Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana to S. H. (USA)

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Letter 1

I was very glad to see your letter. Thanks for good words. It is very pleasant for receiving, when the man speaks to the girl good and beautiful words.
Dear I wish to tell to you, that I when did not travel yet abroad. I did not go abroad. But I visited some cities in Russia. I when was not on the sea and I very much wish to see the sea. I know, that once soon I will see the sea. And I believe that we will meet once and we will be together. I trust in it because I trust in myself and in you, in our relations which now develop. I when did not meet such man as you. And I would like to learn you more and more, to speak with you. I would like to spend with you of more time. As would be good if we were together, nearby. As we to leave in the evenings on street and to spend time. I dreamt yesterday of it and I would think to you was interesting to hear it. We have met at small cafe, had a drink coffee, lovely talking. And you to me have told that you have a surprise for me. I did not understand where we went, only one you knew about it. While we went you all asked on me. And I see that we have approached to a place where it was very beautiful. We were at a beach, nearby there were some trees. In the sky the moon shone. We have sat down, you have embraced me and we kissed. I do not know from where you took sparkling (wine) and we have started to drink. YOU have kissed me and have departed nearby, but before you asked, that I have closed eyes. When you have approached to me and have embraced me, speaking open eyes the darling. What there was my surprise. On sand not far from us, all in candles has been written I LOVE YOU to heart. It was so perfectly. It was really romantic. To me to like when the man is romantic, and the most important thing that it was not simply romantic, but at a chalk to show the care and love to the favourite. And I am assured you such man. I have understood it from your letters.
Reggie understand I to write to you about such things because I very much did not have for a long time a man. And who did not care of me, did not love me. I and most would like to love and take care of the man. At last to create a family and to live as a family, as the husband and the wife. I hope, that you as want it. And we could try once it. But for this purpose we should speak about it and certainly will meet and to be together that not only to know each other, but also to understand, how we will conduct ourselves in a life when we will be together. To see as we to feel and emotions at different conversations. I very much would like to feel as you you kiss, as you embrace me also all the rest. Tell to me, I approach for your future girl, the wife? Would like to see you me every day, to wake up together with me and to fall asleep? To do all together. Tell to me about it, it is very important for me, I think and for you. If you want serious relations.
I will wait for your answer. All the best.
Yours faithfully Tanya

Letter 2

Hello today at me very good day develops. I woke up in good mood. Had an easy breakfast and left to work. The sun already shone and was warm, when I went to work I thought of you. While I went, I represented us together, different places and smiled. I thought, that on work I will distract, but I should think of you. All the day long you accompany my thoughts and all you with me, you in my head, in my thoughts and in my heart. I do not know, how to you it to explain, it is similar to love, is faster on amorousness in the person. When you see for the first time, and in you something occurs the unusual. You start to think only of the man, and cannot to do that. And I wish to tell, that I that I can not do, I cannot go against the will and the feelings, yes feelings to you. I to test to you such feelings which I for a long time already not to test. And I understand that now to me without you as. I as if live you. I wait for the moment when I will receive from you the letter and with the great pleasure to read it. I so would like to hear your voice. I think, that it at you very pleasant and beautiful. Also I think, that you as will like my voice. And you as can estimate my colloquial English. And as you can tell, whether I can with such colloquial to be in usa. You would like that we now were together and had walk or a supper at restaurant. Easier to do something together that our feelings were mutual and we could see everyone as we smile, and even we kiss. I very much with anybody to kiss for a long time. You like to kiss. You would like to touch my lips. As though you have kissed me for the first time that it was remembered for all life. Tell that you would like, tell to me. State to me, open to me, open to me the soul and heart, and to you it will be easier. Something can you torments or you wish to state me that you are afraid to tell. I with the great pleasure it will hear that and I will understand you. I finish the letter and I wait for your answer.
Yours Tanya

