Scam letter(s) from Daria Krupenko to John (USA)

Letter 1
Hello John, why you do not write to me?
I checked " Spam folder " but have not found your letters.
Please write to me you want continue correspondence with me or not, tell to me truth.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Letter 2
Good afternoon, my sweet John!!!!
I have very good news for you John, I was at the travel agency...
And I know now all information, which I need for travel to you.
I need for going to you following:
1) visa
2) medicine insurance
3) passport
4) tickets They will prepare all my documents approximately a week...
But if I will not make tourist visa, I will need more time...
Maybe some months.
Also travel agency guaranties full design of documents...
And 100 getting visa. If I will not get visa or other document, agency will return me money..
That's why I think, that it will be better to use travel agency...
They told me, that they will arrange my travel as tour,
Because it will be more easy and sooner to make documents and to get visa...
In other way, it is impossibly to get visa.
That's why I will make tourist visa, it will be the best,
Then we can change status of tourist visa.
It will be available 6 months, but I can stay in your country continuously I can only 90 days.
In this time we can change status of visa and I can stay with you forever! All tour will have cost in 1600 $...
1) 245$ tourist visa
2) 205$ medicine insurance
3) 50$ passport
4) 900$ tickets
5) 110$ services of travel agency
6) 90$ tickets to go to Moscow by train...
Flight to International's airports only from Moscow's airports. But now I don't have money even for tourist visa.
I don't know, how much time I will need to save up so much money.
I asked today my mother, father and my girlfriend Ekaterina,
I wanted to borrow money from them...of course, I would return them this money,
Because I would want to work then in your country, to be useful for our family.
But they don't have so much money...
I even don't know, what to do. I am so upset all day because of this. I thought, where can I get so much?
But I couldn't find an answer...but I still believe,
That everything will be ok and we will be together...
Soon we can enjoy of sweetness of our lips and warmth of our gentle embraces...
To be honest, I was at the shock, and now I don't know, what to do.
But I really need you so much...
I can tell safely to every body in this world, that I need you sooo much...
Every time, when I go to bed, I have dreams only about you...
I close my eyes and I see us together...
I want to be close to you and enjoy of our relationship.
But it is not possible.
I really like so much our community...but we should go farther and to develop our feelings... I will you honestly, I already think sometimes to collect all my things and small baggage...
And to go on foot to different weather...collecting all my power...
But I want to meet you so soon!!!!!!
And I can't do anything with this.
My heart forces to move and to take some decisions...
I know, that we have much distance...
When I think about this, I feel so big pain in my heart...
Maybe it is love and I love you John!
I even don't know, what to think...
John please answer me as soon as possible...
I know, that we will be together so badly...
Yours forever Darya
Letter 3
Hello my dear John!
Today my day was a little different from others,
But today I came to home and switched on the computer...
How much I was happy to see a letter from you!
Because only your words and thoughts give me the power and smile on my face.
My dear, my heart was excited, when I was reading your words,
Where you wrote about your feelings to me.
Feelings, which you have never had, and now I am sure, that I want to love you. I know, that you are ripe and experienced man,
But my words are also real, as my feelings to you.
I can't stand...I even can't hide my feeling inside me,
I want you to know I LOVE YOU...I LOVE YOU JOHN I have never felt the same to other man.
I love you as I have never loved in my life...
And I am read to give my life for you...I want to help you in everything...
Because I would be really happy to make everything this...
Now I will try to find money for travel to you, but I can't.
It is much money for me.
But I try and I hope to find this money to be with you soon! I will be happy simply to awake with you John
And to see lonely, how you sleep. I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU...
And I would be the most happy to warm you, and you never will be cold..
I would cling close to so strongly, my love... I will never leave you, because I know, that you also love me...
You are very kind person...and the most important is that I love you...
I love you more, than anything...
I would be happy to do massage to you...
I would be really happy if you will do this for me also...
I dream, how your gentle hands touch my body and ****** it...
I dream, how your lips will touch my lips, then they will go to my ear...
I dream about our passion nights... I don't need other man, I need only you.
And to be with you is the only one dream for me...
I would want, that we really will be together...
That our meeting will be very soon... The only one problem is money. My parents and my friends
Try to help me, but they can't, and I really don't know what to do...
But I am not in despair and I believe, that I will find money for meeting with you!
John, I love you and wait with impatience a moment,
When we will be together... With love, your Darya
Letter 4

Hello my John!
I am glad so much, that I can write you John.
You are the most best thing, what happened with me in my life...
Because of this I am happy so much,
That we found each other in this wonderful world...
Honey, you even can't imagine, what do you mean for me...
You are the most bright shaft of sun, which awake me at the morning...
You are the most bright star at the sky... Sometimes in the evening I feel so lonely myself,
Because you are not near...
