send me some flowers) you know, i must confess that i sell swatch watches, but they are not good, they are false. it is an ordinary shop near my home, it is called "Antej" and it's adress is 410002, a. Na?aoia, Aie?neay oeeoa, 2/10.
Volzhskaya yliza 2/10.
if you want, you can send it there and i will go out to get them at a certain time, ok?)
how is your life?.. i am sorry , i go to birthday party tonight, and will not be able to talk, as the phone has no connection there.. i go to a club)
yours, Olga

Letter 2

i'm fine)
and sorry for the complement.. i thought it like.. experienced or brutal.. sorry))) i like the pic, reallY))
and you know what.. i have no skype or something.. but i have a telephone..
+905 369 8840
i will be glad to talk to you..
yours, Olga

Letter 3

hi, my dear sweet love!!!))
i was so glad to receive your letter!!!! you know.. the steps that we will make wil be just the beginning of our long and happiest future)))) i feel so great because of thist start of the new life of both of us!!!!))
you know, about the passport) it is right, that the duty of the passport is 2500 . but it is only the duty. and we make lots of documents that are not free... and i have no time for hour longing waiting in the offices... it will be REALLY hard to make it. i know our country.
and if i will go to an agency, it will be made in 10 days. and including the duty it will cost about 300 or 320$... and i will not have to spend weeks, gathering the documents... as i will have to work, it is the only way... (
yours, Olga

Letter 4

i am stil shocked about this all. i think of us so much. you have become a daily part of my day. your voice, your jokes, your lovely letters... i cannot think of anything else but our probable future.
but i am not sure you are ready to start these serious relationships.
you are too deep in the internet, i think. as if you play some games r something.. as if you dig it for all the needed, and don't need it anymore at your side.
i am afraid of you. do check up all your friends' data in the internet?
i hope you are ok.
i feel really bad.
miss you.
By the way, my phone broke up. really. i was charging it an my mom kicked the wire and it fall down. i feel like i have no hands. not many people need me... but still i feel ever so lonely.. ever so bad.




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