Letter 3

Hello. Dear I cannot call you because I do not have phone. Thanks for good words. And I am glad that you understand me also it I very much I appreciate. Dear understand I does not hurry up and I do not wish to hurry our events and relations. But also I cannot keep the feelings in myself. I will better state them to you. As you know also I repeatedly spoke to you, I am not able to say lies. I am better to speak the truth, and as though people have not reacted to it. The truth, than lie let will be better. Therefore I have stated the liking and feelings in the previous letter. In a life always so, one person from pair all the same loves more, than the second. But the mutual love as exists. Simply it appears later. When one person loves more, misses more often and thinks of second half. And when the love and feelings already arises, people I start to use the best efforts to keep the precious love. I that wish to tell, that we do not need to keep each other, because we and so are far. It is necessary for us that the love pulled us to each other. That weighed to our feelings and hearts. Dear tell to me when you last time loved also what your feelings when you love someone. Also tell, to me you love me or you have a liking to me. That you to feel to me. For me love this sacred. If I love the man, it on always. But that such love was, it should be pure, without a deceit and is sincere. It when I will be assured of the man, that it when will not betray, will not change, will not shout at me. When will not look towards other girl, when I nearby. I hope, that you such type of the man.
How to go your days Reggie, what new at you, how is the weather, as your relatives live? Tell you already spoke to somebody about me. I have told to the parents about you. Has told, that we got acquainted with you and already we correspond. More I that did not speak. Mum has only asked me, whether you like me and I have told YES. I wish you all the best. I think of you, yours Tanya

Letter 4

I cannot hide from you that that I to feel to you and I wish to tell. Yes, I the open girl and you for certain have already understood it. I the simple girl, but also I with the big mind and uneasy character, as well as all girls in me am a riddle. I hope, that you understand me. I do not wish to lose you now when I only have found you, such man with whom it is interesting to me and with which I would like to spend all time. As I spoke also you to me wrote. But I not only would like it. After all we with you adult people, I would like serious relations, passionate love and a fine future life. Yes, certainly and sex too. I would not like to have for years correspondence, knowing that we remain simply friends. Now when, I so to feel you, at me to you of feeling and while these feelings have not outgrown in more strong feelings, yes I to speak about love. We need to find out it. Whether really you want me for the life? You are ready to accept me such what I is. Such what you know now. Yes I understand, that we still did not see at all and I ask you about it because both of us understand, that it is necessary for us will meet in the near future. But before it happens, I should be assured of you, as well as you in me. Therefore I to ask you about it and as I wish to inform you, that I am ready to speak on the phone now with you. When I asked you a phone number, I wished to look, as you will react to it. And now I am ready to speak on the phone with you and very much I wish to hear your voice. The truth at me is not present the cellular. I hope it to buy, when to receive wages. Dear send to me again number and give we will agree about time so that we could speak by phone. After all in us different time. I hope, that you can count up it and tell to me when it is better to call.
Today for me there was very unusual day. I weigh day thought of you. I seriously reflected over that. Whether I am ready to leave the country, parents, friends for the sake of the man whom I will grow fond. I am done not left by this question. Also you know that the most interesting, that I was defined with it. All that it is necessary to speak it with my parents. But before I to speak with parents, I should hear your answer, under the relation to me. Whether you are valid is serious to me and whether love me? As I to receive the answer. I will inform on the answer. Good mood. Yours Tanya

Letter 5

Hello the darling, as you? As your mood, I hope that all well at you. Because at me as all is good, except one, I very much miss on you, I do not have not enough you and your love, your care. You are not present nearby and I to long and think of it. Reggie I spoke with parents about us with you. And I wish to tell to you, that my parents were happy to hear about us and our relations. I have told to all of them about us and about you. And as to them has informed on the intention to leave the country to you. My parents have been surprised by the heard. They as did not expect to hear from me such. After serious conversations they have given me the consent and blessing. I have simply explained to them that I love you and that I not to leave yet, and simply I am going to inform important also to me to you on it. While we will speak about it, there will pass yet one day. My parents wish to see you and as you to look. But I have explained to parents that is my life and this my future. And I wish to live it in love and happiness, it is not important that about me people will think. The main thing that that we can be happy. And if we are happy and we will love each other. Parents and my relatives will understand once again, that we are created for each other. To me the nobility is better than you and we will be still studies over our relations.
My parents to transfer to you big hello. Reggie I wish to tell to you, that I love you. And if you could notice I is serious in the words and intentions. Even parents know now about us. You know, that I cannot deceive. And for the happiness and love I am ready to struggle and is ready to be ready to do anything for the sake of our happiness and love. For the sake of our meeting and that that expects us in the near future.
Remember that here to love you the girl and very much misses on you, thinks every minute and dreams of your sweet kiss and a fast meeting with you. With love, yours Tanya



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