Scam letter(s) from Marina Zueva to Omer (Brasil)

Letter 1
Hello! way you look at our acquaintance with you?
Letter 2
Hello Omer.
I'm glad that you could answer me so quickly!
from where are you? What is your country? what is your city?
I want to tell you something about yourself. My name is Marina. I live in Russia. in the city of Ufa!
I am 30 years old. I wanted my life to what the height: education, career, good and loving family.
but did not then and not achieved!
Nobody in this country do not need it. Here it is good just ********. They protect, assist, guard, heal.
And you all please themselves.
My family were soldiers from generation to generation - were officers, were all the wars that Russia remembers.
All sold, all around foreigners. They are everywhere in this country road, which we once regarded as their homeland.
I'm sick of it - 21, all new technologies, which has reached civilization is only available for large purses.
and for these parasites, which survived only thanks to our ancestors.
Perhaps the authorities today are: crush and destroy us, that our spirit is gone.
All sell and no one claims does not produce. I too want to leave here from that of Russia.
she was not the case that was before!
where already there are neither at home nor tranquility for the safety and education of their children and grandchildren.
I more or anything here in Russia is not interested and do not like!
Many friends ask me - and why you need it! "In Russia, you will be better!"
that is waiting for you abroad?? Do you think there will be easy? New people, new language, a new mentality.
convinced that I do not understand the gravity and seriousness of this, the more I'm lonely! I do not have the second half.
Well, on the other hand it is much easier!
but I try not to listen to anybody and I do, I suggest the heart!
because I tired of all this and there is no possibility to advance in their careers and personal relationships!
Understand that I have two diplomas of higher education - specialty English teacher and an accountant.
but I do not see a priority in this and some of stability in Russia in these professions!
because teachers are paid very little money and I do not like it.
in the field of accounting is a lot of deception. I already do not like everything here and I want to leave!
I'm sorry I'm so sure that you immediately told all of my sadness in Russia!
but I can not and I want to be honest with you!
because the relationship can be significant only after the complete confidence of two people to each other!
Write me more about you. What do you like? Do you have a family? Children? What is your job? You love your country?
I want to see more of your photos. I hope that you will be able to send me your beautiful photo!
I hope that I'm not frightened by my letter and be able to see your answer to me soon!
waiting for your letter.
Letter 3
Hello Omer.
I am happy to see your response. I thought that you did not answer this sad after my first letter.
though I do sick in my country, Russia. everything is furious and I want to leave this country.
I hope you had a situation much better and you love your country. so?
Yes, I want to move to live to Brazil. on the phone. You can leave me your number and I'll call you and we can talk!
I want to tell you about what I like.
I like it when people are honest with me. when people cleanly and looks good.
I love a good meal and cook something nice for myself and very tasty.
I love to travel and be free time in nature. I am very interested to learn about other cultures, traditions, and of course new places.
relations with a man I love his seriousness and confidence in me. I love romance and dreams.
I love to read many different books. I love listening to music. though I can not say that I prefer a style that separately.
I love many styles, and listening to my music depends on my mood and state of mind. and the fact that I do not like.
I hate lies. And I think that people can not make happiness on the lie. I do not like being in my house a mess and dirt.
I hate when the relationship between two people is mistrust and deceit.
I not when I can not forgive the man who played with my feelings and betrayed me. easier to say goodbye to this man.
than wait and have faith that he will not deceive you any more. although it is difficult probably. as cheated once he will deceive and again.
I hope that you will agree. Also, I do not like lazy people. perhaps you still want to know what I love to do.
I love to play sports. and always verify their figures. or when not afford to be ***.
I often attend classes in the gym (fitness), and really like to visit pool.
in my dreams - is creating a beautiful, loving family.
I want children. most enjoyable for me to have 2 children. that was a girl and a boy. I really want this. and it will be very pleased.
Most importantly, I want a loving husband to me.
My dear, I want to tell you that in my life I want to see the good and kind man.
who will be able to love me and my future children. to have one happy family and happy life.