I would want us to be together now...
You even can't imagine, how much I would want to touch you...
If I could only to touch you and to feel your warmth...
I don't want anything else, only to be with you, but I can't do this...
Because you are so far from me, and I can't do anything with this... John, my thoughts are only about, how can I find money for our meeting,
Because I need this for travel to you and you know this.
I tried to ask from my friends, from everyone of them,
Also from my parents, but no one can help me to pay for all documents.
I don't know, what to do, I don't have people, where I can get this money. I wrote you, that I need 1600$ for documents and tickets.
But I don't have them...I can't pay for travel.
I am crying and tears are in my eyes, it is unbearable pain,
When I think, that we will never meet... My dear John, I want you to know, that I love you so much.
And you are always on my mind.
I am always with you and never leave you,
Because I love you. John, I will love you always,
I want, that you will know this forever.
Because they mean much for me.
I want, that you will think about me so much, as I think about you.
And I want, that you will remember me always, because I love you!!!
With love, forever your Darya
Letter 5
Hello, my John!
Now I sit at a window and I write you the letter.
I know that now on other end of our earth, you think of me.
Also wait when I will write to you. And it heats my heart. I simply rejoice as the small child when I see your beautiful words every day.
My day lasted today very long, I thought that it never will end.
After a dinner I badly felt myself and only by the evening to me it became better.
The stomach very strongly was ill me.
I am glad that now to me better... I wish to be with you now! And me it is not important
What now at you weather a cold or a heat I only wish to be with you.
I know that nothing can prevent people
When they love each other and wish to be together.
I am ready to go on a world's end!
Where you will go, there there will be I.
Let it will be northern pole, let it will be desert Sahara,
To me it is not important absolutely.
Most important it you, my John.
Our feelings are similar to a fire which we have kindled in our hearts.
And I cannot constrain this flame more!
No terrestrial music can be compared on the sweet to palpation of loving heart.
I know, that with you I will be the happiest woman on light. But John, I do not know as we will meet.
I have no necessary capital.
John, now your help is really necessary for me.
And I cannot travel to you, without your help.
It is necessary for me to begin official registration of papers and to buy tickets.
I cannot wait for this day any more, I simply go mad. I do everything, that I can. I asked money from my parents, and all friends.
But I cannot find money. Your help is necessary for me.
It is very a shame to me, and I wish to sob with shame, but I do not have other exit.
John, you know, I can not travel to you without money,
And last hope of our meeting it only you.
You understand it?
I understand that it is the big money for any person.
But for me it is simply huge capital.
For me to keep it is required about one year.
I cannot buy food and to pay for apartment.
But only to keep the capital for my trip to you. Lovely John, it is impossible for me.
For me it is very difficult.
It is a shame to me to ask from you the help,
But it is last my hope to meet.
Lovely John, I wish to ask from you the help
That you could help me with the capital,
That I could start to do all documents to travel to you. I with impatience wait for your answer my John!
One million kisses only for you, yours Darya!
Letter 6
Hello my remarkable and favourite John!
I understand you want that I have given you some assurance...
So I think that I have idea! You can pay at once to my travel agency.
Your money not necessary to me I only wish to travel to you and to be with you.
You can write to my manager in travel agency and my manager can answer all your questions.
So you do it? I very much wish to be near to you.
My manager is Anna Vohmyakova and her e-mail
And a site of my travel agency
I think it will be better if you will settle details of my travel with my manager
I do not know how I can give you any assurance except for it. I represent that I shall arrive to you, that you will arrive to meet me in the airport and we shall embrace each other.
It's very disturbing moment, I represent that we shall look in eyes each other and we shall tell each other " I love you! "
We shall go to you and you will show me your house. Probably you will want to acquaint me with your friends.
I shall be very glad to get acquainted with friends of man I love.
Our meeting is very important for both of us. My ideas are concentrated completely to you, my favourite John.
Every second I think about you and dream to meet you. I already have prepared for a gift for you but now I shall not speak you what is it... it's a surprise :-)
But I'm assured that this gift will pleasant to you. I think that you have a gift for me too or will have.
Dont worry, I'm assured that by the best gift for me will be our first kiss :-)
Your love is most expensive gift for me and every day I thank Lord for your love.
Even when I didn't know you I believed at you and our love. I believed that sometime you will come in my life.
Now I'm happy because the moments of expectation are fantastically pleasant too.
When I was a child I waited new year as any fantastic event and having waited I was at top of happiness.
Now I feel it again, I feel coming a fairy tale. Maybe it seems as nice naivety but I really feel it.
Our meeting will be the most important event in my life (after my birth :-))
By the way when I shall arrive to you first that I shall make will be a celebratory supper.
