Scam Letter(s) from Vlada Guseva to Stan (Kuwait)

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Letter 1

Hello, Stan! Your girlfriend from Ukraine is here! :)))))) We are in touch again, thanks to Internet! :))))
I should say your letter is wonderful and i read it with great pleasure! You have already convinced me that you are a graet person and i am lucky lady to communicate with you! And your opinion about creating good and honest relation is very wize!
Ops, i completely forgot that this letter is about me! :))))) And i have a lot to tell you as well.
As you know i work as pharmacist... yes, rather interesting and responsible profession! But it seems to me that some people even consider this job to be funny, because there are many jokes about it. Really! One pharmacist meets with other and asks him how the things are going. And second one replies: "Everything is great! We have just invented a new medicine. The only thing left is to find illness for it!" :))))) So, now you have better idea what i am doing at work! :)))))
Ok, to be serious i don't invent new medicines. I work in small drug-shop.
By the way there are only three chemist's shops in my town. Right you are, i live is really very small town. Once i was reading the book by Paolo Coelho... "Eleven minutes" as i remember... And it started like "She was living in a very small town where there was only one theather, one cinema and one library..." and it is the exact description of the place where i live. You see, we don't have many places to go out in the evening. Of course i dream to live in big city with many sights, nice restaurants, exhibitions... But at the same time i think that the most important thing is not the place but the company, do you agree with me?
I live wiht my dear parents... i am single child and both of them do theis best for me. And of course i love them very much. They are still the closest persons for me, especially my mother. But don't worry, they are not jealous and wish me to find my soulmate! And i am sure they will love my husband as their own son, because my happiness is the most important thing for me! Oh, everything seems to be perfect... Kind parents and loving daughter... ideal family :)))) But, unfortunately my dear parents, who are married for 30 years already have not learned how to find common language with each other... They quarrel very often and it is not easy for me to see this :((((( And i often say them that when i create my own family everything will be possible in my relationship accept quarrels! I am sure that it is possible to avoid arguing, at least partners should do their best for this, agree? That is why i am looking for person who don't think that in life there are only two possible points of view - my and wrong :)))) Yes, you may smile here, but it is really not easy to accept that you are wrong and i wish to find man who is strong enough for this! And of course i will do the same! I am sure that confessing mistakes is the strong point of the personality, not weakness, do you agree with me?
I am looking forward to hear your thoughts about this! And i do hope you will not make me to wait long!

Letter 2

Hi, my dear Stan! I am so happy you are waiting for me!
I have been at the travel agency already. And here are my news. I need to have internationall passport, visa and tickets, of course. The cost of passport is $150, visa costs $130 and tickets cost $560. So, the full ammount is $840... very big sum. And i am really disappointed as i don't have this money and it is not possible for me to save this sum, because i earn only $180 a month and it is hardly enough for a living. So, i need your help. You see i can't pay for the documents and tickets myself and i hope you agree you are the only person i whom i can ask to help me in this situation. I did not expected that i will need such a big sum to be able to travel to you and now i have mixed feelings... From one side i am very shy to tell you about this. But from the other side this situation will show me if i can rely on you in hard situation. And it is very important for me to know this from the very begining of our relationship!
So, i will be waiting for your reply!

Letter 3

Hi, my dear Stan! i am sorry about the misunderstading! I thought i have already told you i don't have any chatting adress. But here is my mobile number and i will be very happy to hear your voice +3 8 063 31 66 732.
And here is my address for you to see that i don't hide anything from you:
Ukraine - my country;
Shahtersk - my town;
Stepnaya 21/39 - my street;
86200 - zip code of my town.
I will send you the coppy of my passport tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
And i am not disuppointed with your request, don't worry. I want you to see i am honest with you!
Kiss you and wish you a good day!

Letter 4

Hi, my dear Stan! I don't know what is wrong and why you can't call me. I was wiating for your call so much. And the number is right, i checked it again. May be something was wrong with the line... Hope you will get through next time! i al looking forward to have alive conversation with you!!!!!! I think it will bring us close to each other even before we meet!
Honey, i scaned my national passport as we agreed before... so now you can see how Ukrainian pasport look like :))))) And much more important is that you will see that i am honest with you and trust you with all my heart.
Kiss you and wait for your letter and call!



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