Scam letter(s) from Natalia Cherkasova to Homer (USA)

Letter 1
I today have woken up also the sun in the morning has already risen..
I was glad, because beams of the sun have filled in my room with the light.. But me it was sad, when I have come to the Internet-cafe and I have not received your letter.. I hope that at you very well and you can write to me..
Letter 2
Hello My Lovely Man And My Sun Homer!!!!!!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. How has passed your day? What you made today?
Homer I simply was ill also I could not write to you. I love and I miss on you. To me it is heavy without you and only your letters bring to me pleasure. I miss on you Homer. I do not understand you about what messages you speak? I received nothing. You can send me them again?
I very much miss you Homer. I very much want to be with you. I would want that you were in my embraces and I could sit on yours knees. I frequently think of that as we together are engaged in love. Homer, I many times imagined ours with you the first night of love. I am sure in that that we not shall to sleep this night. We shall enjoy our love and I am sure that first night I shall not forget never and I know that you will make all as well as I that we would be happy and groaned from love and happiness. We shall be in a bed and we shall not leave it. Only sometimes to have a drink coffee or to eat a sandwich. We shall accept bathing with you, we shall caress one another and to help be washed. Homer, when I think of it it that on my body runs a shiver and now I have decided to stop this subject. I can not write now the big details because that very much was excited when the beginnings to think of it. Homer, what you think of our first night of love? How you imagine to yourself it?
I hope that your ideas are fine also you will write to me them tomorrow.
I with impatience wait for your letter.
I love you Homer!!
I sent you my kiss, most passion and sweet.
Yours and only your loving Natalya.
Letter 3
Homer my love I was happy to hear your voice. Homer now I went to the airport to change the air tickets. My love I could not change the air ticket for evening of this day because to me have told that they not to have flights. But I could change the air ticket for June, 3rd.
Here the information on my flight:
Moscow (MOW) - Little Rock (LIT)
Aeroflot Flight SU141
Departs: 03 June 2010 08:40, Sheremetyevo Arpt
Arrives: 03 June 2010 09:25, Ruzyne Arpt
connection in Prague (PRG)
Delta Air Lines Flight DL63
Departs: 03 June 2010 11:05, Ruzyne Arpt
Arrives: 03 June 2010 15:40, Hartsfield Intl Arpt
connection in Atlanta (ATL)
Delta Air Lines Flight DL4333
Departs: 03 June 2010 17:15, Hartsfield Intl Arpt
Arrives: 03 June 2010 17:49, Little Rock Regional
My love I hope, that now you can send me the help and as soon as I will receive it I to go to the airport and to wait for the flight, to arrive to which person I love, to you my Homer. I believe, that soon we will together, and all our problems remain in the past. My love now I will wait for your letter and I hope, that you can write to me soon.
I love you.
Yours and only yours Natalya.
Letter 4

My lovely angel Homer I love you and tomorrow I will arrive to you. I cannot easy wait for my start. I cannot easy fall asleep. I love you and I could receive your help today. I will arrive to you tomorrow. I will be with you and nobody can prevent to be to us together. We with you will be together. Only you and I. And our love. I love you and tomorrow when I will leave to you the plane. I wish to take pleasure in your kiss. I will kiss you, while you will not tell to suffice. My angel Homer I very strongly love you and tomorrow you and I will be together. All our dreams becomes a reality. And all of what we dreamt.
About what we wished to make all. All will be a reality. I love only you my darling Homer.
I love you and I send you my sweet kisses. Tomorrow I will kiss you on your sweet lips. Tomorrow I will be with you and at us the new life will begin... A life full of love and happiness. I love you my darling Homer.
Yours and only yours Natalya.
Letter 5
My Lovely and My Gentle Homer, forgive me. I did not know that all will be so badly. I the silliest girl in this world. There is nobody more silly me. I do not know why but we cannot will meet. I have come today to the airport both have already received tickets and could take off to you. At me began to check all documents and have told that everything is all right. Then took the passport and have checked up a residence permit. I have left at home because thought that I will live with you and consequently I do not have residence permit in a native city. I have asked them why I cannot leave without a residence permit.