I think you will be not against best supper for you :-)
But most of all I wish to embrace you and whisper to you: " I know it you! It you whom I searched for long time... "
The door to my heart has been opened many years only for you and you have entered into my heart when Lord has wanted it.
My dear, all that has occured with us is our award for belief and patience. We are worthy to love each other.
I love you John! Let's go! We have a lot of time to make our life fine.
We shall be so happy I know it! I consider days up to our meeting and every night I dream...
I dream of us...About you...I love you!
Yours Darya
Letter 7
Hello my dear John, it was pleasant for me to receive once again letter from you.
You do not imagine how many pleasure delivers to me from every your letter.
Reading them I'm as though anew was born. I'm ready to read them again and again...
Often I re-read your letters and it causes a smile of pleasure on my face, a smile of happiness.
I send you my data but you must write to me - why you need it and you wrote to my travel agency?
My full name Krupenko Darya, My full Russia address, Morki, Novaya street., 10-41. My love John, I often think of what shall our day, day when we shall together.
I know that it will be one of the most unique and unforgettable days in our lives.
I present one of those days when we shall be together.
Since the morning the sun will shine and it will to warm us but it can will warmly which proceeds from us, from our hearts.
We shall walk with you all the day and we shall have time to visit different places but it will be not sights of your city it we shall visit after.
First we shall go there where many children, I very much love children. Of course it will be amusement parks, there it's always cheerful.
So we shall go to amusement. I know that first to me it will be a little terrible, you will understand it and you will strong handshake my hand.
Having felt force of your hands I shall calm down. I know that near to you I do not need to be afraid anything,
Near to you I shall be protected as behind a stone wall. After we shall go to shooting gallery and
You will win for me the beautiful teddy bear and will present it to me. I want to tell you when I was a little girl
I very much dreamed about the big teddy bear but unfortunately I no had it. Earlier it was very difficult for buying...
And suddenly we shall see a cloud which goes to ours side but we shall not be upset because everything on light cannot spoil mood to us when we together.
You will solve that it's better to hide under a roof of any nearest cafe and when we will need very little to reach cafe, us will overtake a rain
And having joined hands we shall run enjoying each drop warm summer rain.
Having reached up to cafe we shall sit down a free little table near each other, we shall order hot coffee and we shall wait while the rain will end.
Observing as water flows down on a window, we shall laugh, telling the most ridiculous histories which occured to us.
When the rain will end we shall a little dry and we shall go to wander on streets.
Enjoying fresh clean air after a rain we shall speak, speak and speak...about all and we shall closer and closer to learn each other.
When we shall little tired we shall go to cinema on an evening session. Will show the novel with the happy end...
I very much hope that you liked my dream of one of our days. Probably it can be named in the ideal afternoon for two lover
Because the life frequently corrects intentions. But the most important in this dream, it's not park of entertainments,
Not shooting gallery, not cafe and even not big teddy bear. The main thing that we together and we are happy.
I know that another just was cannot because we love each other and this most important for me.
Dear John, you know always it seems to me that time comes to an end very quickly
And I would like that time has stopped because I with you at this time.
But I believe that very soon to this the end will come and to tell the truth,
I shall not regret for it because in this case we shall be together
And it will be not so necessary all these means to communicate for us.
We shall be together, forever and only together.
With love, yours forever Darya
Letter 8
Hello my the most lovely man in the world John!
I love you!
I want to embrace you and to whisper,
That you are the best and gentle man in the world...
I want to take your hands, to run
To the world of happiness and to stay there forever!!!! We found each other!
I love you! The fate smile us,
And the light of fate light up our souls and warm our hearts...
My lovely John, when love awake at the hearts, people change...
Invisible wings grow behind back...
And everything in this life become so simple! Now we have a big distance between us,
And I have to conquer this.
But I can't, because I need 1600 dollars.
And you know, that I can't find this money,
I will need some year to save this money.
That's why I asked youJohn, do you understand,
That I can't come to you without your help? I love you John!
I love you as the bird loves sky...
You are the only one, whom I was waiting.
I prayed, that you will come to my life, and you came.
No I will pray for you.
I will pray for us.
I will pray for our love... Every day I ask the God to give us possibility to be together and to love each other.
To kiss each other, to touch and ****** each other.
Together to meet daybreaks and to walk on the grass by barefoot...
Together to think about future and to plan it.
Together to joy of every day and to thank the God for every day together!
John, I dream, that one day you will go up to me at the back and embrace me...
And you will tell me in a whisper: "I am happy, that we are happy... I love you!" I pray for this. I pray the God to bless us.
I believe, that he will.
I believe, that all our dreams one day will come true.
My lovely John, remember, everything will be good.. I send you million loving kisses with this letter...
Kisses from women, who loves you.
Your Darya
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