I think what you understand me! what do you want to be on the correspondence with me?
you looking for a serious relationship?
you want to have a good family?
Tell me more about yourself and about your wishes in the future.
I'll wait for your letter. Marina
Letter 4

Hello my friend Omer!
I am pleased to again receive your letter. for me a pleasure that you understand me in my thoughts and concerns.
I'm sorry but I have no MSN. and I do not understand in this program.
My dear friend, I asked you to send me photos. but you do not do this!
I hope that you will be able to understand me and send me some of his photos in his next letter to me.
will be very glad to see them.
perhaps you still want to know about my work and about my professional occupation.
I worked after graduation at the school. English teacher.
but I do not really like this job. because the teacher's salary was very small and I had to throw it.
and look for another job in order to live well and have what is good money.
After school I took a job in the company sales of household chemicals.
I sat on my second professional accountant. for me at first, this work is very pleased and very fond.
and the salary was good and stable. money is always paid on time.
and by the standards of Russia it was not a bad amount for wages in Russia.
but after the firm was bankrupt, I had to leave this job.
for me it was not very nice and again I was left without work.
and live in the care of my parents, I can not. for me it is not acceptable.
because I am very mature and independent girl.
That is why I was becoming irritated in Russia and I wanted to leave my country. though I'll miss her and my parents.
but my parents supported my idea of my moving to another country.
because they would be happy to live in another country. but in time they failed to leave.
now they help me to do everything possible to ensure that I was happy and lived well.
most important assistance from them it was my acquaintance with my father's friend. He lives in a Brazil! And I was very glad that he can organize my move to another country.
I was so pleased to hear from him and very quickly want to organize my trip.
I have had a contract with the agency in order for it to me for travel arrangements and employment work.
My uncle will be able to pay for it all to me and it is so nice to me.
I hope that all goes well and I will soon be able to go to another country and have a good job.
I hope that you are happy for me and we'll be able to meet in your country. and may even be going to live not far from each other.
also be able to have more knowledge about each other. and in the future we may even turn out that in his personal life with you. what do you think about this? can you tell me that he can advise?
hope for your speedy reply.
waiting for him with impatience and hope to see your pictures!
Letter 5
Hello my dear Omer!
I was also very glad that we're able to communicate by telephone yesterday.
but I was surprised only one - why are you always laughing?
but you've got a very nice voice.
I'm glad that you are so quickly was able to answer me to my last letter.
I am pleased to read it and I read with great pleasure. as important to me your opinion.
Today I was in the agency and gave all the documents so that I was fully prepared for my trip.
agency shall I make all the necessary documents to live and work in another country.
just agentvo gives me a good working abroad.
and the initial money after my flight. so that I could provide themselves with shelter and sustenance.
is a very good agency and I advised him my uncle.
so everything should work without any problems then either. I hope that soon I will be able to see and you.
I am now very tired and even as I am very joyful that everything turns out well for me.
and will soon be able to start my life in another country.
Tomorrow I shall write to me my uncle.
because he has cared about my trip and the payment of my documents and tickets.
Rather, it should send me money that I will be required for all my documents.
so my dear soon I will be ready documents. :)
I am very happy about that and I can not keep a smile on his face.
I am very happy that soon I can start a new life. I hope that you too happy for me.
are you glad? you glad that we're able to see each other face to face?
I like so very glad.
Now it's time I finish my letter.
await your quick response. and just hope that tomorrow I'll write some good news from my uncle.
Your Marina
Letter 6
Hello my dear Omer!
My zodiac sign Capricorn, I was born January 11, 1980. increase my 167 centimeters and weight 60 kg.
I have good news for you.
Today I received all the data from my uncle.
he was able to send me money for my documents.
I have no problem unable to get his money which he sent via Western Union.
and today or tomorrow I will go to the agency to pay all my documents.
I hope that you are happy for me and something that we'll be able to see each other.
for me as a pleasure that the agency will take care of me after my flight.
because they can give me money so that I could live without a problem some time and take shelter.
