Romance scam letter(s) from Julia Borodinova to S. H. (USA)
Letter 1
Hello sweety! So it seems to be so wonderful that we have met each other here, in the Internet, that we have found each other among millions of people! Do not you think that it is a small miracle?:) As for me, I think that it is necessary to see the positive sides in everything that surrounds us, this way of thinking gives a lot of joy and happiness to me, I can without any doubts say that I am a happy person. But there is only thing that I lack in my life - it is Love. I believe in pure and strong Love that lasts for many years and makes people feel that they can fly! Do you believe in Love as I do?
If you do, then we can start our wonderful journey together towards the most important feeling in our lives...
If you are ready to start the new page in your life now, I will be waiting with anticipation for your letter, which you can send to my e-mail address .
Waiting for you, Valery.
Letter 2
Such a pleasure to talk to you again, dear :) So I accept your letter to me as your willingness to start our love trip:) As I have already told you, I think that we will have a lot of pleasure communicating with each other, and this trip will lead us to something great! I hope very much that you feel the same! I know for sure that you are interested to know more about me, because I can say the same about myself, i am willing to know you! So as you already know my name is Valery, but I like to be called the short variant of my name, Val, tell if you like it or you prefer Valery? I was born on 15 th of April in 1981, in the very beautiful city called Partenit, it is situated in Crimea, the peninsula in the South of Ukraine. I have spent all my life there, and the beautiful nature of Crimea has left a part of itself in my soul. I am a very kind person, and I can also say that I am a very responsible and hard-working girl.
I possess a lot of good qualities, I rarely become angry or furious, I have a patience and compassion to people inside of me. But sometimes I think that it would be better if I were a bitch or some rude girl who smokes and drinks, because it seems to me that men in my country only need this from women, no one needs a good girl to have serious relations with. All of them only want sex, and they even do not mind if they need to pay for it. That is why I am alone, I have never dated anyone, because I need a good person, a real man, who will love me and take care of me, and to him I will give all the passion and love that I have inside of me(believe, I have a lot of it!). To him I will present all my sensuality, because Love is a gift, and when it appears between two people, everything should be shared between them. Do you agree with me? So, I think this will be enough for you to get the first impression of me. I will be looking forward to getting your letter and your photos:) There is also one more thing that I need to mention. I speak English a bit, but not enough to lead a correspondence, i need only some general words and phrases to make a simple conversation, that is why I have an interpreter, who will help me to write to you, I use the computer at the translation firm where she works. I sincerely hope that you will not mind this. With love, Valery.
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