Letter(s) from Zuwieratu Abubakari to L. D. (USA)

Letter 1


How are you doing today ..I hope you are having a wonderful time ..I am here in Scotland ...Kinda cold here ..Hw is your weekend ...I am glad you are ok ...How is son doing ?I wish i was there to help you out ...I want you to know that when i got here i was looking at your picture over and over again ..I impressed that i got an email from you ...I was asleep by then after going through alot stress ...I might have to go back home to nottingham because im not sure i can be able to clear this goods here ..So i want to head back home to see hw things can be made for me to clear it ..I was given an airway bill ....ill; scan that for you later to share that with you ..Please can you be online before going out this morning ..would love to talk to you ..I wish you happy weekend ..thanks baby ...


Letter 2

Great i got your email this morning ,hw are you doing ?I didn't get to talk to you before you left to bed ..I have waited for you for so long .....this is what the airway bill looks like ...what i have is from my dads investment so its not illegal ....Why would you say that ...I am planning on going back to nottingham to look for investors ..so that i can clear this up ..thats what the airway bill looks like ..Have you gone to bed ..please can you come online ?