I have a very good mood today and I am pleased to write you this good news.
that you my dear Omer new? how are your affairs? "
can you tell me what you want to do at our first meeting?
I hope that you and I, our first meeting went well.
I'm very bored. I'm sorry that my letter today is short.
but I have to run the agency and do all documents for my trip.
await your quick response. Your Marina
Letter 7
Hello my dear Omer!
I am glad to see again your beautiful letter in my mailbox.
I am pleased that you all well.
but now I have that then the trouble began.
Today in the morning I woke up in a good mood. and thought to go to my parents on a visit to say that all is well in my place in the agency.
and the fact that soon I will still be able to leave.
but I wrote to my uncle, and warned that he went to an urgent business trip.
it was just a big shock for me. because I need to already have the money to pay for my ticket.
as it turns I did as she could not then understand. because my uncle had already left and will not be able to help me with paying my ticket.
he could write me one thing only its letter.
as he went on a business trip and the closest town is 200 kilometers from the place where he is.
He will not even write to me from there. I was very upset.
but he wrote that try to ask, or borrowed money.
after he arrives he will be able to give this money. but this time he can not even use their card and transfer their funds.
I am quite upset. He knows about our correspondence with you. he was glad that I was acquainted with you.
I do not know what to do and what to do with it. I have no such money itself.
because the ticket costs 1450 euro. I have more than a month is not working and only had the preparation for my trip.
I do not where to get this money. What can I do my dear?
I understand that this is not convenient to ask you for help. but I do not what more to do and I want to ask you to help me.
As soon as I can fly to thee, my agency is obliged to pay compensation for my stay there.
I can you with all of this money to compensate. or as soon as my uncle would come from a business trip I could take his money and returned to you.
what do you think about it. but as long as my uncle would not be around 1 month or more. as soon as he fulfills all the work he comes home.
I just do not what more to make and I do not know what to do.
I hope that you will understand my situation.
my uncle is very good and I love him as his father.
because he did not refuse to help me and was able to help me with the paperwork for my trip.
I hope my dear Omer that you can help me with the payment of the ticket.
because I already have to pay it in 3 days. await your quick response. I hope that you will be able to please me in my next letter.
I promise you that as soon as my uncle to come. we will refund you the money.
bored. waiting for an answer. Your Marina P.S I'm sorry my dear, I do not able to answer your questions. I have a simple bad mood due to the fact that my uncle went and I can break trip.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Omer!
I am glad to receive your letter today (even 2)
Thank you that you sent me all their data ... I now know them completely.
my dear about the fact that you want to buy a ticket himself.
so would not work for me. you know I have a contract with the agency and I must pay for all through it. just for me it was so much easier to do everything. and for me with the agency would have fewer problems and high costs of travel and so on.
agency simply obliged to do all the necessary documents for my trip and just order my tickets.
so my dear I need the money as it may when.
I hope you're well I can understand this and do everything possible so that I was able on Friday to pay my ticket.
my dear, I hope only for your help. because of assistance from his uncle has not yet foreseen.
Yesterday I read a letter from him. he wrote me a couple of lines. that he had gone on a business trip.
it is located far away from the settlement and can not even use the telephone. and internet access is not always.
dear here because of what I do not give you his phone number.
I promise that I will be able to acquaint with my uncle when he comes to travel. and we with you will be able to meet him. you agree??
my dear I hope that you can today tomorrow to help me with paying the ticket ... because I am very upset and I do not know what to do.
and my major deadlines. make the payment within my ticket on Friday.
my dear hope only for you.
dear Omer I want to see you and be with you.
miss. waiting for your early reply. Your Marina P.S about Mary in my e-mail address. For me it was easier to write Mary than Marina. I hope that you understand me ....
Letter 9
dear Omer!
I can resume buying my ticket to you ....
we can also pay with you my ticket 50 - 50%
I hope that you will be easier.
because I myself have tried to find the money and the 50% I think I can find.
can you help me with the sum of 725 euro.
I hope that you will be able to do it.
I miss you and want to see you.
waiting for your early reply. Your Marina
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