But me have told that I cannot arrive to you because the authorities USA will think that I will arrive and I will remain illegally. Because I am not registered anywhere in Russia. I do not have certain residence and consequently I cannot leave Russia. I asked them about the document on which they have the right of me to detain, and to me have shown it. I the truth did not know that from for it there can be such problems. I now ran across all Moscow and the problem tried to solve as that this. And me have told that I can issue a residence permit in the city of Moscow. But it costs 2500 dollars. It is a residence permit on half a year. I having learnt about it have run in the airport to receive tickets. To me have told that I can understand them without surcharge only once and I have handed over them and naie?an did not receive for any day. I wished to go home, but to me have told that if I make out a residence permit of the house that it is required to make more than three months it. It will be necessary to fill anew all documents and to wait while all to confirm and at me almost there will be no period of validity of the visa and insurance.
Therefore I have run at once in a pawnshop and have sold all ear rings and rings which to me the grandmother has presented and having received all necessary sum I have made a residence permit. Now I have.
All on hands but at me would be not present again money what to arrive to you. Homer forgive me, I did not know that there will be such problems, I would give all money what to do a residence permit because at me there was no other way as I could make it. I wish to be with you and only with you for ever. Homer I would want that we with you were happy for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOU my HEART And I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! I very much wish to be with you. I want that our happiness was with us for ever. Nobody is necessary to me except you. I ask you to forgive me. I did not know that if I leave that I cannot arrive to you. That to us to do now. I hope that you can help us. I do not know that else I can make. Remains very little, there was one barrier and having overcome it we with you will be together, we will be happy, our love will be with us and we will enjoy our tenderness and caress and ours hearts will knock together.
I WISH TO BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Homer I slept this night as an angel, I represented myself in the dreams with you, I was happy, I was happy when I to go to the airport when I have received all documents and having shown cash was going to pass in the plane. And my heart has not fallen asleep nearly from that when I have learnt that without a residence permit I cannot arrive to you. I did not represent what to have such rule. I did not know it!!!!!!!!!
All our dreams, all my dreams which I saw all about what I thought and that you thought. ALL THAT we WAITED!!!!!!
I love you and I hope that you understand me. I do not know what to do. I hope that you can help us. My eyes in tears. I understand that we already have made and have overcome much and it is necessary for us to make it. It is our last barrier and we should overcome it. I all will make to be with you. I adore you all heart. I ask you to help to make to us to us the last a step and to meet. I hope that we can make it. I any more would not do anything, but my heart cannot without you.
I wish to be with you. Only with you and with anybody another. I love and only therefore I would do all what to be with you. I know that our love the finest in this world and we should make all that our happiness was with us. That we with you would be together. THAT our love would be with us for ever. We will make it!!!!!!!
I ASK YOU!!!!!!!!!
I wish to be only with you. Nobody is necessary to me. Only you and only with you I will be happy. If you can help us and can find 2000 dollars. I can arrive and we will give this money. I promise to you the heart and the love that I never will spend this money. I hope that you understand me and can help us for the sake of our love.
Yours and only your loving and gentle Natalya.
Letter 6
My angel Homer forgive me. Forgive me for all... I the silly silly woman. Forgive me. I wished to make everything as it is better. I did not think, that when I will leave from my house and I will not have a residence permit. I did not think, that I cannot arrive to you. I love you and I thought, that when I and you we will be together and we will be the husband and the wife, I should not go to Russia to do an extract of my passport. I love you and I wished to make all as better.
I love you and I still in Moscow. I still at the waiting room airport.
My angel Homer I could make a new residence permit in Moscow. But I had to pay your help and to sell all my rings and ear rings. Now I can arrive to you. But I again have no sum to show it at customs. My angel Homer if you can help, I will arrive to you tomorrow and all to end. I will be with you. We will be happy. I love you and I wish to love only you. I wish to be happy near to you. . To me you are important only and I miss on you my darling Homer. I love you and I very strongly worry. I can in excitement have forgotten to write this word in English. My angel Homer this word "Now". I it have written it in Russian.
I love you and I will try to call you. I miss on you my angel and to crying. Because I not with you. I grieve for you Homer.
Yours and only your Wife Natalya.
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